Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weekly January 3rd

The Moon enters ambitious Capricorn at 2:39 am and meets Pluto after noon time. It's a serious business day. This may involve personal business or work/studies or any combination of that! If you're making New Year's resolutions or trying to make any changes it's a better time to make progress now that Mercury retrograde is done.  On this day before the New Moon rethinking and getting reorganized is a good idea.  Tomorrow a solar eclipse will push forth any number of changes and continue an eventful period of time that began with a lunar eclipse two weeks ago. This one also impacts Cancer and Capricorn most though any of us could be strongly affected. Generally we can't prepare much for the events eclipses precipitate, however it's not a bad idea to get your head together or set a course of action now.  Pluto tends to bring up things we've buried deep down.  Deal with some of that if the time seems right.  The New Moon will arrive overnight. Wear green.

The solar eclipse in Capricorn at 4:03 am EST sparks significant shifts and the Moon also meets fiery Mars today.  The zodiac is full of activity and it appears anything goes and maybe not predictably! If you need a fresh start the New Moon/eclipse can be a very good thing. Things may have to be torn down before they can be built up again.  Venus aspects three planets today indicating relationship status changes and updates. Cancer and Capricorn, the eclipse and Venus activity hit hot spots in your chart and new people may come into your lives along with personal changes you are likely to experience now! Life should feel interesting at least!  Leo and Aquarius, you may be inspired about work, need a little bit of down time socially, adopt new routines, and find your dreams activated. Scorpio, communicating your thoughts or ideas is very important this week. You want impressions to be favorable. Taurus, that goes for you too and it may be a good time to plan travels or new learning.  The Moon's meeting with Mars tonight can be confrontational. But it may just be motivating, so harness that energy! Wear white.

The Moon starts void of course from 7:15 am to 11:08 am. Wait on big decisions or announcements until after 11:08 am. Expect there will be news as a result of yesterday's New Moon and solar eclipse! Administrative, organizational, and technical changes could be the result of a Capricorn eclipse.  Solar eclipses tend to be about the males in our lives and also the sign Leo. This one was in Capricorn and Cancer gets equal treatment.  News and developments will continue for weeks, but when the Aquarius Moon kicks in at 11:08, it's a great time for planning, for being more committed, and for  joining groups that center around a common focus.  The later part of the day is good for collaborating and team building.   Wear turquoise blue.

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Saturn in Libra. It's a good day to act wisely, get advice and making changes you've been planning for. Aquarius is a fixed sign but is not traditional generally. Overthrowing the usual and breaking the norm is in the forecast.  With Saturn involved it's best to move thoughtfully though. Avoid being impulsive but do make important moves.  Today's color is blue.

The Moon is in Aquarius until tonight.  Aquarius is a sign of vision, and the Sun and Saturn square indicating a need for discipline and justice today.  Take things seriously and make well thought out and researched decisions.  Venus moves out of Scorpio after a long stay. Venus in Sagittarius has an independent spirit in love and relationships and is favorable particularly for Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini and Aquarius in the weeks coming up.  It's a good time to let go of a grudge or obsession and move on! Scientific, legal and creative matters are all favored today, but do act with clear judgment.  The Moon is void of course from 3:51 pm until 9:57 pm then in Pisces. Relationships may feel strain or stress tonight with Venus square to the Moon. Wear pink.

The Moon is in Pisces in harmony with stealthy Pluto in Capricorn. The sensitivity meter is running high. Be mindful that people could feel easily slighted or overlooked.  Taking creative energy and doing something productive with it is favored! Build, sculpt, or even paint the walls! Pisces is an expressive sign, but the urge to keep secrets is strong today. Follow your intuition. Arts events are well timed.  Today's color is green.

The Pisces Moon and Capricorn Sun work together today.  Like yesterday we can harness creative energy with tangible results.  Blending the feeling and the practical is in the forecast. Sagittarius and Aquarius you may find your creative work profitable and might look for marketing opportunities. Capricorn, focus on communication and that may include building a resume, establishing contacts, or writing for research or personal reasons.  Aquarius, some down time could be very restorative. Don't overbook yourself. When the Moon is in Pisces we tend to take our time and stop and smell the roses. Today the pace is a little bit stronger than that so set out to accomplish a simple goal or two.  Wear light blue.

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