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Weekly December 13th

Here's a blog about Mercury Retrograde from Jackie Major Major Mantra

When heavenly bodies meet at the same degree of a sign it's called a conjunction, and today we have one after another in Pisces and Capricorn! First of all, Mercury retrograde meets both Pluto and Mars, Scorpio's co-rulers, and it's combustible energy! Be very careful with words in both writing and conversation! Mars and Pluto indicate we will not take kindly to criticism or debate.  Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn could be in the middle of very heated, possibly long overdue, discussions.  Above all, watch your words. We get caught in lies or deception at times like this.  Don't double book yourself of someone will feel slighted. Grudges may emerge too.  It's not a very nice retrograde action today, and our plans and dealings with other people, including on a business level could easily be strained, difficult or incredibly troublesome.  Aries, protect your reputation this week.  Leo, work situations are involved.  The Pisces activity could help balance things a bit, as the Moon meets lucky Jupiter instilling compassion and triggering creative impulses.  The Moon also meets Uranus, and we may be surprised by turns of events or even our own feelings.  The tendency to be very emotional is high with this action in Pisces! With Mercury retrograde don't assume anything is a done deal.  This is not a great time to initiate either new business or new relationships.  Tonight the Moon is void of course after 7:39 pm making it great for yoga, meditation, artistic endeavors and holiday decorating. There's a spiritual side to the night, but there's also confusion in the air.  Wear white.

The Moon is in Aries as of 2:14 am, squaring the Capricorn planets including Mercury retrograde! If the week began with difficulties, today continues the trend, however squares give us a chance to put effort in and try to make things right.  For example, put a temporary solution in place, agree to disagree for now, or find a way to re-organize so things will work better.  This does not come without debate, hard work and willingness to slow down and listen to each others.  Power struggles are very likely today, and Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra appear to be impacted on a personal level.  Protect your reputation this week. Make simple decisions that allow for a change of mind in the new year if not sooner.  Don't push the envelope with anything if you can help it!  Scorpio, your work and daily routine need both focus and a streamlined approach. Leo, that continues for you too though you are more likely to be energized and productive or inspired.  Capricorn and Libra, home and family issues need attention.  Aim for fairness and simplicity.  Go for short term solutions. Tonight the Moon approaches an opposition with Saturn. It might be hard to laugh things off and the mood is serious overall.  Stick with routine and structure.  Wear red.

The Moon is in Aries opposite Saturn. Aries tends to be a mover and shaker, active and sometimes impulsive. That may be how we feel, but the reality checks imposed by Saturn are a reminder to be structured, disciplined, and with that Libra influence, fair and balanced.  Move slowly and methodically. Avoid rash decisions or quick judgments.  Thinking things out is the best plan today, and with Mercury retrograde, keep things simple. Relationship tension and expectations of other people may make today difficult.  Legal matters call for attention, but it's a difficult time to resolve things permanently.  Virgo and Pisces, check bank accounts and credit card statements for errors.  Try to verify all information and double check things today.  Criticism comes more easily than praise now.  Think before snapping back at the boss or anyone else for that matter.  Tonight the Moon and Sun begin aligning in Aries and Sagittarius and a burst of energy is due! Wear yellow.

The Moon is void of course from 6:41 am to 1:49 pm EST. This morning is good for relaxation, exercise or fun things, but not so good for serious business.  Try not to be rushed or pressured.  We can be forgetful at times like this so check the calendar and your bank account balance and remember to bring what you need for the day.  The Moon moves to Taurus and is in harmony with Mercury retrograde bringing people back into our lives now. Reconnection is in the forecast, and Taurus, Capricorn, and Pisces may reestablish friendships this week.  Sagittarius and Gemini, you could be revisiting old business.  The Sun and Jupiter form a square and Sagittarius this is very much about you, your home and your family. It's a chance to work through things with a flexible approach and open mind.  Pisces, for you this relates to career and your image. You might be image conscious now with good reason.  tonight the Taurus Moon favors comforts of home and good friends. It's also good for focus if you have things to accomplish.  It's a fairly optimistic day and night.  Wear green.

Relationships and love lives are prominent in today's forecast as the Moon opposes Venus in Scorpio and forms a trine to Mars in Capricorn.  Taurus Moon is loyal, however Venus in Scorpio is somewhat secretive and complex.  There's strong chemistry in the air, but issues of privacy, affairs, grudges, and obsessions are stirred up. Taurus and Scorpio may get the extremes of passion or problems.  Mars and the Moon favor connections for the earth signs, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.  Other than our love lives, this Taurus Moon fosters persistence and work ethic.  Tonight is great for being with old friends or family reunions and parties. Wear pink.

Mercury backtracks into Sagittarius today. Travel delays and other hold ups and mix ups are likely. We may have to return or exchange things, revisit conversations from a couple of weeks ago, and trouble shoot.  It's a tough day to be on a schedule.  The Moon is in Taurus for most of the day and we start warming up for Tuesday's Full Moon. With that comes a feeling of deadlines looming. This is a decent day to get things done.  The Moon and Neptune square and the truth may be hard to determine.  Tonight the Moon moves to Gemini shortly after 10 pm EST, which may be good for parties and social situations.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Gemini, getting close to Full! Don't be surprised if things feel a bit frenetic! The Sun and Mercury retrograde meet in Sagittarius which really stimulates our urge to travel, may give a burst of fiery energy, and feels fun if you don't have anything too serious on your plate.  Today is not the most reliable, but it could bring some good surprises, an old friend, or a chance to do something out of the ordinary.  Be careful driving and traveling because we're likely to be in a hurry and distracted too! Wear yellow.

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