Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Moon in Virgo

Happy Birthday Virgo friends! Even if your birthday was back around August 23rd or 24th, this September 8th New Moon is your birthday gift from the heavens and one of the best times of year to wipe the slate clean and restart.  This Virgo Moon is very close to Mercury retrograde and everything old is up for discussion, ready to be renewed or discarded.  See things in fresh light this week. 

Virgo and Virgo Rising, make flexible decisions about who you want to be and where your life is going now. Leave room to change your mind while at the same time getting things lined up and in order.  Try not to get attached to one vision or idea, and allow for shifts in perspective in the weeks ahead. This is a very changeable and also adaptable New Moon for you. A change of image or appearance could be part of a bigger shift going on inside you. Healthy practices and consultations with specialists from personal trainers to medical practitioners are particularly favored in the nest few weeks. 

Libra and Libra Rising, this New Moon is reflective and health conscious for you. If you're taking care of someone else or dealing with anything related to mental health or recovery, the Virgo influence can help.  Routine and knowing what to expect feels reassuring to you at this time.  Build some down time into your days and take it slow.  Even if nothing is amiss and you're feeling healthy and strong, give yourself time to think, write in a journal, and reconsider previous decisions. Your subconscious mind is active now, whether that comes through dreams or intuitions, you may need extra time to sleep, process information, or just rest and recharge.  Your instinct is probably to put a few thingson the backburner for now, but by this time next week you may be ready to roll with new experiences and directions. Relax and set some priorities.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising, the New Moon activates your social life as well as your hopes and aspirations.  Interesting people come into or re-enter your life this season, and the charge of friendship, collaboration, and interaction fuels you. Friends may connect you with new opportunities, or you may reconnect with former colleagues and get back to a project once abandoned.  Along with the New Moon, Venus enters your sign and you're full of charisma and enthusiasm. And if you're not feeling it yet, grab the hand of someone who is and go along for the ride. It will be contagious.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising, the New Moon finds you ready to consider your next career move or public/leadeship role.  With Mercury retrograde close to the New Moon, there's a good chance you've been bouncing ideas around your mind for weeks already. The time to act is close as the retrograde ends next Monday night.  If a raise, promotion, review or new opportunity is due, claim your position after that night.  You do want to be careful with anything that could taint your image now, so watch our words, avoid any unnecessary confrontations, and represent yourself as responsible and capable.  If you're trying out for a spot on the team or the stage, now you may get overdue recognition and land it!  This is a time of trying again successfully.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising, There's a world of opportunity out there, and you should be ready for something new right about now. A move, a new course of study, or travel is well timed late summer and fall, and if you have no exciting plans, it's time to make some!  Grab a book or find information on something you've been meaning to explore.  Doors open. Your philosophy of life is up for reconsideration. Should you change your circumstances and look for improvements and a chance to learn and experience life? Yes.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising, Close attention to your finances and any business partnerships is in the forecast at New Moon time. You probably have reasons to put some cash out for expenses right now, however you want to keep careful tabs on money matters.  The New Moon hits a place in your chart that rules privacy and personal matters too. Make sure no one is impersonating you! That's partly meant as ajoke, but not totally! Your identity and information about you could be jeopardized this month. You might be the subject of gossip. Protect your personal information and anything you consider a secret.  Consider new partnerships but wait to sign on the dotted line or make any promises. Until next week.

Pisces and Pisces Rising, Other than Virgo, no sign is more affected by the New Moon and Mercury retrograde than you, Pisces!  Relationship discussions, negotiations, forgiveness, and reconnection are in the forecast. With this New Moon, some of that may be easier than during the past few weeks.  Temporary plans and trial runs are better than commitments considered permanent until after the 12th so ask for or build in some flexibility.  Do bring something back up for resolution or discussion.  Do avoid blaming others. Do enjoy time with your significant other if that applies.  Your go with the flow attitude is perfect for right now and if it hasn't surfaced lately, bring back the attitude that things usually turn out just fine when you don't swim against the current.

Aries and Aries Rising, Health conscious attitudes and getting back to routines works well for you Aries. This New Moon  is about taking care of yourself and taking care of business. It's pretty clear cut really. Think back to what has worked best for you in the past, whether you want to get in better shape, be more productive or just feel better, return to practices that get you there. In other New Moon news, you align with former colleagues or co-workers who were out of the picture for a while.  Pick up the pace, slowly at first then to a nice clip by the end of next week. Consider  this New Moon your metabolism boost, literally or otherwise.

Taurus and Taurus Rising, A Virgo New Moon is a time of friendship, alliances and luck. Getting back to recreational activities and friends you've lost touch with are two positive effects of the New Moon near Mercury retrograde.  This part of your chart also relates to luck, and a change of fortune may be just around the corner. With the retrograde, give it another week or so to manifest!  Reliving happy times, returning to groups you belong to, and finding new friendships are in the forecast this month. An outgoing attitude helps all of this along.

Gemini and Gemini Rising, The New Moon in your chart hits house and home.  Refreshing things, changing room-mate or family situations, and reorganizing are some likely possibilities.  With retro Mercury, try not to set things in stone, but let them evolve and put temporary plans in place.  If you're renovating, move slowly and understand that delays should blow by in the next week or two.  There's likely to be plenty to trouble shoot and discuss where housemates and family members are concerned. Be patient.  Expect changes at home in the weeks to come. Career developments may follow or be directly involved. For example, creating a better space to work at home or moving to live closer to work could be part of Gemini's plan.  Make your space work for you by streamlining and negotiate family relationships to be fair or flexible.

Cancer and Cancer Rising, Communication is key. Whether you are marketing, developing a plan or campaign at work, writing, or dealing with friends and family. A new perspective or approach can be the result of the New Moon.  If you feel you've been saying the same thing over and over, take a step back and find another way to communicate more effectively.  Brothers, sisters, cousins, and other people you consider like family are likely to return to your orbit.  You might feel like taking the initiative and being the one to get back in touch or reunite the group.  Think clearly before putting anything in writing and even about what you want to say while Mercury is retrograde.

Leo and Leo Rising, Work and finances are likely to be in the forefront of your mind! The New Moon encourages you to initiate money making opportunities, look into business plans and possibilities, and get organized with money.  Applying for a loan or asking for a raise makes sense. You may put that off until next week when Mercury retrograde is over on the 13th.  It's important to to be too self critical and take the New Moon cue and make a plan or set goals instead. This is particularly true with the "earthly" things of life. Money, loans, business and work in general. Change a habit and move toward more prosperity.

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