Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly December 20th

The last full week of 2010! And a lunar eclipse rings out the year Tuesday!

The Moon is Full at 3:13 am tomorrow, so essentially we are there! This Full Moon comes with a lunar eclipse and keep in mind that lunar relates to emotions yet Gemini is an air sign of intellect. We could over think when what we need to do is intuit. This week it will be important to go with the flow and not react too strongly or too quickly.  An eclipse indicates big shifts as people come and go from our lives, and potentially, our perspective gets an overhaul. It's Gemini Moon time and a very busy and mixed day in the stars. Mercury is the major player, opposite the Moon creating quite a stir. Big talks, things to negotiate, and a return to topics from the past in the forecast during this Full Moon. Everything is up for discussion, rethinking, and change.  Information overload is also likely and we may have to shut down for a while and recharge at times today through mid week. Gemini Moon can trigger plenty of nervousness or anxiety and the Full Moon only increases that! Do relaxing things, and remember, commitment is a bad word while Mercury is retrograde. Try things out and see how they develop this month. Wear white.

The Moon is Full in Gemini and then moves to Cancer at 4:22 am. This is the Winter Solstice and the Sun lights up Capricorn making it exact at 6:39 pm. Today is very changeable and unpredictable with many planetary, solar and lunar aspects to consider. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is in harmony with Neptune near Full Moon time, adding an element of illusion, creating a dreamlike atmosphere, and boosting creativity, while also making our judgment very unreliable and skewed. Be careful about decisions and conversations you have now.  Misinformation and gossips are likely! Don't believe everything you hear and try not to act rashly or with too much emotion.  Reactive is a good word to describe this Full Moon and lunar eclipse. Eclipses accelerate events rapidly. With Mercury retrograde's slowing effect this could be quite confusing.  We don't have much control when eclipese do their work, but we can always control our responses. Be thoughtful and listen, and as much as possible let things unfold. The Moon is opposite Pluto dredging up old feelings and business. Moods swing easily.  Have calming influences around you. Don't buy into the drama if you can help it. There's bound to be plenty! Cancer Moon time brings out our defenses and sensitivities.  You might feel like you're walking on eggshells. Sagittarius and Capricorn that may be most true in close relationships.  Gemini, negotiate business carefully and sign off cautiously.  Libra, be willing to lead the troops if necessary. Wear light blue.

As we begin to come out of Full Moon madness, delusion and potential drama as well as a whirlwind of social activities, the Cancer Moon today pulls us to family and home and/or whatever we find comforting.  The Moon works with Venus in Scorpio for sentiment and feeling from the heart.  There's a peak of intuition, so trust your instincts about people and situations.  We'll tend to be protective of people and of our own feelings.  Business-wise, act conservatively and spend carefully.  The Moon squares Saturn in Libra reminding us to be fair, especially with family members.  Tonight, being home is appealing as is preparing and eating good food. Wear blue.

There's an optimistic Leo Moon kicking in at 7:50 am and lingering til early Christmas morning.  This is very good for lightening moods, gathering friends, and even easy going shopping trips.  The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and Uranus early, putting us in giving and compassionate moods.  Clear sailing for this Leo Moon today! Kids will want attention and playfulness rules! Throw a little party or attend  big event.  The Leo Moon sparkles! Wear gold.

The Leo Moon is in harmony with Mercury retrograde on Christmas Eve. Reunions should feel very festive! It's a perfect time to reconnect, forgive and forget, and create some good times.  Leo Moon can also be a confidence builder. Praising and showing appreciation may come more easily. The Leo Moon is also not bad for last minute shopping. Do save receipts though! Leo loves to give, and generosity is in the forecast. The bright and sparkly, fun and light Leo Moon spirit is only slightly affected by Saturn and Venus reminding us to be responsible and fair with each other.  Today's color is red.

The Moon is void of course from 4:28 am to 10:14 am EST. It's a good morning to relax and do leave plenty of time for travel and other activities.  It's not a good time to be in a rush. The Moon moves to Virgo and is in harmony with the Sun and Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn. Honoring traditions will feel good today.  Things should fall together pretty easily and the trines in the zodiac help us with both practical tasks and personal relationship matters that tend to come up during the holidays.  Wear navy blue.

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