Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly May 16th


The Moon is nearly Full in Scorpio. This Full Moon relates to all Scorpio topics, for example secrets and sex. Being a fixed sign, Scorpio Moon can be relentless, vengeful and obsessive.  Affairs and private matters are likely to take the spotlight. There's also a very creative and deep feeling and thinking side to this Full Moon. All kinds of things are likely to surface and mysteries may be solved.  Let's now take a look at today's aspects, involving Neptune, Mercury, and Venus.  The two latter meet in Taurus and each will form a sextile, a favorable, easygoing angle, with Neptune in Pisces.  Beautifying, decorating, and designing are favored today as our imagination and vision activate and bring ideas to reality.  Change the color of the walls, rearrange, build a sculpture, or rework a space.  On a personal level we'll be more agreeable with each other, enjoy meeting new people and connecting with friends we care about. There's a dreamy feeling when Neptune is involved, helping us overlook faults and flaws. This may be helpful since the Scorpio Full Moon could bring up issues and these other planets have the potential to distract us and lighten moods.  Films and art and even romance will be appealing. Appeal to the senses.  Tonight is a Full Moon night. Scorpio Moon is very strong willed and passionate. Wear indigo blue.


The Moon is Full in Scorpio at 7:09 am and then void of course until 1:22 pm.  A Full Moon in water sign Scorpio brings out intense and sometime buried feelings.  Since Full Moons generally shed light on things, new information and news are in the forecast.  It's difficult to let go of things, people, or ideas when Scorpio traits are activated.  One of today's stories is about hanging on tightly to things you know you have to let go of.  There will be tendencies toward jealousy or resentment.  Face a demon or two with a creative approach instead of getting sucked into negative emotions today.  Scorpio is also fixed, so if you set your mind to it you may be able to get past something that's been gnawing for a long time.  This afternoon, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and squares Neptune in Pisces, and the struggle or effort for a new vision, freedom and truth, is in action.  The truth part may be the hardest to attain since Neptune wants to keep the rose colored glasses on. Try not to deceive yourself. Do trust instincts, especially about people, honesty and reliability. Tonight is full of energy in the fire signs! It might feel like anything can happen, as if we are on the verge of something if not right in the middle of it! Live with a little bit of chaos and uncertainty if necessary.  It's part of what's happening this spring. Wear purple.


The Moon sails along in Sagittarius. Some will be trying to regain balance after the Full Moon's events, and Saturn helps out from Libra with a sensible, no nonsense attitude and a reminder to be fair.  Honesty may be hard to take today, particularly if delivered in Sagittarius's style, which can be less than sensitive or gentle. Saturn throws in a bit of a judgmental attitude. Try to take criticism for what it's worth and not be overly reactive today.  The Full Moon will have thrown some curve balls and forced some of us to face what we wanted to hide or avoid.  The Sagittarius Moon can be welcome in it's free spirit, forward moving qualities. Life type lessons and realizations are in the forecast post Full Moon.  Tonight is good for study or going out, especially out of your comfort zone. Wear red.


The Sagittarius Moon will be void of course from 10:17 am to 4:16 pm EST after a trine, which is easygoing and favorable, to Jupiter in Aries.  Today's outlook is positive as Jupiter brings good fortune and opportunities and an expanded perspective. Break out of old ways of thinking, judgmental attitudes, and negative situations today. The urge for freedom of thought and action is strong! It's a fire signs' kind of day, and Aquarius and Gemini will also appreciate open mindedness and the impetus to move on things.  Get out of stagnant places and experience new ones.  It's not a great day to sign on the dotted line or otherwise make a long term agreement, but it's a good day to explore options.  The Moon moves to Capricorn at 4:16 pm, and the night is mixed. It's best for work and business and not as good socially. Be realistic about what you need to accomplish and try not to procrastinate or make excuses.  Tomorrow looks very busy, so tonight it's good to prepare! Wear green.


This is a very active day in the heavens, as so many planets align or challenge each other! Two conjunctions dominate the day and night, One is in Capricorn, where the Moon and Pluto wrestle every month. They actually join forces, but the Moon is our emotions and subconscious and Pluto is the dark, hidden and mysterious. Capricorn is not the brightest spot in the zodiac so this can bring up fears, anxieties and even things buried in the past.  Being willing to confront and deal realistically helps. You can use this to move past something if you're up for it.  Mercury meets Mars tonight in Taurusand it's a whir of activity, communication, discussions, and even confrontation in the form of arguments or worse. This can be productive but be careful! It can also escalate! In the middle, we have Mars trine to Pluto in Taurus and Capricorn pushing for productive solutions and action on things that have been pending, even for a long while!  It's another day where no change is simply not the most likely option. All of this energy keeps things moving, but it's not necessarily easy or smooth! Tonight is fiery and fast! Be ready for it, or stay home and shut off the phone. Tonight people may be relentless about what they want.  Wear black.


The Sun moves to Gemini at 5:21 EST (and today is 5-21). The Moon is in Capricorn until 10:32 pm and void of course from 5:04 pm until that time.  Gemini Sun time is the last phase of spring and leads to summer solstice. Daylight extends. Sun in Gemini time favors Virgo in career and other public roles, Taurus and Scorpio in business, Leo, Gemini and Aquarius in friendships and also in romance.  The Sun in an air sign gets our brains activated with planning and optimism. Ideas and action are both in today's forecast. Act on plans with Capricorn Moon's organizational strength.  Today is meant for decisiveness. Be confident about decisions or about presenting a good plan.  Then follow it. Venus and Pluto align for a constructive, realistic approach in relationships. Today's color is yellow.


The Moon is in Aquarius squaring planets in Taurus while the Sun squares Neptune overnight.  All of these squares pose challenges we have to work to get past. Things may not be settled or come easy today. Mental effort is required and discussions may be heated or difficult.  Be realistic and logical about changes if you're making them. There could be a tendency to skim over details or let things go too long.  Taurus, Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio are most likely to experience frustration directly, while Gemini and Pisces need to be reminded not to give up or give in too readily.  Aquarius Moon time is visionary, so design and plan and aim for the ideal without being unwilling to compromise. There are quite a few different forces at work here. Wear blue.

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