Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weekly December 27

The Moon is void of course in Virgo from 7:20 am to 12:38 pm. The Moon opposes Uranus and Jupiter early and the day could begin with confusion, changes of plans, and a need to scale things down.  Exaggeration could create anxiety or drama. Take it easy and slow this morning. Burn off Virgo Moon energy with a good workout or an attempt at reorganizing after the holiday.  Avoid making firm plans or decisions that could be hard to change.  The Libra Moon squares Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn indicating we'll work hard for what we accomplish today.  Taking an objective approach is a good idea. Avoid judgments.  Tonight is more suited to work than play.  Get a few tasks accomplished.  Today's color is lavender.

The Libra Moon squares Mars and meets Saturn indicating challenges today.  Saturn says take or seek wise advice.  Our elders are ruled by Saturn, and in Libra Saturn urges us to be objective, weigh pros and cons and act in fairness to others.  Mars in Capricorn is industrious and while some of us will motivate for big challenges, others may be overwhelmed or find frustrations, for example things may not proceed quickly enough or organization may be lacking.  Seeking consensus with partners is likely in work situations, especially for Libra, Taurus, and Capricorn.  Tonight things ease a bit and we continue Mercury's quest to get us back together with old friends.  Mercury in harmony with the Moon puts us in a more outgoing mood tonight. Sagittarius and Leo will want to socialize.  Wear gray.

The Moon is void of course from 10:05 am to 3:49 pm and then moves to Scorpio.  The void of course hours are like an adjustment time and not a great time to take on new projects or business. Get back to unfinished tasks and do other relaxing things.  Mars is square to Saturn which can trigger frustrations and difficulties.  Some of the issues activated include legalities since Saturn is in Libra and administrative and management since Mars is in Capricorn. The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Pluto tonight, and things that are kept hidden or secret have great appeal as will mysteries.  The depths of feelings and the intricacies of puzzles and a dose of Scorpio passion make for an interesting night.  This is the last full day of Mercury retrograde. Leo, Sagittarius and Aries connect with familiar faces and places. Today's color is maroon.

The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Capricorn planets and the Sun. These two signs are not known for being open and expressive. However, the feelings between us should be good and fairly easy going. Mercury retrograde ends at 2:21 am. Make your moves cautiously still since the 24 hours surrounding that time are very changeable and potentially complicated.  Today, look inward and see if you need to change your plans or paths.  Decide tomorrow or in the new year. Take other people and situations as they come and relax into the last two days of 2010. If you're trying to extract someone's secrets or feelings, today is not the day.  Give each other respect and privacy and trust your instincts with all of that. Scorpio Moon is extra intuitive. Tune in. Wear indigo blue.

The Scorpio Moon could be a bit moody or introverted early in the day. There's a need for focus and possibly down time, especially for Sagittarius and for Gemini who may have work or other things to attend to.  The Moon is in harmony with Pisces planets and meets Venus, so we'll feel emotional and have psychic moments of insight. It's also a very creative day for artists and songwriters.  Mercury is no longer retrograde and the urge to move and change may be really kicking in, especially tonight. The Moon moves to Sagittarius for an adventurous, potentially wild New Years Eve. It's a night to go out and do something other than the usual/. Sagittarius is very bold and honest so the truth may come out and declarations will be made.  Take each other seriously since some of this honest talk may have been building up during the retrograde and it needs to explode like a carbonated bottle! There's an independent streak in the air as the clock strikes 2011. Open your mind. Wear purple.

There's a Sagittarius Moon and no exact planetary aspects on New Year's Day. This looks great for fresh starts and breaking out of patterns since Sagittarius is a free thinking, philosophical and independent sign.  Travel will be appealing even if it's just to get out of town for a few days. Engage in conversations about life, make plans, get out of patterns you might have returned to during Mercury retrograde.  There will be changes of course in the days ahead, and now is the time to rethink and consider options before a solar eclipse and New Moon on Tuesday the 4th.  Go somewhere interesting or have an inspiring talk today. Tonight is friendly and fun as the Moon approaches Mercury once again, marking the first conjunction of the new year.  It sparks our sense of adventure and connects us with friends. Wear red.

The Sagittarius Moon meets Mercury and is in harmony with Neptune favoring friendship. It's an extrovert's day.  Neptune is in Aquarius, and both signs think globally, seeing the big picture. It's a time to make sure you're not locked into a situation you want out of. We're getting ready for a New Moon that comes with a solar eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday.  Eclipses take matters to the next level, and though we don't control the activity at eclipse time, we can be prepared to act and respond to changes around us.  Today, consider opportunities and other changes you might welcome.  Tuesday is a better day for real resolutions (vs. New Years Day).  Have some fun during daylight hours. Tonight a does of reality kicks in along with potential mood swings as we get ready for Monday and for many of us, a return to routine.  Wear yellow.

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