Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekly November 8th

Sagittarius Moon starts with week off fast and fiery. Saturn in Libra enourages fairness and organization of thoughts and ideas.  Take a good idea and make it happen. Be neither too impulsive nor too cautious. Find a middle ground and at the same time reach for the limits!  We just had a New Moon on Saturday fueling this part of the month with fresh energy. This is a day for ambition and action.  Mercury moves to Sagittarius making travel and new experiences very appealing in the next few weeks.  This is a good time for holiday shopping since in December we will experience a retrograde of this same planet.  Tonight the Moon squares Jupiter and we need to reevaluate and possible scale down plans a bit.  Find reasonable options and worthwhile opportunties today and tonight.  Have a spirit of adventure.  Wear purple.

The Moon is void of course for a quick hour or so then moving to Capricorn at 8:38 am. The Capricorn Moon helps us get serious about what can't wait any longer.  Be productive. And as the Moon aligns with Venus early in the day, get on the same page with someone who will help or at least not hinder your progress. Work out a plan or compromise in the morning. The Moon's meeting with Pluto this afternoon means serious reality checks. Sometimes this brings up issues we'd rather not deal with. Capricorn Moon indicates a detached, less emotional approach is best. Studious and task oriented, tonight is geared more for work than play. Wear gray.

The Moon is in Capricorn square to Saturn, and meeting some of our biggest challenges makes sense today. For some signs this may mean taking a leadership role while for others it may be drawing the line in relationships or with family members and learning to say no or enough!  Work with ambition and attention to detail. In personal dealings, aim for equal give and take. The payoff could be quick too! The Moon and Sun in harmony tonight help things flow more easily and in some cases quickly!  Make decisions or statements confidently and act like you know what you're doing. Project good attitude and ability to handle things.  Wear green.

The Moon in Capricorn is void of course from 2:57 to 5:32 pm and then shifts to Aquarius for the next couple of days.  The Capricorn Moon works with planets in Pisces for a blend of creativity and working knowledge. With this we can take ideas and put them into practice. Try something out or experiment with different approaches or ingredients.  Build on something that already exists. In relationships show compassion without compromising good judgment or boundaries.  The void Moon is a good time for exercise and social life.  The evening Aquarius Moon favors groups and gatherings. There might be a bit of tension in relationships since the Moon squares Venus retrograde in Libra this afternoon, but willingness to be fair and to ease things with good humor should take care of most issues.  Be with like minded people tonight. It's a party night if you choose! Wear turquoise.

The Aquarius Moon syncs up with Mercury, Mars and Saturn. This is great whether you have business to attend to, travel plans, or are simply trying to become more organized and ambitious.  Work, study, socializing or networking, and good judgment are all favored. It's both a planning and a problem solving day.  For Sagittarius and Libra communicating ideas clearly is very important today and should happen fairly easily.  Don't shy away from something you assume to be difficult.  Sagittarius and Gemini may not be satisfied with the norm. Go somewhere or experience something new! Leo, your leisure life and luck are activated and you may not believe your good fortune!  Aquarius, friendships and new experiences are highlighted for you.  Wear blue.

The Aquarius Moon squares the Sun and meets Neptune.  This 2nd quarter Moon is a push for progress, but Neptune can make us tune out and daydream.  Try to make some headway with something that will come due by Thanksgiving or the end of the month.  Creative tension and complementary skills move things in the right direction. Team up with someone different from you but equally strong at what they do.  The Neptune influence is bound to take you to  movie theater or other performance.  A bit of escape is very appealing today.  Our friendships are highlighted too and should give us what we need.  Get a whole group out for a good time or have a best friend "date".  The Moon is in harmony with Venus and Aquarius is the sign of friendship.  It's also a good night for romance. Wear silver.

The Moon moves to Pisces at 5:24 am after about 4 hours void of course. The overnight's events may be strange or a little bit foggy and surreal.  The Pisces Moon combines forces with Pluto in Capricorn, adding potence to what could otherwise be a lazy day. There are things to be done and dealt with. Use compassion in personal matters.  Pluto stirs the subconscious and may bring up memories or other matters from the past.  Pisces Moon is vulnerable so protect your interests, but is also understanding so help out a friend with advice or coping mechanisms.  Using both a creative and constructive approach is favored today.  We might lean toward our introverted sides.  Wear green.

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