Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly March 14th

This is the last week of winter! The Spring Equinox is next Sunday at 7:21 pm. Today the Moon is in Cancer. It's a good time to start seedlings indoors, work around the house, clean, and take care of things around the house. In business, it's a conservative day as the Moon forms squares with Mercury (communication & planning), Jupiter (growth), and Saturn (discipline & wisdom). Working through things slowly is better than taking a quick plunge. Know what you're getting into! Moods and actions may lean toward demanding or self centered. We need to be understanding without being taken advantage of. Know your limits with people. Tonight Venus is square to Saturn really stirring up partnership discussions, problems or issues. Take a sane approach. Saturn in Libra is logical, but the Moon in Cancer is emotional and can be very dramatic. If need be, do the Venus in Aquarius thing and take a step back or wait it out. Leo, Aquarius, Libra and Aries are most impacted in the relationships parts of the chart. Wear blue.

The Moon is void of course from 6:05 am to 3:33 pm EST before moving into Leo. Those hours are best for routine rather than initiating new things or making big decisions. It's a good day to clean and re-organize, attend to things you set aside, pay bills, and spend time with family or friends. If you're working or in school, it could be difficult to focus or finish projects. The Leo Moon is in harmony with Uranus in Aries and Mercury meets Jupiter in that same sign tonight. This motivates us and really favors anything new! If you're trying to break out of a pattern, the Aries energy provides some impulse and inspiration. New approaches, fresh ideas and a different attitude is the way to go tonight and this week! Aries, Sagittarius and Leo fire up under these aspects. You'll want them on your team! Cancer, these Aries actions are very good for career! Pisces, look for new work or refresh the position you're in. Scorpio, change your routines for the better while the aspects are just right! Wear gold.

The Moon is in Leo aligned nicely with planets in Aries and Libra. Whether you need structure or need a fire lit under you, it works! Act on ideas and get plans in place. Leo Moon time is creative but with a purpose and favors longevity and commitment. What you take on or act on now has long term impact so do take it seriously (Saturn's influence), but it should be easy to have fun and be optimistic at the same time! Enthusiasm is the key word! Leo is a quick study, and today and tonight are good for learning new material and rehearsing or memorizing. It's also a good night socially, though the Moon is opposite Venus which can put us on different sides with those we love or collaborate with. Creative differences are in the forecast tonight, but if you can meet in the middle, things could work out better than anything you'd accomplish alone! Opposites will attract. Wear red.

The Moon is in festive Leo for St Patty's Day! If you're not celebrating, today is still a good time for long term decisions, studies, and creative endeavors. If you are celebrating, the daytime hours and Leo Moon are most favorable until near 5pm. The Moon is opposite Neptune, the planet of illusion, encouraging us to forget problems for a while. Performances and games are also Leo Moon territory, and it's a day suited more to play than work. The Moon moves to Virgo at 4:53 pm EST after less than an hour void of course. The Virgo Moon brings us back to earth a bit, and the Full Moon coming on Saturday brings deadlines. If you have to study or get work done, tonight is a good night for it. Taurus should feel the creative spark, and Capricorn, reach beyond your usual limits for learning and opportunities late this week. The astrological color is navy blue. Wear some with your green today!

The Moon is in Virgo, and there are two oppositions impacting us. The Moon opposes Mars and Mercury is Aries is opposite Saturn. The potential for aggravations, problems with previously planned or scheduled events, and personal confrontations are all part of this. The Moon is Full tomorrow, so things bubble up and explode more easily, including tempers and other emotions. This is a day to stay sane and grounded and try not to overreact. A few deep breaths before acting or responding may go a long way today. During Virgo Moon time it feels good to get things cleaned up and organized. There are inevitable deadlines and pressures in the forecast. Take a practical, hands on, Virgo attitude. Tonight is potentially confrontational so tread lightly. Wear black.

It's an eventful weekend with a Full Moon today and the Spring Equinox tomorrow. The Moon is Full in Virgo at 2:10 pm and moves to Libra at 4:03 pm. The Virgo Full Moon is generally adaptable and practical, which is helpful since Uranus is nearly opposite the Moon bringing out her extreme, rebellious and surprising sides. Going into situations with the attitude that anything could happen is probably the best plan. Being fixed on one outcome is not the way to go. Virgo is health conscious and tends toward serving others and the community. Taking those kinds of actions makes sense now. Leo and Aquarius may be going through or need to adapt to financial and work changes. Virgo and Pisces experience the Full Moon personally and emotionally especially through close relationships. Taurus may get bursts of creativity or unexpected changes in luck, and along with Scorpio is likely to undergo relationship and friendship shifts. Friends could prove to be unreliable if you put too much stake in them. In fact, that may be true about everything at this Full Moon time. The old adage don't put all your eggs in one basket seems appropriate this weekend. Wear white.

The Libra Moon, just beyond Full, stresses balance. In a weekend of astrological extremes, the Equinox arrives at 7:21 pm EST as the Sun moves to Aries. The Equinoxes, by the way, are a good explanation of why zodiac signs did NOT change, as was widely publicized in the media a couple of months back. The Equinox is the arrival of spring and the beginning of the astrological year. With much in flux at this Full Moon it might be worth considering a Full Moon recharge or restart. Go back and look at the pros and cons and reevaluate your direction or a goal. The Moon meets Saturn which can be harsh or depressing. We need most to not be unreasonably hard on ourselves and secondarily on our closest partners or significant others. Hear two sides or the other side of the story today. Do get disciplined with a worthwhile goal. Try not to be too judgmental as it would be easy to fall into that pattern or trap. Do use good sense though, and don't give the benefit of the doubt where it's not earned. Today is full of extremes. Wear lavender.

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