Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekly November 1st

The Moon is in Virgo for a business-like day. Practical work with facts and figures in mind is in the forecast.  Venus the planet of relationships and beauty is active too however! Venus in Scorpio aligns with the Virgo Moon and with Pluto in Capricorn. A realistic view of relationships is called for, but Venus seems to ease things in the right direction creating a nice flow today.  This helps Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer long term relationships and is also nice for Taurus and Scorpio especially in newer alliances.  Finding balance between our work and personal lives is one of today's key ideas.  Tonight the Moon and Sun are in harmony which boosts our confidence.  Make clear decisions tonight.  Wear navy blue.

The Virgo Moon is opposite Jupiter and Uranus and in harmony with Mercury in Scorpio.  The best way to deal with these oppositions is to be flexible and reasonable. Some of today's events will be surprising or even chaotic, throwing situations into flux.  Our willingness to adjust and go to alternate plans will help ease transitions.  Try not to exaggerate or be over dramatic or overreact.  Virgo Moon time often calls for us to be supporting players.  Step back, do what you can, lend a talent or advice if it seems called for.  Scorpio and Taurus, you may need to do this with friends.  Aquarius and Sagittarius, be leaders and motivators for other people, perhaps at work or school.  The Moon and Mercury combine for plans and problem solving so it's a good day to resolve something.  Virgo, communication skills are key.  Leo, put your energy to work at home and with family as well as into efforts to find resources and employment.  Tonight is unpredictable with a good chance of multi-tasking and needing to get work done in general.  If you're going out keep plans flexible and don't expect too much of others. Friends or plans might not be reliable.  The Moon is void of course from 8:38 pm to 1:19 am. Wear brown.

The Moon moves to Libra and will meet Saturn tonight.  Once again we are in the pattern of clearing the air and determining what's good for us in relationship and partnership.  Be fair and work on balanced, healthy partnerships in both love and business. If cutting ties is what you need to do, today is a good time.  The Moon works with Mars early in the day, in Sagittarius, pushing for freedom of both thought and action.  Get rid of limits imposed by other people now if they're unreasonable or holding you back.  Form only serious partnerships with good intentions and without hidden agendas.  Today's color is black.

The Libra Moon is in harmony with Neptune and just met Saturn. There's a lot of focus of love and other relationships this week.  Getting handle on relationships and getting them into balance is the idea. With newer love, Neptune puts the rose colored glasses on us today.  New relationships may feel very good and it might be easy to overlook faults with new people in our lives while relationships with baggage will seem insufferable and probably just not worth it!  Today looks like a "grass is always greener" kind of day.    Enjoy music, art, and the good things in life where you find them. Libra is one of the signs of music, beauty and harmony in general. Find balance. Relax once the Moon is void of course at 7:34 pm and know that the Moon and Venus's upcoming meeting is nice for romance on Friday, if not even tonight.  Wear pink.

The Moon is in Scorpio as of 2:15 am and meets Venus early! Passion, romance and love are in the air.  Avoiding obsession could be a challenge!  For the most part Venus will bring balance to our love lives.  Things shouldn't be one sided.  The Moon also works with Pluto today which has alot to do with secrets, privacy, the hidden and the mysterious.  Ask for information you need to solve puzzles or problems.  Keeping a practical attitude and keeping information in confidence is a good idea.  Capricorn, trust in friends is important today.  Cancer, don't engage in gossip or stories or your relationships will suffer.  Expect strong emotions to be felt and expressed. This is also a day of rethinking as we have the opportunity to change course with tomorrow's New Moon. Give decisions some thought. Today's color is maroon.

The Scorpio New Moon arrives and Mercury in Scorpio is active. Expressing emotions is in the forecast. Establish a new mode of communication now especially in matters involving privacy, secrets, affairs and old but newly unearthed information.  All Scorpio ruled things are activated including creativity and sex.  Scorpio can be obsessive about certain things and organization is one. Get a new system in place now.  Our more intense relationships will draw us in more than superficial ones.  Heart to heart talks are a possibility especially for Scorpio and Virgo.  Leo, the party could easily be at your place this weekend, and keeping it smaller and private will make the most sense.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Daylight Savings Time ends today. Push the clock back an hour. The Moon is in Sagittarius as of 3:27 am, Venus moves back into  Libra, and the Moon meets Mars.  The Moon and Mars really add a dynamic attitude to the day. It's a fun, free spirited day, not meant for big commitments. Venus moving also makes it a good day to wait on relationship or joint decisions or combining finances.  Venus retrograde in Libra means a revisiting of relationship issues. Get a game or competition going, take a road trip, or hang out with friends. Today's color is red.

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