Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly September 6th

In the USA, this is the Labor Day holiday, and it's always great to have a Leo Moon for events! The Moon engages with only one planet, Mars, tonight.  Tonight is likely to be fired up, social, and feeling more like a Friday or Saturday!  All of today is best timed for festivities and fun!  Mars is in Libra and we need to keep fairness in mind.  Avoid any situation where one person is working too hard or it's overly competitive.  Gemini and Leo may need to watch out for sibling rivalry.  Aries and Libra, work out fair terms of a relationship.  If you can bypass all of that, this is an ideal day for vacation-like plans.  Games will be charged up and competitive tonight.  Wear red.

The Moon moves to Virgo at 5:53 am. Virgo is a sign of organization, but we also need some flexibility today.  Trouble shoot, try something out, and work out scheduling issues.  Leave some room to go back and revise if necessary.  This is the final week of Mercury retrograde in Virgo!  The Moon in fact meets Mercury at 5:13 pm activating the past or pushing us to reconsider things we thought were decided.  While it's fine to reconsider and also natural on this day before the New Moon, it's also best to be low key and to avoid promises. It is a good time to adopt a more health conscious attitude and get things in order for upcoming moves and plans.  Line things up and see how the next week goes before final commitments.  It's meant to be a productive but flexible day.  Tonight is Venus's last night in Libra, so aim for peace, forgiveness and justice in all relationship matters, even if that relationship is over.  It's a decent night to work, hang out at home, or organize for studies and projects.  Old friends may be back in the picture.  Wear navy blue.

It's a New Moon day! In Virgo, sign of health, service to others, organization and work with facts and figures.  Today is a good day to start or attend classes, make flexible decisions, and try a new course of action without major commitment quite yet!  It's a very changeable day and we may hear of changes of plans and new perspectives on old problems or ideas.  Venus also changes signs, moving to Scorpio, where Venus is more possessive, very passionate, and is seeking longer term relationships.  Love and romance can take a turn quickly now, and Cancer, Scorpio, and Taurus in longer term relationships may notice most.  Tonight just after midnight EST another planet, Jupiter, changes signs moving backward into Pisces!  If it feels like everything old is new again that's not surprising! A go with the flow attitude helps.  People will tend to be understanding and helpful. We can only hope!  Wear white.

The Moon moves into Libra for what looks like a challenging day. Oppositions and squares fill the zodiac, meaning we have to work harder and aim for compromise.  The Moon squares Pluto and fairness issues are again activated! This has been a theme or pattern with planets visiting Libra during late summer.  Yesterday's New Moon means it may be time for a different approach. Don't try the same thing over and over thinking the result will be different this time!  Administrative and organizational things come up while the Moon engages with Pluto in Capricorn.  Traditional and fair may be the best approach, or at least the most workable.  Mars and Neptune align in Libra and Aquarius tonight activating social lives, collaborations, and team efforts.  Both signs are outgoing and people oriented making this a good night for a meeting or event.  Wear blue today.

The Libra Moon is in harmony with Neptune continuing the collaborative energy of last night and increasing creativity.  This is also the last business day of Mercury retrograde.  If you can put a commitment off just until Monday, we'll be out of the retrograde.  Set up teams or partners to work on projects or plans today.  Libra is the sign of duos of all kinds.  Have vision for the future and get ready for changes bound to be on the way next week.  It's a very social night out and a great night for a date. Wear pink.

Moon and Venus meet in Scorpio and relationships, love and creativity are in the forefront.  We'll tend to feel very strongly this weekend. The result can range from strong opinions to jealousy in our love lives.  However, passion and creativity are also activated!  Avoid obsessing over things you can't control. Surprises and turns of events are in the forecast too. Mercury is still retrograde, so leave room to alter any decision or response you make today.  The Moon and Mercury align in Scorpio and Virgo continuing to bring back the past in the form of renewed friendships and/or ex's who may be less welcome.  Wear maroon.

Scorpio Moon in harmony with the Sun helps keep us out of our shells, however work ethic and attention to detail is favored. Socializing may come second to tasks today.  Venus aligns with Pluto and secrets are in the air, are hard to keep, and are likely to involve affairs or clandestine business matters. On this last day of Mercury retrograde be very wary of gossip or sharing private information. Our spoken or written words can come back to bite us later!  The less said the better today. Mercury retrograde ends at 7:09 pm EST and tomorrow the clean up begins.  Wear black.

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