Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly April 18th


We're still in the Full Moon zone. The Moon is in Scorpio, a possessive, persevering and sometimes stubborn sign. Expect an intense day as Mars, Scorpio's co-ruler, opposes Saturn directly. This is a peak in the action and relates directly to me vs. we. Whether we can commit or remain in partnerships or not is one great struggle of this opposition in Aries/Libra. This will also have a big impact on legal matters and business agreements. The influence is most harsh if we've been irresponsible to each other or unfair. Finding justice in situations is the work of Saturn in Libra. With the Full Moon we had last night, culminations of all kinds and need for resolution are in the forecast along with plenty of breaking news. Today's color is black.


The Moon is in Scorpio, creative and focused, but today's real story is more about Mercury retrograde meeting Mars in Aries. There's a great deal of fire and intensity in today's forecast. Compulsion to resolve old issues and drive to start anew is highly likely. Just remember with Mercury retrograde we need to be aware of wha we're agreeing to and getting ourselves into. Use a bit of caution and question your own motives and judgment before acting. Being conscious of decisions and implications will be important so we don't have regret or find ourselves trapped later on. Today is powerful and driven. Look both ways before crossing in every way. Expect people and situations from the past to be resurfacing and seek resolution. A trial basis is ideal now. Wear red.


The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 2:50 am, and the Sun moves to Taurus at 6:17 am.
The Moon works with Venus and is at a square to Neptune overnight. We may align easy with others like us, but don't be too trusting too soon today. Neptune and the Moon may cause us to question what's real and realign our vision. Sometimes we feel disillusioned by others on days like today. It's best to reserve judgment. Interesting ideas and changeable feelings dominate the day. Explore things without deciding, if you can. Try to roll with what's happening and not overreact to news. Taurus can be focused and not let go of an idea, but today may require letting go, and the Sagittarius Moon helps. The Sun aligns with Neptune in Taurus/Pisces impacting our ideals, and the future or present may seem a bit brighter as a result. Tonight is for brainstorming, exploring ideas and philosophies and envisioning or depicting. Artists and craftspeople may like this influence. Today's color is green.


Venus moves to Aries where the planet of love is more impulsive and ready to form relationships. The shift occurs at 12:06 am. Venus in Aries is about all kinds of new beginnings but will work even better after Mercury retrograde ends on the 23rd. The Moon is in Sagittarius, compatible to the Aries planets, for an adventurous and optimistic day. We'll tend to get out of our shells and out of our over-thinking or overanxious heads and want to actually do something rather than think or plan. Being spontaneous should be easy! Today's color is purple.


It's Earth Day, and the Moon moves into earth sign Capricorn at 6:24 am EST which is great for cleanups, better for planting, and favors hands on work. There are a mix of influences in the heavens today. Expect it to be eventful as the Moon meets Pluto bringing up secrets, issues, and mysteries to be solved. Venus meets Uranus in Aries and creates all kinds of surprises, status changes and sudden impulses in our love lives. We also have two squares in the zodiac, and that often means struggle before progress. Keep the temporary nature of Mercury retrograde in mind. It does look like a decision making day, and with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Capricorn a realistic attitude is called for. Leave yourself a loophole or set a date next week to make a final decision. Wear brown today.


Mercury stations direct at 8:04 am EST. The Moon is in Capricorn and the day is full of squares to 3 planets in Aries and Saturn in Libra. The Moon square to Mercury puts restrictions and delays on plans and conversations. It's probably better to wait out today if you have a pending decision or important action to take or news to break. Go easy on each other today. Take a slow, methodical approach. Sticking with routines and traditions and repairing and reorganizing are favored. The Moon is void of course from 8:13 pm until 1:59 pm Sunday. Those hours could be very relaxed, but may also be disorganized or uncertain in terms of events and people. Today's color is black.


The Moon starts out void of course in Capricorn and moves to Aquarius at 1:59 pm. The Aquarius Moon forms a trine to both Venus and Uranus in Aries putting us in more social moods and active modes. The urge to form friendships and relationships kicks in. The Moon squares the Taurus Sun with a stubborn tug, and it will be hard to change minds or opinions. This is the first full day out of Mercury retrograde and a better time to start envisioning what's next. Today's color is turquoise.

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