Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly March 7

The Moon is in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra. Aries Moon is a good time for new business and initiations in general. Take well advised steps and make informed decisions today, but avoid acting on impulse. Saturn across the zodiac requires structure and justice. Be fair and impartial and avoid the me first attitude that can be a part of Aries Moon. Embark on new ventures, find new partners to work and collaborate with, and settle disputes today. If you're unstructured, without a plan or trying to push your own agenda today could be tough. Saturn is the task master and disciplinarian. Wear orange.

The Moon is in Aries and the early hours are good for important business and decisions. The Moon is void of course from 11:04 to 12:52 pm, so take a long lunch or break or make that cleaning and reorganizing time. The Moon and Neptune could put us in space shot mode for a couple of hours mid-day. The Moon moves to Taurus, bringing in a couple of days of long term decision making and productivity. It's Fat Tuesday and Taurus does love to indulge in good food and drink! The afternoon and night are suited to most anything. During this part of the week, close partners and collaborations are important for Scorpio to focus on. Libra, settle a relationships matter if need be. Pisces, Mercury spends his last day in your sign favoring anything you need to put in writing or make a decision on. Last week's new Moon is still favoring changes you want to make. Today's color is green.

It's a Taurus Moon and a very Mercury day, as Mercury meets Uranus before leaving Pisces! Things may suddenly shift! Change without preparation, sudden awareness, and surprising news is likely today! Last Friday's New Moon urged a change of course and in some cases there will be no choice. Mercury changes signs at 12:47 pm, and in Aries really revs things up in the weeks ahead. Aquarius, this activates your study and educational plans and stimulates family news. Aries, significant decisions and opportunities for change lie in late winter and early spring. Capricorn, changes and decisions regarding where you live, home and family are in the forecast for you. The Taurus Moon works with Mars stirring things up, possibly disturbing the usual flow, in order that we do something about lingering issues and stagnant situations. Tonight is suited to being productive or having long talks and extended dinners and generally making personal connections. Wear yellow.

The Moon is in harmony with the Sun in sensual Taurus and compassionate Pisces. Strong feelings including compassion, generosity, love, and friendship are activated. There's also the industrious and creative side of this aspect, which helps us accomplish and try different alternatives to making things work. Venus and Jupiter align for good fortune and good feelings. It's a very positive day for interactions between us, and in some cases strokes of luck! Aries and Sagittarius may be feeling the luck of Jupiter, and Leo and Aquarius are favored in love and commitment. Opportunities, promises, and chance meetings are forecast for any sign. Tonight the Moon squares Neptune and we need to try to be realistic and not overly stubborn. Listen to another perspective or try someone else's suggestion. Wear pink.

The Moon is in Gemini beginning at 12:31 am, in harmony with 4 planets including Mercury and Venus. This helps with communication, planning, and relationships. Venus is in Aquarius, sign of community. Gather people around a common cause or issue. Getting energized about something might be easier if a project or plan needs a push! Jupiter in Aries says bigger and newer is better or at least more appealing right now, so upgrade, try new things, and work on expansion plans if that's where you're at. During Gemini Moon time multi-tasking is often necessary. Be prepared to act on news and information, in some cases very quickly. Tonight is social and a favorable date night for Aquarius and Sagittarius. Wear blue.

The Moon is in Gemini. Decisions and crossroads are in the forecast as the Moon squares Mars and the Sun. Work through differences of opinion and aim for progress as the Moon reaches 2nd quarter status, between New and Full, tonight. A list of pros and cons and both sides of any story may be helpful. Saturn in Libra works with the Moon urging rational courses of action and good judgment. Bring things up for discussion and exchange ideas. Daylight Savings time begins at 2 am tomorrow! Wear light blue.

The Moon is void of course from 9:10 to 10:26 am and shifts into Cancer. Pluto is very active in the zodiac, across from the Moon and square to Mercury. This can bring up the past, bring out secrets and, in this case, maybe fuel gossip. Be careful what you believe and clarify information before acting on it. Cancer is a nostalgic sign and with Pluto teasing the subconscious, old issues could resurface or we might just feel sentimental. Today could be moody. Getting things done at home or visiting family often feels right when the Moon is in Cancer. Wear white.

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