Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aries Full Moon and Venus Retrograde in Scorpio gives the intro....
We're in the midst of Venus Retrograde, at the second Full Moon in Aries within a month. Self-hood and autonomy (Aries) vs. fairness and togetherness (Libra) are magnified to the max, with backward Venus cautioning us to care for ourselves and not blame others for unmet expectations. We may feel compelled to give in or give up. Yet the North Node, point of destiny, joins potent Pluto to reveal a new way of looking at things.

from me: Neither give in nor give up! Aries controls his own destiny and takes the independent route when necessary. Yes, this Full Moon will force us to learn alot about relationships and anyone we're in a partnership of sorts with, from a husband/wife to creative partner to investor. Anyone you share a commitment or agreement with can be considered a "partner" right now, and acting in fairness to each other is THE primary lesson of this Full Moon. Saturn says so from Libra, and Saturn says so today directly opposite the almost Full Moon. No waiting. No procrastinating. Doing the right thing, experiencing initiations, and allowing situations to heat up rather than turning down the burner is the idea.  Aries is the warrior. We are not meant to be afraid, nor sidestep, nor use passive tactics.  This Full Moon is full on. Could it be confrontational? Absolutely. Can you confront things with diplomacy and justice and with a pro-active stance? Hopefully. That's how this month's important Full Moon events will take place.

Sign by Sign hot topics
Full Moon:
Aries: Questions of self worth/esteem and financial security.
Taurus: Work out differences of opinion/agenda
Gemini: Who is helping and who is hindering? Allies step up.
Cancer: How much do you want to be in charge? in the spotlight?
Leo: See the world with new eyes. Go somewhere.
Virgo: Joint resources. Give and take equally. Settlements.
Libra: Sharing. Especially burdens and responsibilities. Fair shares.
Scorpio: Affairs of the heart and questions of spirituality. Deeper connections.
Sagittarius: Love, romance. Friends who don't take more than they give.
Capricorn: A place to call home. and a job to pay for it.
Aquarius: Busy business. Talk, talk, talk. Actions that speak as loud as words.
Pisces: Gainful employment and keeping in touch.

Venus Retrograde:
Aries: Revisit a love affair?
Taurus: We can work it out. maybe.
Gemini: Love your work.
Cancer: Rekindle romance or friendship
Leo: Feng shui at home. With your love life in mind.
Virgo: Rework relationships involving money and love.
Libra: Give yourself a break. Do you really want to get back together?
Scorpio: Let Venus do her work. No need to over think love, romance or how you look to others.
Sagittarius: Dreams. Imagination is where it all begins.
Capricorn: Friends. You do need them.
Aquarius: Looking good. Don't change course much. You're attracting the right kind of attention.
Pisces: Far away places call you back. Visit someone you like/love.

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