Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly June 20th


This is Mars last day in Taurus, and the Moon will shift from Aquarius to Pisces today at 4:45 pm EST. While the Moon is in Aquarius and Mars is in Taurus we'll tend to be stubborn, if not bull headed! It will be hard to sway people's opinions and it's a tough day to negotiate or debate.  It is a good day to work persistently at something you've been at for a while. The Moon and Sun are in harmony making us more decisive and confident, especially the fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio as well as Gemini, where the Sun lives until tomorrow night.  It's the last evening of spring, and the Moon in Pisces and Mars moving into Gemini bring a feeling of possibility and flexibility to the night.  The trend of changing minds, hearts and direction continues through the month, and Mars in Gemini as of 10:50 pm makes us very fickle and changeable, Gemini and Sagittarius in particular,  with regrade to relationships as well as other things. Today's color is yellow.


The Solstice brings on summer at 1:16 pm as the Sun moves to Cancer today! Just minutes before that the Moon and Mercury are in harmony in Pisces/Cancer, the water signs, and we'll tend to be expressive with our feelings and possibly a bit dramatic and emotional today.  Instinct and intuition are strong with the Pisces Moon and Cancer action. We'll be up and down and changeable in general.  Two squares dominate the 2nd half of the day as Mercury squares Saturn and a real need for fair negotiations becomes evident.  We're challenged to settle things with everyone's best interests met as much as possible.  The Moon squares Venus in Gemini making us very fickle in love. Someone else may seem more interesting than the one you're with if you're a Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, or Sagittarius especially.  Flirtations could also be misinterpreted.  Relationship matters in general may feel problematic.  Tonight, keep things simple and comfortable under the Pisces Moon. It's a good night for movies, music or events outdoors.  Wear light blue.


The Moon is in Pisces, and Pisces' ruling planet Neptune is a strong influence today! Neptune rules dreams and illusion. There's more than meets the eye when Neptune is involved. Plus, the Moon has been void of course since 10:51 pm Tuesday, so our judgment can be really off and we could be misled easily. Be aware of possible deception or the view through "rose colored glasses". The upside may be that we can overlook flaws and see the bright side.  Mars in Gemini square to Neptune is a bit dangerous as far as con-men, untruths and business deals go. Err on the side of caution and trust gut feelings!  The Gemini Sun trine to Neptune makes us sociable, happy to meet new people, and generally optimistic. Ideally we just enjoy, but avoid being overly trusting.  Tonight is meant to be laid back and enjoyed with close friends. Again, like last night, movies, music and being near the water or outdoors is favored.  Don't make promises or rely too much on people's word and expect changes of plans. Pay attention to pets today.  Wear green.


The Moon moves to Aries at 4:24 am EST after a long void of course Moon. If the last few days were relaxed or sluggish, you'll notice things shift into full gear now! The Moon squares the Sun, 4th quarter Moon time, at 7:48 am. We'll want to make decisions and act on things, even if there are hurdles to be jumped! Overcome a road block today. The Moon interacts with Mars and meets Uranus for wild shifts, potential confrontations, and overall call to action ready or not! Uranus and Mars are rebels, so drastically altering course may be appealing or even necessary due to this week's events.  Tonight is influenced by a Moon/Pluto square which often indicates a power play and can involved secrets, gossip, or old business.  Saturn across the zodiac in Libra insists we use good discretion tonight. Try not to let Aries Moon impulsivity get you into something you hadn't bargained for! Wear red.


The Moon opposite Saturn overnight and square to Mercury this afternoon makes it clear we have to deal with things seriously today.  Fulfill obligations, deal with legal, insurance and partnership/relationships matters responsibly.  Saturn says we'll pay the price for indiscretions and injustices now. Mercury in Cancer instigates negotiations between family members, other people who share living space, and also in emotional situations of other  types.  Mercury can be dramatic, moody, and a bit evasive in Cancer, but the Aries Moon pushes for discussions and fresh starts.  Expect to be faced with something that's been pending today. It's 4th quarter Moon time, so we tend to reconsider situations and decisions and look for new courses of action that can begin around July 1st. That's the New Moon and date of the next solar eclipse, this time in Cancer, so family decisions, changes of residence and changes of heart are what we're preparing for. (If you can say prepare in the same sentence as eclipse!) Tonight the Moon and Venus in Gemini set us up for a good social evening, a time of meeting and connecting with new people and in some cases an adventurous date night! Aries, a road trip will feel good, so get out of your usual routine. Gemini and Leo will really enjoy time with friends, and along with Aquarius too, are favored for a date night! Wear pink.


It's an agreeable day as the Sun harmonizes with Jupiter and the Moon with Neptune. The Moon is in Aries then Taurus at 4:53 pm. The void of course Moon before that means no major purchases -but if you do buy, save receipts and make sure you know the return policy.  The earlier hours of the day are good for routine, cleaning up and repairing.  A game is also well timed, but anything more serious should wait.  The Taurus Moon from 4:53 pm through the rest of the weekend mean long term decisions and promises are more likely to turn out well and last.  Tonight can be pleasurable and indulgence is likely with a Taurus Moon that rules the 5 senses.  Socially the Sun and Neptune help us get along and make us more open. Wear blue.


The Moon is in Taurus meeting Jupiter and in general harmony with the rest of the universe today.  Good fortune is Jupiter's work but it may not come the way we expect as the Sun and Uranus align.  Good surprises are likely even if they take a bit of time to process and adjust to.  Well tend to do things big today and exaggeration is likely too! Wear green.

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