Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly October 18th

The Moon is in Pisces in harmony with Pluto and Venus.  Mercury in Libra teams up with Neptune in Aquarius too, for a very different influence. Air is all the activity of the logical brain while water is the emotional, feeling side.  It's a day to work right and left brain as equally as possible.   We'll tend to be empathic and tuned in to the emotions of other people and the essence of people or situations.  Blend intuition with rational actions today.  A give and take of advice, help, and creative contributions is favored.  Aries and Libra are signs that may need to take care of business and other practical things, but keep other people in mind even while making the most sensible business decisions today.  Gemini, there's career and work activity prominent in your forecast. Show your ability to be creative, to lead, and to pull all the pieces together today.  Pisces, Venus in Scorpio is urging you to think bigger than your own neighborhood. Get past some limits early this week, and if it's relevant go forward with travel plans, possibly to places you've enjoyed before.  Tonight Venus and the Moon are happily aligned for romance and enjoyment of the arts. Wear green.

Pisces Moon continues to lend an intuitive, creative influence to the week.  Again today the emotion and sensitivity of Pisces is balanced as the Sun and Neptune align in air signs Libra and Aquarius. This is like the zodiac's systme of checks and balances. The air sign activity is optimistic, possibly even to the point of rose colored glasses, which may be a good thing since the Pisces Moon can sometimes suck us into our emotional world or make us too vulnerable to other people.  Our creativity is really stimulated early this week and is particularly nice for songwriters, artists and authors. Capricorns and Leos are two signs flowing with self expression now.  The Pisces Moon aligns with Mars in Scorpio tonight. It's a good date night as Mars energizes passions and the Moon deepens our connections with each other. Today's color is blue.

The Moon is void of course in Pisces from 6:25 am to 11:23 am EST, then moves on to Aries. A slow, lazy or confusing start to the day can be expected.  Be organized the night before and don't press for answers or decisions this morning. You may not get what you want or expect. The Aries Moon begins the heat up for Friday's Full Moon.  Things start happening fast this afternoon.  There's a rush or energy and a rush to complete things for end of the week deadlines.  It might seem like too much! Mercury moves into Scorpio at 5:11 pm too, and on the days Mercury changes signs it's best to chill and not be pressured.  Mercury in Scorpio helps us solve mysteries  and harness creative energies as well as driving passion and intensity.  Today, resist the urge to be impulsive. Easy does it.  The Moon and Pluto square challenging authority tonight.  The question of who's in charge may be a big one and power plays will dominate the night. Mars, the aggressor, in Scorpio is aligned with Jupiter in Pisces. Even warriors should tune in to intuitions. Temper urges that are purely selfish and serve you only. Wear red.

The Moon is nearly Full, again this month in Aries which is unusual. We miss a Taurus Full Moon completely this fall and skip to Gemini in November. Anyone want to put a spin on that? Anyway, today the Moon is directly opposite Saturn in Libra, and we best be acting in fairness to others! Relationship and partnership issues are strongly activated which will lead to more status changes and breakups much more than reconciliations during this Full Moon. If we've been pushing the limits too hard, this week it's time to pay the price. That can also go for health issues activated often by Saturn. Wear your crash helmet and take care of head colds so they don't become systemic! Aries rules the head. Don't take unnecessary chance today.  Expect authority to rear it's sometimes ugly head.  Being respectful will help avoid interpersonal problems. Mouthing off is not recommended today.  The Moon is near full and tempers will be on edge. We'll witness some irrational behavior. Wear yellow.

This is the last full day of Libra birthdays, and it's Full Moon time! The Full Moon, for another month in a row in Aries, arrives at 9:37 pm. The day begins with Mars square to Neptune which makes it ver hard to trust people and situations, and emotional aggravations and reactions are likely.  Mars is in Scorpio and Neptune in Aquarius, both fixed signs adding to the stubbornness and a certain amount of irrationality. We may not believe things we should believe, and we may tend to deception or attempt manipulation. Be conservative around information and matters of trust.   The Aries Moon aligns with Neptune. Connections could be somewhat superficial, but this is mostly friendly and outgoing.  As far as Full Moons go, Aries is a wild one, bold and potentially confrontational.  Initiations of all kind are likely.  The instigation factor is high.  The Moon opposite the Libra Sun means relationship tension, but opposites may attract.  Tonight could be fun if you're not in extreme disagreement with someone close.  The Moon moves to Taurus at 10:29 pm. Wear white.

The Taurus Moon is opposite Venus and Mercury  in  Scorpio. There's plenty to be negotiated and it may take some work with all of this fixed signs.  In the wake of the Full Moon there's a question of whether to change our ways or stay our course.  The Taurus Moon is good for handling practical matters though it may be easier to do that if you don't need to form consensus with other people.  The Sun moves to Scorpio at 8:35 am.  Wear green today.

The Moon remains in Taurus forming a trine to Jupiter increasing positive feelings and warmth.  Doing things to create more comfort and security is favored.  Emotional connections can strengthen, and the waning Moon eases some of the early weekend tension.  Mars is in harmony with Uranus possibly spurring some unexpected news or activity.  The unusual makes an appearance! Trust psychic hits and your intuitive knowledge if in doubt.  Don't expect this to be the usual Sunday. There's more to it.  Wear brown.

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