Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly March 21


This is a very fiery Monday as the Sun and Uranus meet, newly in Aries. The Libra Moon air feeds Aries fire from across the zodiac, and the Moon later moves to Scorpio at 3:17 pm EST. The Sun and Uranus want to overthrow everything in order to start a new game! Uranus is rebellious, the Sun is expressive. We'll tend to be vocal, assertive if not aggressive, and push for what we want. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius may be most in their element, but Pisces can use this to aggressively seek new work opportunities and Cancer is a show stopper demanding attention for his abilities and talents. Taurus will tend to feel more mentally fired up and also go the health conscious route now, and Scorpio will probably feel a strong urge to change up and improve routines, as well as feel very much in demand and busy at work. The Moon works with Venus and Neptune in Aquarius for networking opportunities and friendship. Aquarius and Gemini are favored for all social plans and strong connections with friends and allies. The Scorpio Moon tonight works with Pluto in Capricorn and personal business takes priority and focus. Wear maroon.


The Moon is in secretive and private Scorpio. Respect others' wishes and don't overstep boundaries today. Scorpio Moon brings out intuition. Trust your own judgment, tread a bit lightly, and take care of personal business. It's also a decent day for conservative business decisions and working out plans. Scorpio can be obsessive or extreme on many levels, so we'll tend to go all the way with what we take on. Where you put your focus is really important today because if you dwell on the negative or analyze too heavily the result can be depressive. Take on a project that needs deep thought, attention, and time. The Moon approaches a trine to Mars in Pisces and adds an artistic angle to the evening. Think beyond your usual routine or limitations. Find another use for something, brainstorm ideas, and find your muse. Wear indigo blue.


The Moon moves through Scorpio and into Sagittarius today. At 4:08 pm EST we have a short void of course Moon before it's the sign of the Archer at 4:45. Personal matters, friendship, relationship, and even close collaborative efforts are likely to struggle, hit potential stuck points, and require negotiation as the Scorpio Moon squares Venus and Neptune in almost equally stubborn Aquarius. Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus are most affected in long term relationship and partnership matters today. After the Moon enters Sagittarius things may lighten up, however the surprise effect is enhanced and in some cases this will stir things up! Changes of scene, plans, or companions is in the forecast tonight. A go with the flow attitude is best. Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra are tonight's social butterflies. Focus may be a challenge! Wear purple.


The Moon is in free spirited Sagittarius, in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn. Make the most of these beneficial aspects by putting structure to good ideas. It's a day of change, opportunity, learning through experiences, and even good fortune. Leo and Sagittarius may be the luckiest this week with Moon, Sun, and planets in the right places. Pisces and Virgo are set for good business decisions and opportunities too. Gemini, your friends may be everything to you right now, and that includes mixing friendship with love or with work. Make good connections and make the most of your relationships today. Libra and Aries, it's a good day to send out information or break news. The Sagittarius Moon urges us to be free and open, and continues through most of tomorrow. Wear red.


The Moon is in Sagittarius until 9:57 pm EST. There's a fiery streak to the day as the Moon squares Mars in Pisces. Emotions are the most likely thing to flare but this also sparks change. Changes of heart and altering course are in the forecast today. For Gemini, it's about career and relationship. For Sagittarius, home, family and personal choices. Virgo feels this more indirectly but in regard to family, partners and relationships. Other than this square, the planets Venus, Neptune and Mercury harmony with the Moon for adventures, good feelings and a sense of freedom.
Tonight is full of the unexpected. Look in places other than the usual. Be open to possibility. The Moon is Moon is void of course from 9:25 to 9:57 pm then moves to more earth bound Capricorn. Wear green.


The 4th quarter Moon is in Capricorn. This last quarter is always a time of reconsidering and getting ready for new plans. Capricorn is a sign that strives for progress and values productivity. Aim for tangible results this weekend whether you're doing spring cleaning and developing a business plan. Two conjunctions dominate the weekend as the Moon meets Pluto which brings up the past for resolution and the hidden is often exposed. Sometimes this is a great challenge as we attempt to deal with things we want to brush aside. Venus meets Neptune in Aquarius which is both visionary and in some cases romantic. Aquarius, Leo and Libra experience the romance and friendship aspect most. Photographers, environmentalists, and other scientists can make the most of the visionary aspect with an eye for the present and future possibilities. Let go of assumptions and restrictions today. Wear blue.


Venus moves to Pisces where the planet of love and beauty is more loving, forgiving, and also very creative through April 21st. Pisces, this is your time to attract relationship or positive attention of any kind. Virgo, this helps with long term partnerships in either love or business. Scorpio, romance and friendships are heightened, and Taurus it's a great time for making friends and enjoying good times with the ones you already have. The Moon is in Capricorn forming squares that makes us work hard for what we want or need to accomplish. It's a nose to the grindstone, work oriented Sunday. Rethinking plans and rescheduling and dealing with organizational and management issues including time management and things like missed deadlines in the forecast. It's a good day to stop procrastinating. Wear black.

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