Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekly October 11th

The Sagittarius Moon is in harmony with both Saturn and Mercury in Libra. It's a great time for a getaway, a long drive, some fun out of town, or socializing with friends. Some of the talk may be serious, but it's all good for the soul and mind.  Sagittarius and Libra are both philosophical signs in their own ways so enjoy hearing someone else's perspective. An adventure is good and freedom is ideal, though Saturn throws in a word about what we're responsible for too.  Be honest. Play fair. Take a field trip. Kind of like a good day in grade school! Wear purple.

It's a fairly optimistic day with a Sagittarius Moon in harmony with the Sun in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius. This tends to have a social and collaborative effect. It's a good day to build teams, think creatively, and work on making daydreams a reality. Taking off on an adventure with a good friend or partner is appealing too.  This is another great field trip day! The Moon also squares Sagittarius's ruling planet, Jupiter, now in Pisces.  Temper the tendency to exaggerate, especially if you're a Libra, Sagittarius or Pisces.  Working a little bit harder on studies and college applications and other pending opportunities may be a worthwhile idea.  The urge to goof off and enjoy freedom is there, but a square means putting some work in creates progress. Both Sag and Pisces are adaptable, mutable signs so try and adjust to situations that may not have been your choice.  Virgo and Gemini may have to appease a partner.  Build some variety and adventure into this day and night if at all possible. The Moon is void of course from 8:07 pm to :17 after  midnight. Wear pink today.

The Moon and Pluto collide in Capricorn today.  Ambition and drive are one of the results. Pluto usually dredges up something deep and serious Saturn squares the Moon, so it's not all fun and games. Hard work is required for the payoff today.  In our personal dealings there's likely to be plenty of tension surfacing, especially for Cancer in long term relationships, Gemini in business partnerships and other personal affairs, and Sagittarius where finance and work are concerned.  Libra, you may feel that things  at home are alot to deal with. Today, don't run from problems or work. Face them head on so they don't repeat over and over. Saturn is giving us lots of encouragement to set things straight where that is necessary.  Tonight is more of the same. Not a big party night.  An evening worth working through.  The Moon approaches an after midnight wink at Venus in Scorpio, ending the night on a high of more flirtatious note.  Wear black.

The Capricorn Moon delivers a mix of things today.  Aligning with Venus and Mars for relationship happenings, the Capricorn Moon takes a fairly unemotional stance, but there's energy for compromise. There's also a willingness to work together to get things accomplished.  It's a practical day even for couples. Making decisions together and figuring out how to manage things is favored.  Some signs get a little more sex appeal out of this, including Scorpio. Venus and Mars energize chemistry between us today. The less business and baggage the more likely you get the positive effect!  The Moon squares the Sun and Mercury which can sometimes lessen our confidence and ability to communicate effectively.  Leo may have a more difficult time than usual with discussions of business or personal matters.  Scorpio, you my find yourself keeping alot to yourself now rather than saying it out loud.  If we can initiate discussions they are likely to produce results.  Keep things just and balanced with Sun and Mercury in Libra.  Capricorn, you may have to resist being a know it all.  Tonight the Moon begins to align with Jupiter for more positive feelings if the last two days were in any way harsh or full of overwork.  Today's color is green.

The Moon is void of course for about 5 hours and shifts to Aquarius at 10:24 am. Those hours between 5:49 and 10:24 am are unpredictable. Play it safe with any decision or anything risky.  The Aquarius Moon, sign of friendship, helps us connect with others who share our interests or philosophies.  The are no planets impacting the Moon until tomorrow morning. Today enjoy people, blend logic and creativity as you go about your work, and attend events where people of like minds gather.  Events are well timed today. Moods should be pretty stable and the potential for fun is there!  Get together with good friends or meet new ones.  Wear blue.

The Moon is in Aquarius in harmony with Mercury setting up a busy day full of news, events, and in some cases decisions.  The Sun will also meet Mercury tonight.  The planet of transportation, travel and communication gives us the urge to deal with our cars, phones, computers, travel plans, and all things that keep us connected and moving.  Go ahead and move on things from purchases to setting dates, and forming teams of any kind.  It's a good day for groups to meet and another pretty good day for special events. The Moon is square to Venus in Scorpio so there is a stubborn streak that might affect couples most including Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus in particular and Leo with family issues. Wear turquoise.

The Moon is in Aquarius until 10:52 pm EST. The Aquarius Moon is again working for big events, parties, and times with friends.  Today is about getting together, getting along, and enjoying good times.  The morning does feature one stubborn square between the  Moon and Mars, but all other aspects say we should converse, gather, collaborate, and create.  The Moon meets Neptune in the afternoon adding a dreamy air to the day, and the afternoon void of course Moon does alter our perception and judgment so make any important promises or decisions by 2:49 pm. Today's color is pink.

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