Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly June 27th


The Taurus Moon moves void of course at 12:24 pm so business and decisions are best taken care of in the morning.  The Moon is in harmony with  Mercury in Cancer making it easy to work things out agreeably. Practical and home/family related talks and problem solving are favored today.  Taurus is an earth sign and hands on work and physical workouts, gardening and landscaping, and other activities where we get tangible results will be very satisfying today.  In fact the afternoon is best suited to things that require elbow grease rather than lots of thought.  Work out emotions with physical work and exercise too!  Mars and Uranus are the other part of the story today, harmonizing -even conspiring-in Gemini and Aries, getting us all fired up to act on wild ideas and change, overthrow, and get ready for big restarts. If the "tower falls" now, think of how you can rebuild it bigger and better! Tonight is meant for family dinners, outdoor fun, and our comfort zones over anything more adventurous.  The Sun is opposite Pluto so use your best judgment and don't go overboard, Cancer and Capricorn especially. Wear green.


The Moon moves to Gemini at 3:56 am, setting us up for a busy and social day.  The Sun opposite Pluto overnight can sometimes prompt us to act out, so there may be some emotional drama as a result. With the Sun in Cancer, family situations and very sensitive circumstances are triggered.  Be ready to face things calmly so they don't get out of hand early.  Proactive, with out too much aggression, is just right.  The Moon meets Mars in Gemini today, which can both stimulate and aggravate things, especially worries and anxieties and any kind of injury to the hands or wrists, Gemini's hot spots.  The downsides are obvious, but the other extreme of this conjunction can be great brainstorming, exciting meetings and connections, and excellent chemistry between people. Gemini, Leo and Aquarius are most likely to make those great connections today! Protect your hands, wrists, and fingers if you do physical work or play. And be very careful with communications today since Gemini rules the spoken and written word and Mars can exacerbate misunderstandings and contribute to the power of words! It's a good social day or night as long as you don't offend other people!!! Things can escalate quickly on days like this.  Wear yellow.


The Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn in Libra, very much instigating productive solutions and thoughtful, balanced decisions.  It's a day to take serious steps in areas that have been problematic.  Getting wise advice is a good idea.  Look for impartial sources that are not emotionally involved and do not have a stake in outcomes.  In some cases older relatives might be helpful.  If there's anxiety around  situation, this may be the day to take a new attitude and put worries that hold you back aside.  Take a real, well advised approach today.  It's a good day to network with people who can lead you to opportunities or who have experience in the area you're pursuing.  Tonight the Moon approaches Venus for a very nice night out. Flirtations are likely! Gemini is the social butterfly, and again Leo and Aquarius are not far behind.  Sagittarius, you can turn a long term relationship back in a romantic direction now or you might consider getting back together with an ex.  Wear lavender.


The Moon is void of course from 3:33 am EST until 12:13 pm when she moves on to Cancer. Those hours are full of jittery Gemini energy ranging from butterflies in the stomach over happy Venus type things like romance to stage fright over what's pending this morning or afternoon.  Take it easy and check your schedule. We may forget where to be or where we put things we need first thing! The morning is best for catch up and routine though inability to focus may get the best of us.  This afternoon's Cancer Moon is in agreement with Neptune in Pisces for great creativity and improvisation. Actors and artists, find your muse! The evening is very mixed as the Moon works with Jupiter in Taurus for doing things up big! Celebrations, for example, are nicely timed. However the Moon square to Uranus provides the shock or surprise factor and potential clashes over emotional differences.  The Moon opposite Pluto is nearly always a challenge, and Capricorn and Cancer feel this personally and relationship wise, while Libra and Aries may relate to that as well as to struggles with family or other living arrangements.  It's an especially mixed night for Cancer. On this night before the New Moon, consider your ideal or best course of action and get ready for restarts and new approaches, relationships, and endeavors.  Wear silver.


The Solar eclipse happens before sunrise, in Cancer, at 4:54 am. Be ready for most anything in the form of breaking news, unexpected announcements, and major shifts in direction. The New Moon in Cancer is about home, family, our emotions, our comfort level, and our ability to face things directly.  With a Solar eclipse there will be immediacy in dealing with these things whether we feel ready or not.  Since Saturn is approximately square to this Solar Eclipse, with Moon and Sun in conjunction, there's a very serious element involved and how we deal with changes is very important! We may tend to be reactive and dramatic, though that's not the best idea.  Saturn in Libra is urging justice and balance. Look at pros and cons and try not to make overly emotional decisions.  Saturn is about maturity and reaching new levels of responsibility and wisdom. The Sun is also representative of authority figures, the father to be most specific.  Try to take the wise, advised route over an impulsive move.  Eclipse effects ripple again-if not roar-one month down the road, and so this one is like a double whammy as impacts of June 1st reverberate again too! Things begun near then may now have quick endings or unexpected results. For example, pregnancy from a new relationship or loss from a big gamble. Those are possible examples and the results can be a plus or unwanted. Either way our challenge is in how we respond.  This is Mercury's last night in Cancer, and once again we are primed for changing our minds and hearts in a big way in the days ahead if not right now! Wear white.


The Moon moves to Leo at 5:43 pm EST and Mercury moves into Leo too.  This helps us with resilience as we feel the effects and hear eclipse related news.  Expect others to be very expressive today and tomorrow. Leo is also generous, magnanimous, and optimistic.  This weekend is for showoffs and entertainers. Tomorrow may be more the party day since today the Sun and Saturn square continuing the serious dealings of the Cancer eclipse on Friday.  Saturn reminds us of wisdom and discretion.  Take care of business as well as pleasure.  Mercury in Leo favors those who perform in the weeks ahead, and helps with writing, learning and self expression generally. Today's color is purple


Leo Moon, and much like yesterday with an added dose of optimism. Read the eclipse forecast as well since it impacts this entire period. The Moon works with Mars in Gemini for social plans. Wear gold

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