Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly January 10

The Pisces Moon has it's last hurrah for a few void of course hours from 6:12  to 10:24 am. Expect people to be in slow motion early, though conjunctions between the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter may mean we have to react more quickly than we want to.  At 10:24 the Moon moves to fiery Aries and works with Venus in Sagittarius, helping us initiate relationships or get beyond stuck points together. Take a new attitude with someone you care about today, especially if you're a Leo, Sagittarius, Libra or Aries.  Mercury and Neptune align in Aquarius and Sagittarius for good collaborations and creative ideas.  Tonight squares raise questions and pose challenges related to communication, surprising developments, and ability to organize. Try to react logically and positively even with impulsive Aries energy leading to potential overreactions. Aries and Capricorn, Pisces and Sagittarius host this activity but we can all be implicated and Gemini might feel this in relationships and home life while Scorpio may have friendship things and financial matters to work out.  This is a very busy day in the zodiac! Today's color is red.

The Moon's potentially harsh opposition to Saturn and Mercury's square to Jupiter indicate a challenging day. The square can lead to progress, and communication is key.  Engage in talks and negotiations regarding opportunities but also personal relationships and emotional matters.  Sagittarius and Pisces host that activity but it's relevant to any sign.  The Moon and Saturn bring up legal, relationship and other serious matters that have likely been ongoing.  Today could potentially lead to resolving things though it may not be easy for either party.  It's unlikely that one person or party gets their own way today. It's a matter of negotiation and compromises that are not quick or easy to reach.  There's a need for fairness, objectivity and maturity today.  Tonight clear communication is especially important. Wear yellow.

It's a first quarter Moon in Aries, a very big day for new endeavors, initiations, and activating plans.  Movement is the idea! Remove road blocks and get past stuck points.  Mars in Sagittarius works with Uranus in Pisces inspiring us to explore, go places, and rebel against the usual.  The Moon squares the Sun and Mars in Capricorn, and that often means power plays, debates about who's in charge of decision making, and also a need to restructure and find order.  Alpha dogs, matriarchs, patriarchs and all the other dominant forces will show their faces or bare their teeth. With Mars so active in the zodiac, today has an aggressive streak.  Tonight the Moon and Mercury align helping with needed communication and encouraging planning.  The Moon is void of course only from 9:47 to 10:37 pm and then shifts to Taurus.  The urge to ground, settle down, and calm storms is in the forecast later tonight.  Wear orange.

The Moon is in Taurus and Mercury moves into Capricorn, also an earth sign. Earth signs encourage practicality, productivity, and down to earth approaches.  If emotions have been running high and competition strong, today we get a chance to mellow out a bit, set goals or work effectively toward them, and talk about problems in a more rational manner.  The Moon forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn and we may want to act on things we can control and put things aside that we can't really deal with. Secrets or hidden agendas might be obstacles. Attempts at removing them are worthwhile today.  The five senses are ruled by the sign Taurus and trusting what we see and hear might be easier. Go for the tangible, solid and real over pipe dreams or questionable leads. Tonight, Mars aligns with Jupiter which is positive for altruistic efforts, situations where compassion or help is needed, and an active approach to sensitive situations.  There's a good blend of practical and creative influences at work. It's a good night to ask for help or aim for workable solutions.  Wear green.

The Moon is in steady Taurus. Mars and Jupiter action continues through today inspiring change and an active approach. Long term decisions are favored.  Show perseverance and commitment for what you hope to attain.  Scorpio, show that you are loyal and true. Aquarius, show that you re worthy and capable. Leo, romance is in the air and could come by surprise! Taurus, you're in your element personally, but be wary of mixing financial matters with friendship this week.  Today, doing productive, grounding things will feel good whether that's repairing, building, cooking, or otherwise creating.  Travel will be appealing especially for Aries and Cancer.  Tonight the Moon and the Capricorn Sun are in harmony for either work or socializing, and the earth signs including Virgo are especially favored.  Be confident tonight.  Wear brown.

The Moon is in Taurus in harmony with Jupiter and Mars at daybreak, setting up an optimistic attitude. Aim to accomplish something you'll feel good about. The Moon is void of course from 7:47 until 8:23 am and then moves to Gemini. There are no planetary alignments with the Gemini Moon, giving us space to think and plan.  Get rid of clutter in the mind or in your home or workspace today.  Mars moves into Aquarius at 5:42 pm  rebelling against the usual and inspiring originality.  This is also a stubborn place for the warrior to spend time, so major attitude is in the air for weeks to come and may be most evident in Aquarius, Scorpio, and Aries. This can come across as arrogance or a fiercely independent attitude.  Tonight is social and flirtatious. Wear light blue.

The Gemini Moon is opposite Venus in Sagittarius.  Relationships are likely to be flirtatious and changeable. It's a good day to meet people, yet it could be a difficult day to deal with long term relationships. Today is also indecisive and fickle.  The Moon works with Saturn in Libra, helping us harness mental energy and a bit of self discipline. Put your mind to a problem or conversation that needs to be had.  Aim to work things out and solve problems, but the energy is concentrated in mutable signs so keep some flexibility or multiple alternatives. Wear yellow today.

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