Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly June 13th


We're getting into the Full Moon zone and it's exact with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on Wednesday afternoon at 4:14 EST. Today the Moon is in Scorpio and void of course from 1:43 pm until 10:38 pm. The early hours are more practical and focused. Scorpio Moon is driven, creative and strong willed. With the Moon opposite Mars in Taurus, confrontations come up and we may not play nice at all. Be aware that this is a potentially angry opposition, where no one is likely to give in or give up easily.  The fixed nature of these signs along with Mars' warrior energy is very intense and may involved jealousy, competitiveness and ruthlessness.  Don't expect easygoing attitudes. Behaviors and actions will not be easily excused. Keeping to yourself may not be a bad idea today or tonight.  The void of course Moon is a time to slow down, put off big conversations and decisions, and organize your self and your work.  The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 10:38 pm and we'll tend to want to go our own way without interference or excuses.  Tonight, get creatively inspired and maybe turn the phone off and avoid other people's drama or intensity. Wear purple.


The Sagittarius Moon is opposite Venus in Gemini and the Moon is nearly Full. Gemini and Sagittarius may have relationship matters to deal with, and the tendency to want to escape that could be stronger than the will to do it! Today there's a need for flexibility. However, with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius tomorrow, escaping a problem where honesty is needed can't go on forever. The lunar eclipse is a learning experience particularly for Sagittarius and for Geminis regarding relationships, the long term ones.  Leo may experience changes in friendships, in romance and in luck, with all of this happening fast!  Taurus, stay on top of financial matters where other parties such as partners or investors are involved.  The Moon is in harmony with Uranus in Aries for quick turns of events today. Again, how we respond is key to the outcomes of this eclipse, which will bring it on hard and fast in some cases.  Tonight, keep things in check, don't take unnecessary chances, and  Saturn says be willing to learn from experience. Cancer, the importance of home and routine is evident, and your comfort zone is a good place to be. Wear red.


The Full Moon hits with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius at 4:14 pm. Eclipses rock our world, and this one is opposite Mercury and Venus in Gemini. Changes in relationships as well as other areas of life are in the forecast, and the Full Moon may light up a sign pointing toward new opportunities and the future. With oppositions however, there's much to be dealt with along the way.  Mercury in Gemini indicates the need for communication is strong and the "big" topics come up for resolution now.  With the mutable nature of Sagittarius and Gemini, plans and solutions may leave room for adjustment later.  Eclipses bring news, and during a lunar eclipse the girls and women in our lives tend to break the news or take action, often unexpectedly. This can take the form of a move, a relationship change, or personal decision. Cancers are also implicated, and during this Full Moon Geminis and Sagittarians are prime for major shifts.  For best courses of action on this very day, be willing to talk honestly and keep the future in mind as well as the moment.  Things we begin during eclipse times usually have a temporary nature, so be careful what you rush into if you want something lasting, be it a relationship or job. That has been true for weeks already, since the days just preceding the June 1st eclipse.  The effects of an eclipse ripple for weeks and months, so though it doesn't all happen immediately, expect new news today if you didn't already get it yesterday. Sagittarius Moon says keep an open mind and be willing to make changes that can be improvements over the long haul. This may mean breaking out of your shell, old patterns, and even discovering new places.  I expect we'll hear quite a bit about people moving far away, changing residences and ending or evolving relationships for a free-er way of life.  Wear yellow.


The Moon moved to Capricorn at 1:59 am EST and will meet Pluto today. This is always a serious reality check and/or involves some soul searching. We're in the wake of an eclipse and may be dealing with lots of changes and news today, even if it's not our own! Co-workers moving on, family changes, and a general trend toward new opportunities and getting closure with old problems and relationships is in the forecast.  Some of this may be happening fast and unannounced previously.  Take a Capricorn attitude and have a little detachment and a practical problem solving attitude to be in harmony with the day.  The Moon squares Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra and there's quite a tug between acting maturely and fairly and acting with only self interests in mind. That's something that will need working out today or this week.  Those acting in self interest will continue to revisit problems or perhaps have ties cut with partners and friends.  We have yet another eclipse coming, the 3rd of the season, on July 1st and the trends will continue.  How we respond to eclipse action is key to the direction things go in, and this Sagittarius eclipse is working to open our minds to new possibilities ONCE we have closure with the past. Mercury also moves today, into Cancer, where the communication planet is more emotional and communication isn't always straightforward. At 3:09 pm Mercury moves, and we'll notice that everyone is changing their minds, in some cases about big things.  Today things may feel unpredictable, shaky or even a little bit impossible.  Wear white.


The Moon is in Capricorn, ambitious and work oriented at best. The real story comes from Mercury, planet of communication and transportation, in harmony with both Jupiter and Neptune. Could this be a bike, car, or boat buying day? Other things we may want to consider are new computers, systems that organize communication for work or larger groups, and cell phone plans or appliances.  Get in better touch and connect with people today.  It should be a good business day, and Mercury also helps with personal interactions and discussions that need to happen. Timing things for today is a good idea! Remember that Capricorn can be unemotional and Mercury in Cancer is the opposite, so we may find ourselves extremely one way or the other. Try to be sensitive and not overly critical even if the situation isn't ideal and you may avoid the Cancer/Pisces sensitive tendency toward moodiness or feeling slighted.  Tonight, look for lucky opportunities and beneficial connections. Wear green.


The Moon is in Aquarius with a mix of planetary influences including a stubborn square to Jupiter in Taurus. There's a push for expansion today, but there may be uncertainties and differences in vison and ideals as we strive to move forward and grow. The Moon and Mars activate us to work toward ideals nonetheless.  Persist and be creative to achieve goals this weekend. Tonight Uranus and Mercury form a square that relates to emotional triggers and responses.  Words may be spoken that you can't easily take back. Drama is in the forecast tonight.  To use this to your advantage, channel energy into creativity. Wear turquoise


The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Saturn, one planet associated with Dads, on Father's day. Work for fair and equal treatment of people and situations alike today.  The Moon is in harmony with Venus, planet of relationships.  This is about "bettering" things, taking an easygoing approach and finding balance. Emjoy connections with people. Err on the logical side with judgment calls. Today's color is blue

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