Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly May 9th


The Moon's move to Leo at 8:35 am may be a relief if the weekend's squares got you down.  Leo Moon in harmony with Uranus brings turns of events, an urge for the new and creative, and a sense of rebellion. It's a kick back kind of day, in other words we're not likely to stand by passively and take it or just observe. This is a "do something about it" day! Fixed and fiery energy dominate so we'll be passionate about what we take on.  Mercury and Venus meet in Aries for important first meetings, love at first sight, romance, and other connections! If you feel like you were meant to meet or connect with someone today, you're probably right! It's romantic for Sagittarius, Aries and Libra, and Aquarius and Leo find excellent opportunities present themselves in business or travel as well!  Pisces and Virgo, finding a business partner or new work is more likely for you! The important thing is to get out and reach out and find something you need or want today! The planets are aligned! Leo Moon time is very creative, social, and fun too! Wear orange.


This is the 2nd quarter Moon, in Leo, and it's meant to be a day of significant progress. The Moon and Sun ask us to work for what we want during this part of the lunar cycle. Put energy and effort out there today and have some self confidence and discipline as the Moon and Saturn also align.  Take things seriously, but not to the point of stress. Channel stress into effort for good results! Leo Moon time retains a sense of optimism even when times are tough! Later the Moon and Mercury align in the fire signs, so the afternoon and night bring meetings, formal or informal, and important discussions especially about changes and getting things off the ground. Launch something this week! Act on leads and grab opportunities. Don't let a good thing pass by. Tonight be sociable and confident and dress to impress.  Business and  friendship or romance are equally favored. It's not a bad study night either since Leo is a quick learner and Mercury is the planet of communication. It might help you get words on paper more easily.  Wear red.


It's a very active day in the zodiac! Mars moves to Taurus where the warrior planet exerts strength and persistence. The weeks ahead are about being productive and really using some elbow grease. Mars in Taurus is very physical so it's a good time to start exercising or playing sports again. Getting back into our bodies and out of our brains is a good plan now. Experience the physical.  The Moon moves from Leo to Virgo at 9:59 am after being void of course all night long.  Work may get a slow start early then the need to get things done kicks in! The most significant aspects are Mercury and Venus both meeting Jupiter in Aries and it's all about new experiences, launching campaigns or projects and even starting new relationships.  Today is dynamic and anything but boring! If you're bored or stagnant this week, you're probably not trying at all! It should be easy to change and make things happen! Tonight is great for accomplishing what needs to be done with so much energy in earth and fire signs.  Take the motivation and build, make, do! Wear green.


The Moon is in Virgo and Mars aligns with Neptune this morning. Doing things we never imagined is in the forecast today! Mars in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces help us go beyond our own imposed limits, take our visions and make things tangible! Take a creative and constructive approach at once and let go of the idea that something is impossible. Focus on how to, rather than whether to! Virgo Moon is constructive to with a hands on approach and a sense of helpfulness.  We may be more open to lending a hand today. Ask if you need a favor.  The Moon and Sun align tonight in earth signs for more productivity and a grounded feeling.  Being safe and supported and secure will be important tonight and "family dinner" kinds of events will be appealing.  Cook and enjoy the good things life has to offer. Small celebrations among friends are favored. The Moon is void of course from 10:52 pm on. Wear brown.


The zodiac looks as strange as Friday the 13th today! The Moon is void of course until 11:56 am and then opposite Uranus, the rebel and creator of chaos, in Libra. This does not mean a bad day so much as an unusual one.  If you're ripping something apart to create something new, you're in line with today's energy. The status quo is suddenly not an option in some cases. The planets are pushing for change this spring, ready or not, whether or not we think we want that.  The Libra Moon urges a sense of justice through changes going on now. Look beyond yourself and at the whole picture, objectively. Try not to act out of selfishness today. The Moon square to Pluto tonight can create tension and a feeling of not knowing who should be in charge or what direction to go in.  Take the night easy and don't push situations or people too much.  Wear blue.

The Moon and Saturn meet in Libra for a serious Saturday. Saturn is the planet of our elders, and having a talk with Dad, Mom, a grandparent or anyone older and wiser may make a lot of sense today.  Get advice from experts or people who have been through what you’re experiencing now.  It’s also a good time to visit older relatives. Make sensible, well thought out decisions.  When Saturn is involved we sometimes feel the heat or pay the price for errors in judgment.  Libra is the sign of fairness so do the right thing by people and divide responsibilities equally or relatively.  Socially the Libra Moon can be outgoing and conversational. Set priorities and put business first. Wear black.


The Moon moves from Libra to Scorpio at 12:31 pm EST. Oppositions dominate the zodiac as we warm up for the Full Moon, and it’s likely plenty is up for discussion, reworking and negotiating this weekend.  The Scorpio Moon can be very stubborn and secretive. We may not get direct answers, and privacy will be an issue if someone feels it’s not being respected.  Venus and Mercury both join Mars in Taurus, which is hugely helpful for Leo careers and image, and Taurus’s life decisions.  For Aries, this is a great time to look for new work.  Today is likely to be busy and eventful and not completely agreeable. Mercury changing signs also means changes in perspective and direction and with change comes adjustments and sometimes upheaval.  Some people will withdraw or withhold information or feelings.  Patience is required today. Wear maroon.

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