Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekly April 11th


Another long void of course Moon impacts the business day and decision making processes. The Cancer Moon is void from 8:05 am EST until 11:37 pm. On top of that and Mercury retrograde, squares dominate the zodiac, impeding smooth transitions, throwing in additional challenges, and forcing us to work through or give up, at least temporarily. The Moon squares the Aries Sun and precipitates selfishness, and me first attitude and possible a passive aggressive attitude. Mars square to Pluto in the afternoon hours can be very disagreeable, confrontational or controlling. Today is best for housecleaning and routine tasks that require no extra discussion or thought. Keep it simple, cook good foods, plant, fish and do other things outdoors. We'll tend to be moody and sensitive and may be easily annoyed. Tonight is suited for revisiting places or ideas as Mercury retrograde and Jupiter meet in Aries. Moods buoy some tonight too. Aries is due for a big talk or to break some news. Aquarius gives or gets news and may have a lot to say or put down in writing. The Moon moves to Leo at 11:37 pm. Today's color is purple.


The Moon is in Leo, working well with planets in Aries over the next two days. Higher and stronger energy prevail today. We still may have news sprung upon us and there's an atmosphere of competition. However, there's a playful streak and a sense of humor in the air as well. Serious topics and business are lightened some by the Leo Moon. If you can make work seem like play or set it up as a game or competition, all the better. It's a good day for learning and teaching, forming teams, and collaborating on creative projects. Sports and physical activities should be part of the day. Burn up some frustration or other nervous energy. It's a good night for either study or social plans. Treat others fairly as Saturn weighs in from Libra. Wear yellow.


The Leo Moon harmonizes with Mercury retrograde, Jupiter and the Sun, charging everything up! Fire sign traits dominate the day, including extroversion, playfulness, and a sense of adventure. Going back to places we've loved, reconnecting with people from our pasts, and finding some adventure out of the usual mid week routine are what today is best suited to. Cancer and Capricorn may be dealing with old business too. With a Full Moon on Sunday, we may work toward looming deadlines, but remember to leave room to change your mind while Mercury is retrograde until the 23rd. Tonight is optimistic and may be a lot of fun as well as a good night to meet new people or decide on something that's been pending, at least for the moment. Commitments like promises are not favored, so agree to revisit things at the end of the month and see how they're working or need adjustment. Wear red.


The Moon is in Virgo, opposing Neptune newly in Pisces. It's a day to be truly flexible and seek alternatives to the usual plans. Being able to adapt is the key. The Moon also works with Pluto in Capricorn, and some soul searching might be needed. Seek help and answers today. Virgo Moon time brings attention to health and house cleaning. Deal with facts & figures, build and construct, and feel productive. The urge to get things done is strong, especially with a Full Moon approaching on Sunday. Tonight is meant for practical work and flexible decisions and plans. Friends may not be reliable. Wear navy blue.


The Moon in Virgo opposes Venus in Pisces on a day similar to yesterday. The strain and struggle will tend to be in relationships where instead of a tug o' war like a fire sign might instigate, the earth and water signs have a more passive approach. It might just feel like anything goes and no one really cares, yet there's still a feeling of uncertainty and instability. It could be draining or discouraging. Some people might like this mutable energy though, especially if they don't want commitment and are ready for some undefined change. Today may feel a little topsy turvy and with the Moon void of course from 4:46 pm on, that will increase! Watch the status changes and changes of hearts and feelings this weekend brings out. We are in the Full Moon zone now. It's exact on Sunday. Wear green.


The Moon moves to Libra at 2:59 am and is Full tomorrow in that sign. Today looks challenging with squares, opposition, and a Moon/Saturn meeting. Be fair and fulfill responsibilities above all else. It may be hard to decide things, though with the Full Moon there may be extra pressure or a deadline. Weigh pros and cons and the serious route looks like the best option now. Attitudes should not be too casual today. Saturn, the voice of elders and reason, may highlight the down side or the cautions. Do consider precaution and advice. Remember that Mercury is still retrograde so if possible, buy time. Wear gray.

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