Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly March 28th


The Moon moves to Aquarius at 7:00 am EST. Today is a mixed, potentially complex day with the Aries Sun squaring Pluto questioning who should be in charge and bringing up other points we disagree on. The Aquarius Moon works with Uranus in Aries, so we'll think and respond quickly, with inspired ideas, but also a sense of rebellion and willingness to throw caution to the wind. The we have a significant opposition between Jupiter and Saturn, with quite opposite influences in the first place. Jupiter wants fresh, open minded attitudes and experiences while Saturn attempts to structure or restrict. Expect today to be full of conflicting pulls, influences, and personalities. With the Aquarius Moon be in the moment but with an eye toward what's ahead. Today go ahead and act on opportunities and plans, but try to be realistic with expectations. That's the best way to work with Saturn's strong pull and avoid disappointment. Wear turquoise blue.


The Moon is in Aquarius, and today is very much a continuation of yesterday with Jupiter and Saturn's opposition still impacting us as Saturn also aligns with the Moon. Stay realistic and not overly optimistic. Be logical, have a plan, and expect to have to do the right thing. Obligations and things that weigh on us play a part today, but it's possible to work with it rather than against those forces and be pleased with the outcome. Be reasonable and fair above all else. Aries and Libra host the Jupiter/Saturn action, and it affects these two signs in relationships and partnerships where situations may need working on and working out. Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini in particular use very good judgment with acquaintances and friends. If you put too much faith or stake in someone now you could be let down. Aquarius Moon favors long term decisions and implications so know what you're getting into early this week. The Moon in harmony with Jupiter favors keeping options open. Tonight is the last night before Mercury retrogrades for a few weeks, and running into old friends or rivals becomes more likely. Wear yellow.


Mercury retrograde begins at 4:48 pm. This retrograde in Aries may put on a hold on things you feel you've just begun, including business, relationships, and anything initiated in the past few weeks. Being patient is probably the best plan. If we push too hard with Mercury retrograde we won't get the desired result anyway. Aries will feel this directly while Libra may experience communication issues in love and relationship. Sagittarius gets the benefit of reconnecting with old friends. Aquarius, returning to places like childhood homes or former haunts or vacation places is in the forecast for you. The Moon is in Aquarius today until 6:38 pm with only minutes void of course. Mercury, the planet of communication, our vehicles, and our schedules, is the major player today and may muck with what we thought was said and done. So keep a flexible attitude. Tonight the Pisces Moon puts us in the mood to reconnect, watch movies and otherwise escape recent reality. Wear green.


The Moon is in Pisces, void of course from 9:44 am until Saturday at 7:16 am! This is an extra long void of course Moon time and is not suited to any kind of major decision or activity, particularly with Mercury retrograde too! It's a time to let go and just let things take their course. The Moon meets Venus for a beautiful set up, so if you can just relax and do enjoyable things, that's ideal. It's a day for romance, creative pursuits, and getting things in perfect harmony. Improve something or make it more beautiful, but effortlessly. If you have to push, it's not worth
it. Take it easy on yourself and other people and do keep some boundaries. We can be very forgiving but can also be taken advantage of on days like this. Wear light blue.


This is truly April Fool like in the sense there are no planetary aspects, the Moon is void of course, Mercury is retrograde, and we're about to have a New Moon. Today is a floating sort of transitional or "lost" day. It's best not to take anything important on! The less done or scheduled the better unless it's just simply enjoying time with friends or other leisurely activities. Go with the flow. Don't make promises or believe too readily. Today is good for spiritual, musical, artistic, or metaphysical pursuits. Intuition is strong and psychic or otherworldly experiences are likely! Expect out of the blue or unusual occurrences. Wear blue.


Mars moves into Aries and meets the Moon there at 7:43 am. It's a very dynamic but confrontational conjunction. Watch out for tempers. On the other hand if you need a burst of motivation and drive, this may help get you going. The Moon also meets Uranus so some new situations will come by surprise. Shake ups are in the forecast today, and with a New Moon arriving tomorrow it's time to start fresh or at least try something new without commitment while Mercury is retrograde. Venus and Pluto have us facing our innermost fears and relationship concerns too, but with a eye toward working things out for the best. Tonight is a wild Aries Moon Saturday. Wear red.


There's a New Moon in Aries and extremes dominate the zodiac. Aries energy pushes for the new and exciting while Mercury is retrograde bringing up the past and making a trial basis best. Mars meets Uranus in a combustible conjunction where most anything could happen, shaking things up, in some cases wildly and unexpectedly. Rebelliousness prevails and the status quo is due for a breakdown. Saturn across the zodiac urges caution and wisdom, yet it may not be enough to stop us from impulsive moves. Today reminds me of a father and son at odds with different points of view, attempting to please each other or reach some kind of consensus. There may be a battle or some backlash to go along with an Aries New Moon attempting to inspire change. Take it slow. Wear your crash helmet. Today's color is white.

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