Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scorpio New Moon November 6th

With a New Moon in Scorpio, heavy topics come into play! It's a mostly friendly New Moon near Venus retrograde and Mercury helping out with friendship and positive communication even about serious or controversial matters.  Scorpio is the sign of mysteries and what's below the surface, therefore a Scorpio Moon can be deep and sometimes dark. This month however, Venus adds romance and pleasure while Mercury instigates true connections and interesting conversations.  Now is a good time to enter a long term contract and make business agreements too.  Scorpio seems to be overlooked as a sign for business, but Scorpio is skilled, focused and intuitive which is a dynamic combination for entrepreneurs and investors.  Whatever you engage in for the next few days, use integrity and be willing to get to the heart and depths.  This Scorpio New Moon should be very satisfying!

Scorpio-The skies are lit with Scorpio energy as Venus, Mercury and the Sun all converge near New Moon time. This is one of your most favorable times for romance and business, for altering your image or direction, and for making deep, true connections. Explore the mysterious and new. 

Sagittarius-Your intuition and dreams are activated.  Use the New Moon for planning your next move.  Take very good care of yourself and allow for some down time. You'll value your privacy, and if you need to create some space for yourself this is the time.

Capricorn-Friends can be helpful and connect you with what you're seeking. Use all your contacts this month!  Venus spends extra time in Scorpio urging that Capricorn reconnect with friends and fulfill wishes once left behind.  The New Moon warms you up for new alliances and maybe a new friendship that will prove very important over time. 

Aquarius-Your ability to lead and to maximize your talents and strengths is the work of this New Moon.  You are likely to be in the public eye, gaining and earning recognition for what you have accomplished.  Enjoy the spotlight. You deserve it.

Pisces-The Scorpio New Moon gives your the urge to branch out, explore ideas and consider opportunties beyond your usual experience. This is a great time for travel or starting new courses of study, applying for higher education or engaging in new spiritual practice.  Look to see what else is out there to stimulate your mind and help you get to the next level.

Aries-For you more than anyone this New Moon is about matters of privacy.  Use your instincts with people and be careful who you partner with.  Trust is very important now and ideally you feel 100% about any partnership you've formed.  You could get a little windfall or some significant financial support, like a loan or settlement. Reach out for that.  Love affairs are quite interesting and may be a source of great satisfaction this month as well.

Taurus-If your long term relationship needs a boost, this New Moon gives you two a chance to spend some time together. Important decisions and conversations are likely in Taurus couples, and only one of you has to be Taurus!  If you're single, other significant relationships in your life are activated. Things are up for discussion including forgiveness and reconciliation.  Business partnerships are included, and it's a decent time to form one. 

Gemini-Change in routine and revving up your energy for work are in the forecast with this New Moon. Being practical and taking care of your health, feeling and looking better, and performing well in the workplace are the gifts of this New Moon.  Some Geminis will acquire a pet now, and this can be for pleasure or for breeding and show! Tweak your daily routines to reduce stress.

Cancer-This New Moon in Scorpio bring pleasure and luck! More leisure time and more fun are both possible now, and you might take a chance in love too!  Friendships are satisfying and reconnecting with an old friend or two is well timed!  Enjoyment.

Leo-Improvements at home are well timed during this New Moon. Getting ready for holidays or making bigger changes like  moving or renovating are all favored!  Relationships at home are important too and may need some change or refreshing. Have good conversations. Invite friends to your place for dinners or house parties in the days ahead.

Virgo-With the New Moon lighting the communication part of your chart, and Mercury present there, words are very important. Consider the effects of all you discuss!  Put the word out about your business and initiate new clients or contacts.  In your personal life, renewing or reconnecting with family and childhood friends or places is satisfying.  Some Virgos can use this New Moon to find a new vehicle, a car pool, or a better cell phone plan. It's all about staying connected in positive ways.  Enjoy intimate conversations and share secrets.

Libra-It's a very good New Moon for money and business. Seek new work or other opportunities. Get finances in order and consider major purchases now rather than in December.  Your favored for improving your financial situation.  A possession you acquire now, bought or gifted to you, has sentimental meaning or bring great joy!

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