Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly May 30th


The Moon meets Mars and Venus, all in Taurus! Taurus is an earth sign, physical, strong willed, and all about experiencing through the five senses.  Venus and Mars have to do with relationships and our attractions.  Chemistry is in the air and our love lives get the benefit! Pay attention to the connections you feel today.  Take action on attraction!  Capricorn and Taurus are especially favored in love and romance while Scorpios in long term relationships  can enhance and improve the connection, and Cancers may  mix friendship and romance well/.  This is an excellent Leo career day, putting the lions and lionesses very much in favor and in the spotlight.  The Taurus activity in the zodiac is also great for gardening and beautifying the home, and for building and constructing for appearance as well as function. Design something today! Tonight is perfect for social plans. Wear pink.


The Moon is in Taurus, void of course from 11:37 am to 7:56 pm EST. The Moon is waning to dark, and starts a new phase on Wednesday. This period is good for reconsidering and getting ready to start new things. Mercury helps plans and talks along today, meeting the Moon in productive and persistent Taurus. Giving up should not be an option! Persevere for what you want and need. Ask favors and be willing to put effort in. The zodiac is very favorable for long term plans and commitments.  Aries and Libra may engage in important business or new work, while Pisces may be making family decisions and long term marketing or business plans effectively.  The void of course Moon time is less suitable for big decisions, but overall the whole day is strong and positive.  It's also a great day for planting, weeding, and reorganizing.  The Moon and Neptune form a square tonight, challenging our ideals and suggesting we try seeing things differently. Being stubborn could be a drawback to the night's plans or to bigger discussions.  Try to put creative and practical ideas together for best results.  The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:56 pm Wear yellow.


The Moon is in Gemini, and today there's a solar eclipse with the New Moon at 5:03 pm. Eclipses bring big changes, and this one relates most to Gemini, Leo and those with Gemini rising.  News of change with these signs, as well as surrounding fathers, brothers, authority figures and other men in our lives is most likely.  Saturn is trine to the Sun and Moon today, implying we should act with maturity and good, fair judgment.  Changes now should be taken seriously but also allow some room for movement and adjustment in the months to come.  Leos, ruled by the Sun, experience change in social circles, friendships, group efforts, and romance.  Gemini sense of self and direction is prime for an overhaul, and this is the best time of year for Gemini to make personal changes.  Saturn in Libra urges balance and stability through change.  Eclipses often bring unexpected activity, so it's possible we won't be prepared for what this one brings, and the effects will last for a month so this is just the beginning.  Wear white.


The Moon is in Gemini and we are in the midst of solar eclipse events, news and changes. Mercury, planet of news and communication, moves into Gemini at 4:02 pm today for changes of plans and shifts in ways of thinking. It might seem like everyone is changing their mind or in transition now! Gemini is the sign of siblings and cousins so family news is likely especially for Gemini, Pisces and Aries.  Leo, Aquarius and Sagittarius relationships and close ties may be shifting in any direction.  Taurus take notice of money and business matters and don't lose track or focus there!  Things are likely to be moving and changing very quickly today and there's nervous energy in the air. Wear blue.


The Moon moves to her home sign, Cancer, at 4:36 am EST. Mercury newly in Gemini squared Neptune overnight and combined with the eclipse action this week, big changes in how we feel and experience emotion is likely. Not only can this be a mood swing, it's a shift in state of mind, and Gemini and Pisces are in the thick of it, though Sagittarius may be surprised at feelings about home life and relationships and making some changes accordingly.  Aspects in the zodiac are all over the place today so we may feel up and down and a bit scattered. Pluto says some will be dealing with huge reality checks, including Cancer and Capricorn, and Pisces and Virgo where friendship, romance and social circles are involved.  It's not a day to take things too lightly. We may be moody or easily slighted.  Be where and with whom you feel most comfortable. If you can't do that, keep temper and emotional responses in check in situations that could escalate.  Tonight, a whole range of emotions are involved.  Wear black.


Jupiter moves to Taurus today. In the sign of the bull, Jupiter brings very good fortune and learning to Taurus and is very favorable for Leo career moves and public image generally.  Scorpio will grow in relationships and learn through experience in that arena.  As far as the day to day, the Moon is in Cancer, pulling us to home and family or putting our focus on solving and resolving family situations, home repairs, and those such things.  Aries, this weekend is for moving, reorganizing, or sprucing up the place you live. The Moon is in harmony with Mars in Taurus and pleasurable experiences from food to outdoor time to anything involving the five senses will especially attract us today.  We may tend to indulge and go all out to make others or ourselves feel nurtured and pleased.  Mercury and Uranus continue the trend of taking sudden action on things, and developments from the Gemini eclipse are still becoming evident.  Wear light blue.


The Moon is void of course from 1:33 am to 11:03 am and then in Leo for weekend festivities and games.  Fun and competition as well as creative activities will be appealing!  Strong personalities are likely to exert their influence and in some cases require negotiating as to who wins or how to compromise. That's the Moon and Jupiter at work in willful Taurus and confident Leo.   The Moon and Uranus stir things up keeping it fun or possibly dramatic. It's likely to be an eventful day and weekend. Tonight is good for organizing thoughts and spaces and calendar dates.  Solve problems tonight and have alternate plans if the first ones don't work out as planned. Wear gold.

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