Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly November 29th

A busy and challenging Monday features the Moon in Virgo opposite Jupiter. Scaling down, reducing waste and excess and determining what's really necessary is in the forecast.  We could have spending regrets or emotional ones! Virgo Moon brings out our perfectionist tendencies and we can be too hard on ourselves or too demanding of other people. Try to be reasonable above all else! Mars, the warrior and aggressor is very active squaring both the Moon and Jupiter. This only aggravates situations. It's a good day to lay low and scratch things off the to-do list.  The action is in mutable signs, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo and Gemini will feel this by default, through others.  Cancer, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus may have money, business and employment concerns at the top of the list.  Be practical and frugal today. Tonight Venus moves to Scorpio reactivating some retrograde relationships things that happened weeks ago.  It can be a chance to resolve but can also bring up jealousies and obsessiveness.  If you can forgive or renew a love or friendship, go for it, but don't overpower the other party. This is especially true for Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus.  Wear black.

The Moon is void of course for about one hour before moving to Libra at 7:15 am EST. The Libra Moon in the next couple of days is about justice and balance. Today achieving those ideals will require work! The Moon squares Mercury as the planet of communication and news is about to change signs! Shifts in plans and mindset are likely to throw off the equilibrium (if there was any!).  Mercury moves to Capricorn at 7:11 pm, so it might be best to wait out decisions and definitive plans.  Mercury operates very differently in Capricorn than in Sagittarius and becomes much more structured.  If you need a very flexible plan in place, do work that out as early as possible today.  Tonight, a strong focus toward work and studies kicks in and may also include repairing things and getting things in order for the weeks ahead. Do it before the retrograde begins on the 10th and leave a buffer of days before then!
The Moon and Sun help our moods, put us in productive mode, and give tonight a burst of mental energy and motivation.  Wear green.

The Libra Moon meets Saturn as we turn the page on the calendar. This is rarely easy but can help us with responsible decisions and important matters that must not be ignored! Get legal, business and even relationship things worked out before Mercury retrogrades December 10th, and by the end of this week if at all possible. This is not a time to wait on things.  Maturity is called for today. Show your ability to meet a challenge. Treat people with fairness and be impartial.  Libra Moon calls for a very objective view, taking emotion and drama out of it.  We may feel judged.  Capricorn you may be very aware of that through an employment process, try out or review.  Scorpio, things may be weighing heavy on your mind.  Pisces, legalities are important now and so are financial partnerships, Make sure things are in order and properly taken care of. For all of us, good advice from authoritative sources can be helpful. If you're not an expert consult one! Cancer, this relates to your home life. Aquarius, Mercury now in Capricorn has you weighing significant options, possibly quietly for now. The afternoon and night have Mercury and Venus aligned for both collaborative work and mid week social plans.  Wear blue.

The Moon is void of course from 3:08 am to 9:43 am.  Depending on your time zone, that's a good time to do practical, routine tasks and coul be a good time for housecleaning.  Start today simply and ease in.  The zodiac is busy, but is mostly buzzing along with a Scorpio Moon meeting Venus continuing to reactivate relationship things from earlier this fall.  Intense connections are Scorpio's specialty, so reconnecting may not be without strings of some kind. We'll tend to follow our hearts and passions regardless.  Neptune is active with the the Moon and Mars, feeding our creative impulses. Today is a good day to make art or music and may not be a very good day to do business since Neptune fogs up our best judgment while inspiring us other ways.  This is the first night of Hanukkah and the Moon and Pluto combine for a spiritual outlook. Look beyond the surface for deeper meaning in whatever you're doing tonight.  Wear maroon.

The Moon is in intense and artistic Scorpio, and Mars is square to Uranus for an creative, but unpredictable day.  Feelings will be very strong increasing the chance of drama and other emotional displays! Don't expect people to be in neutral. Today is passionate and volatile with potential for lightning-like shifts, brainstorms, and "enlightenment".  It might to be what you hoped or expected, but you may finally get to the core of a matter or the "right" solution.  Illusions shatter on days like this.  Be careful too, since Uranus and Mars can be accident prone.  Play it a little safe and if you can, maximize creativity!  The weekend is likely to start with a bang, and emotional situations may be especially tough to deal with.  Wear indigo blue.

On this day before the Sagittarius New Moon, take some time to reconsider things and possible alter a course of action.  It's a decision making time, and Scorpio and Sagittarius are two signs looking for answers.  The Moon is void from 7:13 am to 12:59 pm, so do routine things and exercise to clear the mind in the early hours.  After 1 pm EST, take some serious things into consideration.  Ask advice or talk things out. Answers might be surprising! The Sagittarius Moon brings out our adventurous side, and being more independent, breaking free and thinking for ourselves is appealing. The New Moon is tomorrow so prepare for any change in course.  Wear purple.

The Moon is New in Sagittarius at 12:36 pm EST. New Moon in Sag fuels adventurous plans, especially involving learning, education, and travels!  Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn today bringing up potentially difficult topics of conversation. What you're avoiding is probably exactly what you'll need to deal with not only today but early this week! Sagittarius is honest, sometimes not sensitive, and philosophical.  The New Moon in Sagittarius gives us a sense of freedom and breaking out of routines or sticky situations.  This is not a great time to commit to something unless it's purely for your own benefit.  Wear white.

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