Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly October 25th

The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:47 am and the work week is likely to get busy quickly! The Moon is opposite Mars overnight and some of will wake up on the wrong side of the bed. A feeling of adjustment is likely this morning.  Pause before dealing with any frustrations left over from the weekend or Friday. After 7:47 am EST the Gemini Moon helps activate our intellect and gets the brain firing with possible ways of handling things.  Mercury and Venus meet in Scorpio for improved communications especially in personal relationships, with sensitive or private matters or mysteries that need solving.  Ask the right questions today. Taurus those talks need to happen with your closest partners, and Leo and Virgo this might be most true with family matters.  Scorpio it all happens in your sign so you'll be asking the questions or being questioned and should time important discussions while it's favorable.  Tonight, write or research things, enjoy a mystery or suspense in book or film form or in real life.  We'll get into the deeper issues and discussions during this 24 hour period.  Wear blue.

The Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn in Libra today, putting structure to ideas and plans that are floating around out there. It's a good day to make a serious agreement.  The Sun in Scorpio works with Uranus in Pisces continuing the trend of surprising and unexpected information and also triggering emotions.  It's very creative and great ideas and aha moments are equally likely.  Scorpio is one sign that may be surprised by his or her own feelings or reactions.  Pisces and Cancer are likely to feel things stirred up too.  Aquarius and Libra will appreciate the voice of reason and may provide that for others who need it.  Today situations and people may seem very changeable.  Wear yellow.

The Moon  is void of course beginning at 10:19 am and moves from Gemini to Cancer at 3:14 pm.  During the void Moon take care of simple or routine things and avoid major decisions.  Things initiated during void of course Moon time tend to be overlooked or forgotten.  It's a good time for relaxing, socializing, and catching up, but not a great time for new business, memory, or snap judgment calls.  Aquarius and Leo will appreciate some time with friends today.  Gemini, if you're not certain avoid making a promise or appointment you're bound to change your mind about.  The Cancer Moon draws us in, back to comforts and security wherever we find them tonight.  The Moon and Sun align which helps us breathe easier under stress and can make us more comfortable with people or with actions we need to take.  Wear light blue.

The Cancer Moon is in harmony with Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. Mars moves on to Sagittarius, and the Sun meets Venus tonight.  It's a fairly eventful day in the zodiac.  The action between the Moon, Sun, and Venus help relationships generally regardless of status. It's easier to communicate and form agreements with these aspects. Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus can take advantage of and appreciate the favorable conditions.  Cancer and Capricorn are favored in romance and Taurus might find that moving along a bit easier if there have been issues.  Scorpio, the time to make agreements is now! Scorpio, you can attract people and opportunities with just a little bit of effort now, so ask for what you want.  The Sun meets Venus for a very good Scorpio night that all of us can enjoy.  Bonds between us deepen and romance and friendship is in the air for Cancer and Capricorn.  Mars in Sagittarius is action oriented and not satisfied to sit still or settle in the weeks to come. Wear white.

The Moon is in Cancer and will be void of course after 3:48 pm. Attend to important business before then. Cancer Moon is conservative with money and spending, but a thrifty purchase or something home related may be worth investing in now.  The Moon works well with Jupiter in Pisces for compassion and understanding though emotional displays may be a bit dramatic. Jupiter tends to exaggerate things and in Pisces that can be feelings! Actors and performers benefit from this ability to get in character.  Performances will be inspired as a result! At 8:38 pm the Moon moves to Leo and says let the games begin! Festive party night ahead as the Moon and Mars align in the fire signs! Aries and Libra also feel good with this Leo Moon influence. It's a good night for adventures out of town, to be with loyal friends, and to let passions heat up!  Aquarius, it's a good date night for you as well as the signs fore-mentioned. Wear gold.

The Moon is in Leo for fun and festivity! It's true there are two squares with the Sun and Venus in Scorpio, and that may create stubborn friction and creative differences. For the most part though, Leo is a playful, outgoing sign for the Moon on Halloween weekend! Kids are a priority when the Moon is in Leo so make sure they're taken care of and not bored!  Leo is an expressive sign that loves to don a costume, and Leos may host the best parties along with Taurus this year.  Scorpio and Leo are favored for the spotlight which may include the costume contest!  Performances and games will be well attended and potentially alot of fun! Wear red.

The Moon in Leo is opposite Neptune, planet of magic and illusion today!  This is good for imagination, creativity, performances, and even escaping to a movie or something similar.  The rest of today's forecast is very much like yesterday's! The Moon is void of course in the evening and we can really check out of reality for a while, enjoy the Halloween action, and not expect to get much done in terms of work or other realities.  The Moon moves to Virgo just before midnight EST. Wear purple.

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