Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly January 17th

It's a split day as the Moon in sign of duality Gemini gets us started. The Gemini Moon aligns with Neptune early which is optimistic and friendly but can also be deceiving.  Look past the surface whether that's with people or the reality of situations.  The Moon goes on to square two planets in Pisces, and changes may be a struggle but worth it in the end.  In true Gemini style it may feel like too much is going on this morning, especially when weighing out the pros and cons of decisions and in our interactions with others.  Try not to judge too quickly. The Moon is void of course from 12:57 to 2:29 pm, and then moves on to Cancer. Cancer and Gemini couldn't be much more different. The whole tone of the day shifts. Our concerns will be personal and our emotions may be vulnerable.  Being home, stable, protected, and comforted will be most appealing.  The Sun in Capricorn works well with Uranus and inspires ideas and plans! Solve problems and organize in creative, new ways. Tonight is well spent rearranging and creating more comfort or organizing at home (or work space).  If you're socializing, be with friends you feel safe and comfortable with, the ones who would protect or take care of you if need be.  The Moon is warming up to Full and we'll be a bit sensitive in general.  Wear blue.

We are getting deeper into the Full Moon zone, and developments and news are forecast for the rest of the week. Some of this began at eclipse times over the past month so think back to the Solstice and the first week of this month and you may see the connection.  This is a mixed and interesting Cancer Moon day with two Moon oppositions in the signs of the last two eclipses.  Cancer and Capricorn, you host the action and are very personally involved.  Relationships, the structure or organizations like businesses and corporations, and also home related matters are ruled by these signs.  That covers almost everything! The two signs mentioned may be in the throes of relationship changes.  Gemini and Sagittarius your employment and financial life are impacted. Don't be surprised if there's a new boss, a corporate shift, or buyouts and things like that during this Full Moon.  Then we also have Mercury meeting Pluto in Capricorn, again pushing us to communicate better, more realistically, and to aim for honesty even about difficult subjects.  Pluto dredges up the hidden. It could be a good day to solve an ongoing mystery. Tonight the Moon squares Saturn and in family and love relationships, justice is called for. Saturn in Libra expects no less and some of us will have to fess up even if we'd rather not.  Do the "right" thing by people tonight, on the even of the Full Moon. Expect plenty to be stirred up and in the works.  Wear white.

The Moon is Full in Cancer at 4:21 pm EST. Though Full Moons can be emotional, chaotic, and exaggerate symptoms and circumstances, this Full Moon gets the benefit of Jupiter sending good vibes to both Moon and Sun from the sign Pisces. Pisces is compassionate, versatile and embraces change.  Activate those traits in your self or receive those graces during this Full Moon! Truths tend to be illuminated by a Full Moon, and sometimes those are hard to accept, but this really does look like a Moon with silver linings! Jupiter will help us see how to make the most of circumstances and expand our choices and our perspectives.  This Full Moon may instigate travel or big moves, and Taurus, Gemini and Sagittarius, you're positioned for that effect.  Cancer and Capricorn, this Full Moon is pivotal in personal and relationship situations.  It's a peak in the action, and using the Sagittarius/Jupiter attitude of open your mind and go for it could be very helpful.  The Moon will move to Leo at 5:18 pm, just after the Moon is Full, and be opposite Mars in Aquarius tonight.  A challenge to our ideals and in some cases a direct confrontation is to be expected. Mars brings out our frustrations.  Try to deal with calm and reason. Leo, Scorpio, Aries and Aquarius are most likely to be involved. It's hard to run away during Full Moon time, so just face things head on and with honesty and integrity.  Fortunately Leo and Aquarius are not overly emotional signs. Look for strengthened alliances if all goes well in discussions and debates.  Wear gold.

The Sun moves to Aquarius at 5:19 am, and the Moon is in Leo working with Venus in Sagittarius. All of this optimistic energy after the Full Moon is good!  The Moon and Venus, planet of love, help create positive feelings between us and enjoyable times this week.  Leo, Aries, Sagittarius (the fire signs) and Aquarius, Libra and Gemini are all favored by this action. Take steps to improve any difficult situation today.  Otherwise if things are happy just enjoy. The Leo Moon encourages fun! Tonight, the Moon and Saturn help harness creative energy and the urge to organize and plan. Happy Birthday Aquarians on the cusp! Wear purple today.

The Moon is in Leo until 6:10 pm and void of course from 1:58 pm until then.  Get important business and conversation taken care of before 2 pm EST. It's a good morning to shop, improve your appearance, have a social business meeting, or even make a significant decision.  Leo Moon also favors the arts and charities, so any work or event related is well timed.  Leo is one of the zodiac's most giving and generous signs as well as the sign of luck, creativity, and children.  The void of course hours are great for games and fun or working on a light schedule and mixing business with pleasure. It's a happy hour kind of day and we'll want to blow off any post Full Moon stress and hopefully let things go that have weighed on our shoulders.  The Virgo Moon brings in the weekend in any easygoing way and it's good to have flexible plans or get back to unfinished tasks.  Wear navy blue.

The Moon is in Virgo for a practical, flexible Saturday that's mostly very agreeable. If there are issues to be worked out they're likely to be with significant others and relate to wanting more freedom and space via Venus in Sagittarius, a sign that refuses limits! Jupiter makes a big move into Aries affecting the long term and encouraging newness, travel, and broadening minds, an effect that will last for months. If the travel bug hits hard, that's Jupiter in Aries pushing us out of comfort zones and into the larger world! There will be much more about Jupiter in Aries in the forecast from here on, but Aries it's very beneficial for you! Gemini, it's a time to finally act on your wishes rather than always putting something else ahead of yourself. Sagittarius, it will be a great year for friendships, love and luck! A mix of tasks and fun is ideal today. Wear red.

Oppositions in the signs Virgo, Pisces, Aries and Libra mean tough negotiations and strong chances of conflict. With Venus and Saturn lined up, love and relationship matters are in our midst. Fairness is very important, as is a logical approach.  In the wake of a Full Moon last Wednesday and a series of winter eclipses, status changes and decisions are very likely now.  Any sign can be involved, and while it's a good time to take action and move on things that have been pending (since there are no retrogrades in the way), do take decisions seriously and consider them permanent.  The Moon is void of course from 3:06 pm to 5:59 pm so have important conversations before or after that. Those hours are also a no-no for major purchases but there are plenty of hours in the day. If you need to make excuses or have something brushed aside and forgotten, go for those void of course hours on the other hand! Today brings up differences for certain.  Wear lavender.

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