Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly April 4


It's a rare day that Neptune changes signs! After years in the sign Aquarius, Neptune moves to home sign Pisces today at 9:50 am. Neptune hasn't been in Pisces since 1861, and during Neptune's last Pisces time, slaves were freed and Impressionism was born! On a personal level this may heighten dream states and attract more interest to spiritual, artistic, and psychic or paranormal topics and activities. Getting back to the basics of the day, the Moon starts in Aries and is void of course from 6:04 am to 7:46 pm. Another long void of course Moon is not great for decision making and productivity! Leisure activities, games, and physical activity are favored. False starts, reschedules, and untimely delays could be more common. Mercury retrograde in the same sign, in direct conjunction with the Moon at 6:04 am makes travel and adventure appealing as long as you're not on a tight schedule. It's likely to feel like alot is left to chance and out of our control today. The Moon moves to Taurus, and we may want to direct things and get more organized or efficient tonight. Be goal oriented but don't expect results all at once. Take your time tonight. Get grounded at home or in work or a project. We're likely to be idealistic, especially about creative plans and relationships of all kinds tonight as the Moon and Neptune align. Wear green.


The Moon is in Taurus. Today, think fertility. As in plant seedlings indoors (or outside if you're in a warm climate), go fishing, or start a bank account with prosperity in mind. Things that produce or bear fruit either literally or metaphorically are favored with this Taurus Moon, also in harmony with Venus in Pisces. It's a good day to improve relationships, make a date, or do something romantic, especially tonight. The Moon is void of course from 7:02 pm until Thursday morning! These long void of course Moons are not helping us make progress! But they're great for relaxation, letting go of things you can't control anyway, and for social nights where you don't really have to be on time or worry about the details. Tonight is chill time, preferably with close friends or significant others. Wear pink.


We're under the influences of Mercury retrograde and a long void of course Moon. This would be a great vacation day! If you're trying to do business or make big progress today could range from scattered to downright frustrating! Distractions are highly likely! The positive meeting of the Sun and Jupiter in Aries is dynamic though! Ideas, opportunities, and a very good feeling may pervade over the inability to get anything done! Entertain ideas or just plain entertain! We're likely to be expressive, generous, and crave the new! It's a great influence on Libra relationships, Sagittarius and Gemini love lives, romance and friendships! Leo, big opportunities present on days like this. The effect will also last beyond today. We may abandon one project or plan for another now. Remember trial basis is best until the end of the month. Wear yellow.


The Moon breaks a long void of course, moving into Gemini at 7:22 am EST. This is a busy day and with that Gemini mental energy that keeps us thinking, analyzing, and at times over-thinking. The Moon is active with Uranus and Mars in Aries, instigating and stirring the pot. An upheaval of surprise or two are likely today. We may have to avoid arguments and fights no one can really win anyway. The tendency will be to debate, even with ourselves. Gemini Moon often finds us trying to multi-task. Try to be logical and handle things one at a time. It's a social night if you're not too frantic or overworked. Wear red.


The Gemini Moon in harmony with planets and the Sun in Aries provides a high energy day! Find some structure and mental discipline early in the day as Saturn reaches out from Libra to help us organize ideas. This morning is good for writing and studies. The Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun charge us up with excitement and anticipation as the day goes on. Some nervous anxiety, the kind that comes before important events, is likely later in the day or evening. The zodiac has a mostly optimistic quality, but the Moon and Venus are out of sync in Gemini and Pisces. That may cause a fickle nature and stir things up in our close relationships. Changes of relationship status are not unlikely as a result! Tonight is social though a little bit frenetic and unpredictable. The Moon is void of course from 10:24 pm on. Keep your head up. Wear gold.


The Gemini Moon is void of course until Cancer Moon moves in at 5:02 pm EST. Today is meant for relaxation and getting back together with friends, brothers, sisters or other family as the Sun meets Mercury retrograde. Reunions are well timed today. Don't take on too much or push for deadlines on important matters. Our judgment is not likely to be at it's strongest. Tonight is very unpredictable, and may be dramatic, as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries. Mood swings and changes of heart or direction are likely. Selfish attitudes may be an issue. Wear light blue.


The Cancer Moon tends to draw us to home, family and the things we care bout deeply. However the heavens are full of mixed messages and feelings today. Mars and Pluto add to the confrontational nature of the day and it may be hard to sidestep people or problems we'd rather ignore. The Moon also squares Saturn in Libra, and fairness and balance will be an issue, especially between partners, ex partners, and in legal situations. It's a good day to work or have fun outdoors, weather permitting. This Cancer Moon is moody! Wear white.

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