Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Solar eclipse in Capricorn 1-4-11

At 4:03 am Capricorn hosted a Solar Eclipse along with the New Moon.  New Moons are times of initiation and forward motion.  When a solar eclipse accompanies the New Moon, changes are often unanticipated and fast!  Capricorn's ambitious nature will be evident! Shifts from this eclipse, since a solar eclipse is paternal or masculine, include male figures in our lives making significant moves and changes. Leos, ruled by the Sun, join Cancer and Capricorn as signs highlighted by the eclipse.  Expect administrative and structural changes and news on an international as well as corporate level. Note that eclipse's action unfolds over a period of weeks, so the next Full Moon and New Moon will again vibrate with after effects.

Sign by Sign

Capricorn will undergo very personal changes. A brand new way of presenting ones self and a fresh perspective on life and relationships are two distinct possibilities.  Others may be surprised by changes Capricorn undergoes this season.

Aquarius is most likely to experience shifts in mindset. Inspiration is one form this may take. Dreams and inner processes are strongly activated, and Aquarius may want down time to make sense of events during this period. 

Pisces may meet new friends or business contacts now. Unusual circumstances may lead to good fortune and strong connections with people.  A wish  may be realized.

Aries may suddenly be in a position of prestige or authority. This is a career eclipse for Rams. Appearance and displays of talent and ability are important precursors.

Taurus experiences this eclipse with an eye toward the future and opportunities that include travel, studies and spiritual or intellectual pursuits.

Gemini will find financial partnerships and matters must be prioritized.  On a personal level, Gemini may become involved in affairs or clandestine activities and find that privacy is important. Compromise regarding financial, business or personal affairs becomes more likely.

Cancer is in the midst of this winter's eclipse activity and may find many levels of change occurring simultaneously. Relationships are most likely to be impacted and shift as a result of this particular eclipse.  Status changes will be common for Cancer.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is in a position to make positive changes in health, routine, and work in the weeks ahead.  Changes in the workplace including departures or arrivals among colleagues and also new opportunities will be common for Leo.

Virgo's earth energies are in line with the Capricorn eclipse. New friends or lovers may appear. A change in luck is another potential effect.

Libra experiences the Capricorn eclipse through changes at home and with family. It may be a time of moving, repairing a relationship, or renovating the house. Changes are likely to be necessary right away rather than with time to plan. Some Libras may find home and career in a tug 'o war now.

Scorpio has the added effect of a very active planet Venus. Relationship matters are highlighted and so is communication.  A sudden need to express, write about, or discuss very important matters is in the air. Venus is love, partnership and forgiveness.  The eclipse indicates significant interactions and news that impact far beyond today.

Sagittarius could receive a windfall or suddenly need new employment as the eclipse stirs money matters. Financial challenges and opportunities are both within the range of this eclipse. New work, changes in the workplace, access to additional resources and/or unepxected expenses are all possibilities.

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