Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly January 24th

Next weekend there's a 2 day Shamanic Workshop at Gisland Farm in Falmouth. See for information on this, other workshops and the 2 Year Training Program starting soon.

The Libra Moon is square to both Pluto and Mercury indicating organizational and communication issues today. Be prepared to compromise and change times, appointments and dates.  Meeting each other half way will be important and help alleviate frustration. A me-first or self centered attitude will aggravate things.  The Libra Moon is in harmony with Mars in Sagittarius sparking chemistry and conversations about philosophies of life and big ideas.  Leo, Libra and Sagittarius will enjoy this kind of exchange so get them involved in your talks or meetings.  Tonight the Moon meets Saturn in Libra which can be rough on relationships and other collaborations if realities set in or expectations are different on either side.  It might be hard to find compromise tonight.  Try to keep conversations logical rather than emotional and that goes for emails and other communications too. It's a good night to put the mind to work on studies or anything that requires logic. Wear light blue.

The Moon in Libra is in harmony with Venus and Neptune for a much needed, easygoing day.  We might wear rose colored glasses but at least moods should get a boost!  Venus and Neptune both relate to romance, as well as friendship, so enjoy the people around you. This is a good day to make a date, for tonight or for the future.  Sagittarius, you host the planet Venus now so make the most of the attraction and good feelings this planet bestows!  Leo, Venus in Sagittarius is great for you in romantic relationships and also gives you a lucky edge! Aquarius it's a great time for forming friendships which also may lead to romance. Meet a friend of a friend or let a friendship develop into something more.  Today is mostly about people and our connections with each other.  If you're doing business, mix in a business lunch. Have a light approach, collaborate and be friendly.  The Moon is void of course from 5:04 pm to 9:15 and then slinks into Scorpio for a bit of mystery and intrigue tonight. See a suspense film or explore questions that are hard to answer tonight. Wear pink.

Mercury squares Jupiter newly in Aries, and the Moon squares the Sun and Mars setting up a very stubborn and potentially confrontational day. Without challenges like this we would never make changes however, and in the long run muddling through and dealing with things is necessary. The Moon, Sun and planets are forcing some issues or boundaries today.  Mercury and Jupiter affect communication and plans. Work harder to get your point across. Louder or more forceful may not be the best method though since Mars can trigger anger. Build your story with intelligence, logic and a powerful, assertive attitude but not aggression. If people seem to need space or privacy, respect that. Scorpio Moon time is not the time to push. Tonight is more of the same. If you need to, retreat or disappear for a while.  Wear maroon today.

The Moon is in Scorpio and though today may have a stubborn streak, the Moon and Mercury ease conversations and negotiations.  Approach each other with sensitivity, but don't shy away.  Leo and Libra may be working through issues at home, while Scorpio could have important contracts or other business matters on the line.  Creative differences are in the forecast today, but really good things could come from working through it and collaborating.  Tonight the Moon and Uranus align for a bigger burst of creativity as the Moon moves void of course at 10:01 pm EST. Late night hours are very unpredictable. Be aware and watch your back and your belongings.  Today's color is indigo blue.

The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 1:55 am and is in harmony with the Sun, Jupiter and Mars for a very optimistic and adventurous Friday.  Get out of usual routines, take a road trip or go on vacation, explore new ideas and be out there in the world experiencing and enjoying life.  Take advantage of a really positive day. if there's a downside it's for those who want things to stay the same and are obsessing about people or problems. The Sagittarius Moon won't stand for restrictions.  Wear purple.

The Moon works with Saturn in Libra and meets Venus today. This puts all relationships and partnerships in the forefront.  Venus in Sagittarius wants excitement and love all rolled up in one. Old problems and stagnant love lives have no place in today! Even serious Saturn encourages working things out more reasonably at minimum. New love and relationship adventures and events are especially favored for Leo, Sagittarius, followed by Gemini and Aquarius.  Get out and have fun, meet people, and keep an open mind.  Sparks fly in love lives today! Sagittarius also values freedom and some couples may call it quits knowing that it will just never work.  Wear red.

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 9:04 am for a get it done attitude today.  The Moon meets Pluto tonight which can mean harsh realities if you avoided something all weekend. Squares between the Moon and planets, like Jupiter in Aries for example, mean we have to work hard for progress. Aim to be productive and not duck responsibilities.  Having to answer to authority figures is likely today, or if you are the authority you may be pushing for answers or setting deadlines.  Go through your to-do list even if it's slow going. Also, work on resetting priorities. Wear black.

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