Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly August 30th


The Moon is in Taurus. Slow and steady is the idea. Be goal oriented and accomplish something simple. Hands on, practical work is favored, for example repairs during Mercury retrograde. Return to finish a repair or project you abandoned.  Music and dancing are also favored with the Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus the planet of harmony!  Taurus rules the singing voice and is a physical sign.  The Moon is in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Virgo so there are lots of reconnections with people and revisiting of situations and places forecast for today!  Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn are likely to reconnect with friends. Scorpio may revisit communication with an ex. Or Scorpio you may just have to reconvene a conversation wit your significant other now. Be careful what you agree to!  Leo, it's a career day and a decent time to review where you're at and see if there's retroactive  money or salary due you.  Wear brown.

The Taurus Moon squares Neptune setting up the day. Neptune is both magical and imaginative and unrealistic and deceptive.  We can be sucked in byt things or people that look good but have no substance or don't have good intentions. Play it safe where trust is concerned.  There's a tug between practical, realistic goals and big dreams today.  Try to get the big, global vision broken down into logical, manageable steps.  Taurus is persistent, so take a can do attitude, but don't expect it all to happen in one day!  Connecting with creating people and community efforts is favored. Outdoor work and play is favored too. Connect with nature under Taurus Moon.  After about one hour void of course, the Moon moves to Gemini at 7:13 pm EST and is in harmony with Uranus and Jupiter in Aries for a very active, social, friendly night!  It's a good night out and a great night for games of all kinds.  Strategize about upcoming plans! Call on Gemini and Aquarius for social plans tonight! Wear blue.

Waning Moon in Gemini with aspects that indicate distraction and a certain amount of frustration!  The Moon works with Saturn in Libra, and our ideals come into play.  Trying to get it right and done fairly is likely and that's generally a good thing. However with Moon in Gemini there's two sides to the story and what we believe is fair or right may vary! Expect multiple perspectives today! Decision making may be difficult, as the Moon and Sun square in Gemini and Virgo, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Mercury is retrograde until late on the 12th.  Tonight the Moon and Mercury retrograde don't see eye to eye, and plans will change! It's a very changeable day and night! Virgo and Gemini, the action is overwhelmingly in your signs! And you are both ruled by Mercury, so if you don't really know how you feel or what to do, don't be surprised and just take a step back and let things simmer.  Aries and Cancer you may be especially prone to misunderstandings.  Wear yellow (for clear thinking).

The Gemini Moon aligns with planets in Libra and Aquarius for a social, easygoing day.  A light schedule and a chance to get together with friends is ideal today!  It's best to avoid important decisions and to try not to press people for definite answers.  Let the day unfold and have fun! Mercury retrograde connects us with old friends, and the Gemini Moon puts us in the mood to entertain, talk, meet people, and collaborate on ideas and inspirations!  Pull off something by working as a team!  Consider joining a group you're interested in.  Gemini is an air sign and we'll tend to connect with like minded people.  Keep it simple and fun tonight! It's a good date night for Aquarius and Libra especially, and a fun night for any kind of party or gathering.  Wear pink.

The Moon is void of course from 1:40 to 2:50 am and then moves to Cancer.  Cancer is a sign of sentiment, and with Mercury retrograde there's alot of feeling, from love to melancholy, in the air.  There's a bittersweet feeling about leaving, returning to a place you call or once called home, and surrounding family events.  The Sun and Mercury retrograde meet in Virgo for one of the most "retro" days of the entire period!  There's a call to the past and alot of reminiscing and remembering.  It's also a very psychic kind of day. Go with intuitions and trust your instincts.  There are too many planetary aspects to mention individually, but the Moon opposite Pluto always brings up realities and sometimes secrets.  It's bound to be an interesting start to the weekend as many emotions are stirred!  Wear white today.

Venus and Neptune, the two romantic planets, harmonize! The Cancer Moon adds to the sentiment and today is all about our connections with each other, from romance to getting back together with family.  It's a day of reconciliation too.  A feeling of wanting to work things out pervades the day, and even if it's temporary, uncertain in terms of the future, or just for the day, getting along and showing love and affection is in the forecast.  Enjoy the moment.  In the evening the Moon squares Mars and  it's a bit more of a struggle if there are injustices and imbalances that can't seem to be made right.  Selfishness will create issues but if you can get out of your own head for a day and remember what really matters, today can be quite nice.  The romantic aspects favor Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, and Aries most! Wear light blue.

The Leo Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn.  Reigning things in and gaining control is in the forecast.  Put your mind to something and make it happen. Leo Moon is a time of positive attitudes.  Jupiter is urging new things and experiences. Just remember we have Mercury retrograde for one more week and take it step by step with room to change course if necessary.  Saturn in Libra continues to remind us of what's good for us and fair to all.  Saturn and the Moon combine to help us cut ties with what no longer serves us today.  But this makes the day sound very serious, and there's alot of potential for fun too!  Leo is a sign that likes to enjoy life!  Plan something social and do it up!  Balance responsibility with time to let loose. Wear gold today.

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