Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly May 2nd


The Moon is in Taurus in harmony with Neptune and Pluto.  There are both creative and productive influences at work, and it's a good day to pursue dreams and goals.  Neptune helps us envision what we need to do next and the Taurus/Capricorn influence helps us take solid action.  Be realistic, use a how to and hand on approach and make something happen!  This is the day before New Moon, so it's also fine to plan now and act with the dynamic of the New Moon tomorrow.  Taurus Moon can be stubborn, but today that means not giving up more than being at odds.  Tonight rethink decisions and courses of action and get tangible things accomplished. Wear green.


The Moon and Sun meet at 2:51 am EST, the onset of the New Moon in Taurus.  Taurus New Moon is a very good time to get persistent and consistent and act on your ambitions and goals.  Simple and productive is the key today. Set your mind to something and begin to make it happen.  The Moon nis void of course all day, so take things slow and steady. This New Moon is about Scorpio relationships, Taurus' personal goals, Leo career and recognition, and Aquarius home and family, for example moving, improving or buying a new home.  Pisces and Virgo are favored for new friendships, alliances, and romance too!  Capricorn this is a good time to set up new routines and manage life differently.  Gemini, take care of your health an do some planning though you may find early June's New Moon more timely for big decisions and courses of action.  Libra, know your financial goals. You and Aries can both use this New Moon to improve your money situation and get things back in balance if necessary.  Today's color is white.


It's a two sided day, as the Moon moves from earth sign Taurus to air sign Gemini at 1:09 pm.  The Moon has been void of course since the wee hours of Tuesday.  Today on the heels of a New Moon, plans fall into place and big ideas take shape.  The Moon and Neptune are square and change feels inevitable.  Try not to over think things, relax and let or make things happen.  It's a good time for anything new!  For Taurus and Aries that may be a job or a business plan.  For Aquarius and Pisces that might mean changes at home this week or finding a new room mate.  The Moon and Uranus instigate and put the push on to do something about stagnant situations.  Movement and steps are good, bu some of this change may be more unplanned and feel like a whirlwind haas taken over, especially tonight.  There's an impulsive and unpredictable streak in the air! Wear yellow.


The Gemini Moon in harmony with saturn in Libra favors mental, intellectual and logical thought today.  Work on tasks such as studies, writing, solving problems logically, and using your brain power!  The Gemini Moon with Saturn helps us discuss, plan and make mature decisions.  Leave no stone unturned, weigh pros and cons and accept your best options.  With the New Moon earlier this week, changes and decisions make sense.  The Moon and Venus align after midnight, having a nice, social and/or romantic effect on the evening hours. It's a good night for friends to gather, connect or even work together. It's also a good date night especially for Aquarius, Gemini and Leo.  Sagittarius try to find a plan or compromise with someone you're close to.  Wear pink.


The Gemini Moon is all fired up by Aries planets including Jupiter and Mercury! Opportunities abound and there may be quick decisions to be made.  We need to think quick and react in a timely way.  Without being too impulsive, take action, brainstorm, and remove roadblocks and delays.  The New Moon earlier this week was a nudge to move on things, and the Gemini and Aries dynamic pushes us to move sooner rather than later.  From 4:12 to 10:32 pm the Moon is void of course before shifting to Cancer. The void of course hours are good for letting go of stress and clearing our minds.  It can be a lost time though, and in that sense keep track of time and your belongings.  It might not be the best time to put trust in a person or situation you don't know well.  The Cancer Moon will pull us to the people and things we most value later tonight and over the weekend.  It's a good night for improvising and close friends favored over bigger gatherings. Wear light blue.


Today has it's astrological challenges with the Cancer Moon, sometimes moody and always emotional, opposite Pluto and square to Uranus and Saturn.  There's nothing easy about any of this, but to find a bright side, we can make progress with big issues if we're willing to deal in a straightforward, fiar manner with Saturn in Libra urging logic and responsibility to each other.  The Moon, Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn can be an overwhelming group in 4 corners of the zodiac, in the cardinal signs.  This is very much about old issues, legal matters, and shake ups, ready or not.  In simple, routine life, planting, fishing, cooking, and cleaning or repairing are favored.  Realize that people may be sensitive and feel overburdened.  Wear black.


The Cancer Moon is well timed for Mother's Day since it is the sign of Mom and of family.  The Moon and Sun in harmony at 7 am help lend an optimistic aspect to the day. However, the Moon is also squaring planets in Aries. The main things to watch out for or control in ourselves are selfishness and unfair behavior.  Try to keep other people in mind.  A me first attitude will set people off and create situations that could get heated or emotional.  Cancer Moon is a good time for cooking and entertaining though. Work out stress in the kitchen! Wear white.

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