Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shamanic Training & Workshops with Spirit Passages

Next weekend at Gisland Farm in Falmouth, Maine, I will be joining others in a two day workshop called Apocalypse Not! 2012 A Shamanic Approach. In my own words, this is a program designed to prepare us for the transitions coming at the end of the Mayan calendar and to help us become co-creators who will help transform the world in a positive, healing way.  

Allie and Evie of Spirit Passages, who work out of True North in Falmouth as well, offer this description:

Our ancient ancestors knew that we live in a holographic Multiverse that is filled with endless, remarkable possibilities, and that Time is dynamic, fluid and composed of many parallel streams. The ancestors also knew about a hidden and misunderstood, “inner technology” that allows us to choose the reality we want to follow. Their prophesies foretold a time when some of us would choose to awaken our capabilities as co-creators and use our abilities to shift time streams to a positive future for ourselves and humanity. That time is NOW!
Your unconscious, limiting beliefs that provoke feelings of fear or powerlessness are illusions--misperceptions that can be finally transformed
through learning how to use this amazing “inner technology.” With 2012 as a reminder to spur us forward, a very small number of people using this marvelous wisdom can change the world for the better.
Using references that range from ancient stories to cutting-edge quantum physics--you will learn the hands-on steps to becoming one of the prophesied, co-creators we’ve been waiting for! 

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of the Shamanic Journey Process.
If you've never journeyed before, contact Spirit Passages for more information on introductions to Shamanic Journeying which are offered frequently.  That is how I began about nine years ago, and since then I've done several personal sessions as well as workshops through Spirit Passages. If you feel like this might be for you, I would encourage you to find out more and give it a try!

A complete list of shamanic workshops, presentations, books, audio recordings, membership opportunities and online registration is available on their website. Contact Allie and Evie through:

PO Box 426, Yarmouth, ME 04096 

(207) 846-6829

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