Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly January 31st

The Moon is in Capricorn squaring that sign's ruling planet, Saturn. Serious business and ambition is the result! Take decisions and actions seriously and recognize consequences and implications. With Saturn involved we can't be too lax about what we say and do. It's very important to treat others fairly. A mature attitude is called for. Saturn is the planet of our elders, and they may criticize or possibly give good advice today.  Capricorn and Aries, deal with career challenges and the image you present in public.  Libra, home related matters and relationships should be dealt with in a productive way without too much drama.   Cancer, you may get the effects of all of this indirectly and your mood and actions may be impacted by external factors, people, and circumstances.  Work hard, get things accomplished, and be ready to meet high standards today. Tonight is best for work and study.  Scorpio and Leo may work late especially on trouble shooting and paper work type things.  Wear gray.

The Moon meets Mercury in Capricorn for trouble shooting, meetings, and planning during the first half of the day. Uranus throws in a surprise or two but adds a creative, out of the box influence that could help solve problems.  Do business and put agreements and other things in writing before 2:31 pm when the Moon moves void of course until 6:21 pm EST. The afternoon hours are best for routine work, catching up and relaxation as well as physical workouts.  The Capricorn Moon can be heavy handed so some stress release is not a bad idea this afternoon. The Moon moves to Aquarius for a more global outlook and a friendlier attitude tonight.  The Moon in harmony with Jupiter gives the feeling we can achieve anything. Set sights high tonight and dream big dreams! It's a good time for rethinking before tomorrow's New Moon. Aquarius, you especially may want to chart a new course. Wear blue.

The New Moon in Aquarius urges us to put plans into action. It's like taking a blueprint and beginning to build as the Moon starts a new cycle at 9:31 pm near action starting Mars, also in Aquarius.  Today getting things in order, finalizing deals or plans, and creating the framework for our next  moves is a good idea.   Mercury and Venus actively engage other planets today too, so communication needs to be clear and relationships will be taken into consideration along with everything else going on.  Sagittarius, you may find that relationship impacts all other decisions you have to make at this time.  Proceed logically and methodically.  Brainstorms are worth pursuing and flashes of inspiration are likely! Capricorn and Pisces, you may experience or benefit from that aspect! Gemini, don't shoot down a good idea before you've thought it out.  The New Moon tonight is active with Mars and instigates as well as forces change where things have been stuck or unyielding.  Use Aquarius vision today and think a bit beyond the present.  Tonight is full of energy! Wear turquoise.

It's a very Aquarian day as the Moon is joined by Mercury, changing signs at 5:19 pm EST. The Aquarius Moon in harmony with Saturn encourages wise advice, steady change, and well thought out decisions.  This is a time of balanced changes. Act on things that have been a long time coming.  Leo, relationships and partnerships and commitment in general is part of the picture.  Decide what you want out of a relationship.  Aquarius, you are favored for anything new and inspiring! Sagittarius and Gemini, communicate in new ways, try other methods, write, study and travel. This winter can be about opening your mind and your options.  Scorpio, this is a good time to improve your living situation by moving, repairing relationships at home, or even redecorating and making your place more functional or comfortable.  Mercury in Aquarius for the next few weeks highlights scientific thinking and research and, also, meeting new people including potential collaborators.  Virgo, you may have luck finding or gaining a new work partner now.  Wear yellow.

The Moon moves to Pisces at 5:24 am and Venus enters Capricorn today. Venus in Capricorn is less adventurous in love and relationship and is very much about taking care of the practical sides of our love and business partnerships.  Capricorn, this also helps you attract what you want and need.  The Pisces Moon brings out vulnerabilities.  Being helpful and seeing where you can pitch in or make someone feel a little bit better or more comfortable is a good idea today.  The Sun and Mars meet in Aquarius, the sign of friendship, and working together is in the forecast.  This dynamic meeting favors Aquarius, Leo and Aries, ruled by Mars.   Tonight contains a bit of everything and personalities will contrast, from sympathetic friend to party animal to wanting to settle down into the most comfortable situation.  When the Moon is in Pisces we tend to react to circumstances and feel deeply.  Wear green.

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