Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly April 25


The Moon is in Aquarius in harmony with Saturn in Libra and Mercury in Aries. Be fair in dealings with friends and listen to each other today. It's likely people will ask for advice or an ear for their problems or dilemmas. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and tends to be logical and thoughtful, and the Moon is our emotions. Leaning on each other a little bit may come naturally and without too much drama today. Mercury is now direct in Aries and the impulse to restart or get things going is stronger than it has been in weeks. Get good advice and begin to go forward with plans now. Aquarius Moon time can be a bit detached, yet that can help us make decisions with our heads not just our hearts. Tonight is good for work or socializing. It's a good night to meet with people over a project or common goal. Today's color is blue.


The Moon is in harmony with Mars and Jupiter in Aries and void of course from 7:28 am on. We're set up for an optimistic day, full of activity and motivation despite a long void of course Moon. We might just be able to relax into things today without over thinking or analyzing. It's a good day for team efforts, sports, games, and considering or acting on opportunities. Do something active and channel your energy into something worthwhile and/or happy. Today's color is red.


The Moon moves to Pisces at 12:57 am, and there are a variety of influences impacting today. Pluto aspects the Sun, Moon and Venus bringing out the hidden, urging us to look deep and hard at situations, and forcing us to face what's difficult or mysterious. Relationships and partnerships may feel like a struggle or power play as Venus and Pluto square. With the Moon in Pisces we tend to be sensitive, but the Aries/Capricorn influences can forget about feelings and just act. If you're ready to take action, express yourself and deal with things, today can be productive and feel good. If you're feeling vulnerable, that may dominate instead. The Moon is void of course again from 3:53 pm until Friday afternoon! Get important business and talks in before that time. Tonight is for being with trusted friends or doing creative work. Wear green.


There's a long void of course Moon in progress. The Pisces Moon can be less than motivated, but it may help us relax. People may be emotional today, but the biggest problem is a spacey, unfocused influence. Plan the minimal, do what you need to, stick with routines, and enjoy time with friends or retreat for a while and be by yourself. It's a good day to enjoy music or art, whether you're part of the audience or the performance. Planting and fishing and other outdoor activities are favored. Connect with pets, nature, and enjoy the earth or water. Wear light blue.


The Moon is still void of course until 1:33 pm and then moves into action starting Aries. If the last day or two have been less productive than you hoped, this afternoon is a shift! The Aries Moon pushes us to move, decide, and start things. The Moon and Uranus joined in that sign can have a really crazy, all systems go effect! The morning hours might be sluggish, lazy or routine, but the afternoon and night are likely to be quite the opposite! We're set up for fun and games, unpredictable turns of events, and a couple of wild party nights in a row. Rest up this morning and get ready for the rollercoaster ride! Today's color is orange.


The Moon is in Aries with a variety of aspects and influences at work. What we'll probably experience most is removal of road blocks, forward movement, and the need to act right away. Today could range from simple progress to sudden impulsiveness. Venus, the planet of love and partnership, is a player, meeting the Moon and later opposing Saturn. Venus aims to remove barriers to relationship today, and sudden connections happen. There's also an independent streak to Venus in Aries so along with the spring fever that makes us want to pair up there's also a likelihood we'll leave relationships more easily. Aries and Libra, this hits your chart in terms of long term partnerships, while Gemini and Sagittarius are affected in terms of new and forming relationships and also very close friendships that might be something more. Leo, you're very open to new experiences in relationship or otherwise, and crave some adventure this weekend. The Moon meets Mercury in Aries urging us to move off the fence and make decisions or change our minds about things we did during Mercury retrograde in earlier April. Wear red today.


Jupiter, Mars and the Moon all meet consecutively in Aries between midnight and 11:20 am, then the Moon is void of course until 3:16 am tomorrow. We get a big burst of energy and activity followed by, hopefully, some settling in time. Today is meant for games and competitions, getting projects and plans started, and also for changing courses of action that haven't been working well. We'll have the New Moon early on Tuesday to really spur us on and keep us goal oriented. Mars and Jupiter in Aries push us out of our comfort zones and may confront us with circumstances that practically force us to act. Don't just sit around. Do something fun or worthwhile today and burn up the Aries energy! Today's color is yellow.

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