Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekly December 6th

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The New Moon in Sagittarius yesterday sparks the week ahead! Mercury is close to retrograde now so save all receipts and leave flexibility in decisions you make. The urge to move on things is strong and Sagittarius is not a sign that hesitates.  The Moon squares two planets in Pisces and we're reminded not to overdo or be too extravagant.  The new and different, even unusual, is attractive today.  On a small scale you might try a different or exotic recipe. On a larger scale, major travels, studies and adventures that open your world up are favored.  The Moon and Neptune give today both a friendly and a philosophical vibe and we might like to share ideas, stories and musings on life and the world.  Get into a good conversation.  The Moon is void of course from 4:46 to 6:18 pm then moves into Capricorn.  The Moon meets Mars at 4:46, which can be either overstimulating or deliver the burst of energy you need!  Try to avoid pointless arguing.  The Capricorn Moon is good for work and study tonight. The Moon in harmony with Venus at 12:53 am tomorrow creates the right atmosphere for love and friendship too.  Capricorn and Scorpio energy doesn't make us overly expressive though.  Working out practical plans and partnerships with each other is more the case.  Cancer you may find this very helpful in your relationships if you seize the moment.  Wear gray today.

The Capricorn Moon is helpful whether you're getting organized for final exams, travel or holiday shopping. Mercury retrograde starts Friday but we are in the shadow degrees of that now.  Mercury is in Capricorn. Save all receipts and build in flexibility. Go for temporary over permanent.  A practical attitude is called for this week.  Mars moves to Capricorn today too.  Mars in Capricorn is industrious and has a get it done attitude.  The zodiac is busy with lots of aspects and influences. The Sun and Saturn encourage us to make the most of connections and friendships that could work for us beyond just socializing.  Get the right player on your team!  Tonight the Moon and Saturn form a square and we are really challenged to discipline ourselves and do the right thing by people.  Wear black today.

By now you may be noticing Mercury's proximity to retrograde time! It happens in the form of plans that can't quite be nailed down solid, communication mix ups, and a feeling of uncertainty about decisions.  Things come back for rethinking and revisiting.  We're on the heels of a New Moon, but that urge to move forward is tempered by hold ups or not having quite all the necessary information.  December plans may move slow or change as they go along.  Be ready to change your mind or your path. The retrograde starts Friday morning.  Today the Moon is in Capricorn working with with planets in Pisces helping us balance creativity and logic as well as emotions.   Team up with someone unlike you for best results and most productivity.  Venus is in harmony with Pluto bringing up relationship secrets and pushing us to resolve things and come clean if necessary.  That affects Scorpio and Capricorn as well as Taurus and Cancer indirectly.  Be willing to have an honest talk but make sure you're clear so those Mercury mix ups don't come back to bite later on.  Wear green.

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 2:30 am. Today's only action is the Moon square to Venus, the planet of love now in Scorpio again.  This is stubborn energy in fixed signs so it will be hard to budge someone. Disagreements between partners can heat up. It's better not to push too hard with energy in reluctant, often secretive Scorpio.  Aquarius, you might find this affects your career or public persona more that personal relationships, however, Scorpio as well as Leo and Taurus may be heavy in the mix of stuck situations. Other than that, the Aquarius Moon is good for logical thinking and planning.  This is the last official day before Mercury retrograde, but still keep alternatives and options as open as possible.  Decide and act, but leave room to change your mind too. Be clear with communication.
Wear turquoise.

It's the first day of this Mercury retrograde time and it begins in Capricorn. The first and last days can be the most confusing, so stick with routine as much as you can.  We're prone to delays, misunderstandings and poor judgment.  Take it easy. The Moon is in Aquarius in harmony with saturn. get together with a friend or colleague to get things accomplished. Team up! The best part of today is the reconnections urged by Venus in Scorpio in harmony with Mercury retrograde. Forgiveness or reestablishing relationships of all kinds is the effect!  On days like this we hear from old friends or run into people we haven't seen in a long while.  It's a social night.  Wear blue.

The Moon is void of course from 8:09 am to 1:40 pm EST then shifts to more sensitive, emotional Pisces.  Today is very changeable! Make only simple decisions if possible. It's not a very good day for holiday shopping but it is a good day for other enjoyable events!  The Moon meets Neptune in the morning for a magical, dreamy (but not very reliable!) time.  The Pisces Moon is in harmony with Mars and Pluto.  Feelings and intuition are stimulated as well as creativity!  Take your time and go with the flow.  Pushing things will only be frustrating. Go easy on yourself and everyone around you.  Today's color is green.

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