Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Full Moon Buzz

Quick Full Moon in Cancer rundown. Recall we had an eclipse during the December 21st Full Moon followed by a solar eclipse with January 4th's New Moon, therefore this week vibrates with eclipse type news and action again.  In Cancer, this home sign Full Moon brings peaks in home and family matters and is supremely emotional.  With the Capricorn influence also strong, changes and news about administrations, organizations, and business also develops.  The two signs mentioned are in the throes of personal and relationship changes, doubts or questions, and those of us with Cancer/Capricorn rising signs experience the same.  One significant and very positive influences comes from benevolent Jupiter in Pisces in harmony with Moon and Sun in those opposing signs.  The Jupiter influence will be the focal point of key points for each sign in the notes ahead.

Cancer: Personal changes and realizations that crystalize now have the added effect of Jupiter in your 9th house indicating opportunities will be knocking.  The 9th house relates to global travel, higher learning, and spiritual or philosophical beliefs.  You may decide to break down structures that have held you in one place. It's a mind opening time where engaging in travel and study opportunities can change your perspective.  Even if you're not making changes, questioning your purpose and path sets you up for what's next.

Leo: Jupiter's presence in Pisces for just a few more days is financially positive, and partnership opportunities are present with this Full Moon.  Find funding or investors and receive needed support. That may come in the form of a space for your business, a lender who grants your request, or a settlement you've been waiting for. This Full Moon is also prime for healthy changes, both mental and physical.

Virgo: This Full Moon is very much about Virgo relationships, and Jupiter in your opposite sign, Pisces, helps resolve or forward matters of love.  Even divorcing now will be easier if that's the situation you're in this year. New friends are relationships are sparked too and the Wheel of Fortune seems to spin in your favor.

Libra: Home and career, including a tug or decisions that affect both are in your forecast. The Jupiter effect in your chart helps with practical aspects, making it easier to see what's most rational and beneficial.  A Cancer Full Moon puts you very much on display. It's time to be recognized for both your talents and for jobs well done.

Scorpio: Cancer Full Moon is potent with opportunity and excitement. Experiences now involve learning too though, and your mind must be open! Jupiter in Pisces, in beautiful harmony with the Sun and Moon, is lucky for you. Friends or romantic partners are likely to be involved or included in your success. This Full Moon should be a time for celebration as well as open new doors and new ways of thinking.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in Pisces puts blessings on your home and family during Full Moon time. The Cancer/Capricorn energy this winter may raise concerns about money and earthly things, but this Full Moon is protective and reassuring.  New solutions or sources of money come to light.

Capricorn: Relationships and personal concerns are a big factor in a winter that may be life changing for you more than most people you know.  Jupiter in Pisces makes it a favorable time for contracts, agreements, promises, commitments and communication.  Trust your instinct and make your moves.

Aquarius: The Cancer Full Moon finds you ready for a change in routine, and some old ways of doing things may be shed.  Finding yourself on new and different ground can be strange, but Jupiter in Pisces helps put supports in place. Having the resources to make changes helps a great deal! Money and employment opportunities may seem to come from out of the blue. Being productive will feel good but balancing that with rest and introspection will be important too. Expect interesting, insightful dreams.

Pisces: Jupiter is acting from your sign with all the best Pisces traits like creativity and compassion for others.  Romance is also part of the picture during this Cancer Full Moon. Make romantic and friendly connections and enjoy social events. It's likely that at least one new friend becomes important in your life.

Aries: Cancer Full Moon brings things to a head or to decision making time in your home or family life. A move or improvement at home now should turn out very well! Some Aries will find the home of their dreams while others make significant improvements in their living circumstances. Moving and career may be intertwined.  Jupiter in Pisces eases your mind about decisions that have long term impact.

Taurus: Communication, travel and marketing are the keys to this Full Moon. Jupiter in Pisces lends good fortune and it's likely you already know what you need to do. Finally the circumstances seem right. Trust that things have fallen into place, communicate clearly, get advice with contracts, legalities or rights (publishing or copy rights for example), and make the move you've been intending. For some Tauruses this may mean back to school and an intense course of study ahead.

Gemini: Cancer Full Moon highlights money and employment and the earthly things that create security for you Gemini. Your financial situation has been favored for a few weeks this winter. A decision you make now could change your economic status significantly. Jupiter in Pisces indicates this is more than a job or a bonus, a career move can be made! Partners are likely to be involved. Choose them wisely with an emphasis on the  practical over emotional ties.  This could be your lucky day/week.

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