Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly November 22nd

The Sun moves to Sagittarius at 5:15 am! Babies born today are on the cusp and are Scorpios if born on the overnight.  The Moon is in Gemini, across the zodiac, in harmony with Saturn in Libra.  Since today is quite changeable with energy active in the mutable signs, Saturn's sense of discipline may help organize our thoughts and give a dose of good judgment.  Our mental processes are on fast forward today. Stop, take a look or a breath, and make sure you're seeing things clearly before you speak and act!  Learning new material, applying for school or other new opportunities, and exploring ideas through books, seminars, or first hand experience is all in favor.  There's an urge to be on the move, and it may be hard to pin people down.  Sagittarius, there's a focus on you and your significant relationships. Have a good talk or make plans together.  Gemini, your forecast is similar but may involve more inner processing.  Get a handle on a relationship matter, Gemini.  Pisces and Virgo, you usually feel comfortable with action in the other mutable signs.  Make simple, healthy changes and work around the house and on career situations.  Tonight is a good study night. Socially, expect people to be talkative and enjoy a good laugh but maybe not be all that reliable or on time.  Full Moon news continues through today. Be willing to adapt as necessary.  Wear yellow.

The Gemini Moon will be void of course from 4:56 pm until 8:14 pm. There are several aspects between the Moon and planets including two oppositions with Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius and squares to planets in Pisces.  All of this energy in mutable signs means lots of changes from simple shifts in plans to bigger changes of mind and course of action.  Some changes today will be rapid or unexpected so quick reactions may be called for.  Going with the flow might make things easier.  Try not to have fixed ideas about what should happen or rigid expectations of people.  Cancellations or delays are likely.  Take today an hour at a time.  The Moon harmonizes with Venus at 4:56 pm for a good feeling and connections between like-minded people.  During the void of course time, it’s great to relax and socialize and probably not very productive otherwise.  The shift into holiday schedule occurs as the Moon moves to Cancer at 8:14 pm, pulling us to home and our comfort zones.  Tonight may be sentimental with some potential for moods to swing-hopefully in a positive direction!  Go easy on yourself and other people today since there’s anxiety and possibly insecurities in the air.  Wear light blue.

The Cancer Moon is opposite Pluto in Capricorn and square to Saturn in Libra.  Cancer is the sign of home and family.  Pluto brings up issues and Saturn in Libra encourages balance and responsibility.  Fulfill obligations especially in personal and family relationships today.  Doing the “right” thing by people will help us avoid conflicts.  Having clear expectations or boundaries with people may be helpful. Cancer Moon time can be moody.  If you can pay attention where you know it’s due you might avoid confrontation or accusation.  We might expect too much of each other.  Family things are most likely to crop up for Aries, Libra and Cancer. Sagittarius and Gemini, take care of debts or collect what you’re owed as there is business to be done in your world. Leo and Aquarius, stay out of the action and give yourself some recharge time today if you can.  Tonight, fairness is important above all else.  Home is favored over being out partying.  Do something to make home or family gatherings a nicer place to be. Wear white.

The Moon is in Cancer, sign of home and family through Thanksgiving Day in the USA.  Mercury is square to Jupiter in the early hours, which may affect travel with delays or miscommunications. Check schedules and leave extra time to get where you’re going.  It’s not a good morning to do business either.  We’ll tend to misunderstand the terms.  The Cancer Moon works well with planets in Pisces creating warm feelings and a sentimental attitude.  Revisit people, places and things you’ve enjoyed in the past.  Tonight the Moon is square to Venus.  Last minute plans are likely, but friends, family, or significant others will be easily slighted if left behind or not accommodated in the expected way.  The Moon is void of course from 10:44 pm to 1:01 am Friday.  Those hours can be forgetful. Don’t get lost (literally or otherwise!).  Home is a good place to be tonight.  Pisces and Virgo are likely to want people around.  Aries and Cancer may host parties and gatherings willingly. Wear blue.

The Moon is in Leo in perfect harmony with the Sagittarius Sun! Today is about fun and adventure and not much else!  Make plans, attend events, and get in a festive mood! If the holiday dragged you down at all, today is the day to snap out of it!  Fire signs are in their element (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius).  Scorpio is favored for the spotlight or to take the lead in groups, events, and performances.  Cancer and Capricorn, you may find today profitable one way or another, through earnings, business deals, or gifts!  Libra, adventures and get-togethers with friends are favored for you! Wear gold.

The Moon is in Leo, a reliable fixed sign, but other action in the heavens indicates unexpected events including changes of schedules and plans.  Today we need to be willing to adapt and have a plan B in place, in case!  Mercury is at work from Sagittarius, a sign of movement and change.  Travel delays or re-routes and detours are to be expected.  Neptune is active in Aquarius, and when the planet of illusion and dreams is involved, things and people may not be what they seem.  Smoke and mirrors are in the forecast, so immerse yourself in magic or romance, but be careful about being too trusting or gullible.  Fun for the sake of fun works with this Leo Moon, but being too calculated or at the other extreme, too casual, might not create the desired effects.  Leave lots of extra time, have alternate plans, and watch your friends’ backs a little bit more than usual.  Tonight, the Moon aligns with Mercury and meeting new people or reconnecting with friends is favored.  Wear purple.

The Moon moves to Virgo at 4:34 am after just one hour void of course.  The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Pluto, which helps us organize our thoughts and other things.  Regroup, make lists, and figure out what has to be taken care of or planned for now.  The Moon and Sun form a square in Virgo/Sagittarius, and that can pull us in different directions.  Responsibility is in a tug o’ war with freedom.  Find some middle ground.  Take care of obligations, and if you can make some space for good times too.  We probably won’t feel like sticking to schedules or getting into routine, but the conditions are right for that.  Get in a good flow today, where you feel both organized and relaxed, if at all possible.  Wear navy blue.

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