Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly May 23rd


The Moon is in Aquarius, sign of friendship and community. Venus and Mars meet in Taurus, which is very good for love and relationship. Our connections with each other are today's focus, whether in group dynamics or in very personal relationships.  It's a good day for a conference or meeting. It's also a very favorable day for a date or for acting on feelings for someone.  Scorpio gets this effect in long term, committed relationships while Taurus and Capricorn are signs most likely to experience new love.  The Aquarius Moon also brings plenty of attention to Leo's love life and Leo's may be pondering commitment questions or working to improve things at home, either with a lover or with family members.  Venus and Mars in Taurus are very sensual and demonstrative with affection.  In other matters, like work and business, the Aquarius Moon lends logical perspective. It's a decent day for Capricorn to focus on work or seek employment, and for Cancer, look into any financial matters. Tonight is a very nice night to be with a person or people you care about.  Jupiter and the Moon are aligning in Aries and Aquarius for good timing and a stroke of luck. Wear pink.


The Moon changes signs at 8:24 am after a void of course time that starts at 3:40 am EST. We should wake up on the right side of the bed today as Jupiter did his work overnight, creating optimism and maybe some luck! New endeavors are favored as is letting go of what's not needed or working.  Jupiter in Aries is fond of new and improved situations. The Aquarius Moon is deliberate in action. The Moon meets Neptune in Pisces early in the day adding a creative and flexible aspect which is great for artists, actors and others who improvise.  The 4th quarter Moon, a time of shedding and reconsidering, arrives at 2:52 pm as the Moon and Sun square in mutable Pisces and Gemini. Thinking and planning for changes is in the forecast.  Tonight it will feel good to be productive, seek solutions, and bounce around ideas to see what might work best.  Collaborate with someone who approaches things differently and see what you can come up with. Wear light blue.


The Sun and Uranus aligned overnight which tends to bring brainstorms! Those moments when you finally get it come at times like this! Aha moments are in the forecast today, along with a Pisces Moon that encourages us to let things change, even if it's slowly.  Expect a day of shifts, both subtle and sudden. The Pisces Moon works well with Venus and Mars in Taurus and being outdoors, feeling a connection to the earth and the waters makes sense as does planting, fishing, landscaping, and other tasks that are grounding and help with beauty and abundance.  The Moon aligns with Mercury, also in Taurus, at 2:15 encouraging productive and friendly conversations. It also helps us collaborate and find mutual understanding. The Moon is then void of course until Thursday evening at 8:36 pm EST, so get important thing taken care of and business and shopping done before 2:15 if you can.  The night is meant for rest and relaxation or creative, fun pastimes.  Take it easy tonight.  Wear green.


Today's forecast is much like yesterday's with a clear sailing Pisces Moon and no planetary aspects until after the Moon changes signs tonight at 8:36 pm.  Pisces Moon is good for relaxing, easing in, and not being too busy or scheduled.  This is an emotional signs so we may feel very deeply and this can be either joy or melancholy.  It's not a time to push or try too hard. Let things develop and flow naturally if possible.  If the weather is cooperative, being outside, on the water or in the garden, is ideal. The Moon moves to Aries and approaches Uranus tonight, activating everything more and instigating surprises and sudden news.  Today may be like a calm before a storm.  Wear orange.


A variety of influences are at work today with the Aries Moon opposing Saturn and involved with Pluto, Uranus and the Sun.  It's a mixed day that may include challenges, a need to take life seriously and struggle through difficulties.  We also have the sudden urges and impulses of the Moon/Uranus conjunction. So while we may be tempted to act quickly on a whim or react strongly to news or changes, some thought and pause before action is warranted. Saturn encourages maturity and justice, from the sign Libra.  Remember that other people are affected by decisions you make. Take everything into consideration. If things are going smoothly, enjoy and rise to new challenges presented now. Today can be both dynamic and intense. Keep your head on straight. The Moon is in Aries, the sign that rules the head.  Wear red.


The Aries Moon inspires competition and action. Sports and games will be appealing, and any physical activity is favored.  Aries Moon time is fast and impulsive though! Some may overdo it today. There's fun and spontaneity in the air, but there's also a kind of hangover from all of yesterday's planetary action, so some fall out is to be expected in difficult situations.  The Moon approaches Jupiter later, easing things some and helping us realize that new is good! Wear yellow.


The Moon moves to Taurus at 9:02 am. It helps that the Moon and Jupiter met, improving attitudes and potentially moods as well. The Taurus Moon is a time of grounding, stability, and seeking comfort.  Outdoor work and activities are favored today. The kitchen may be busy too, since Taurus Moon time makes us want to indulge! Wear green.

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