Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly September 20th

The Moon is void of course in Aquarius from 9:09 am to 4:15 pm which could make for a very spacey Monday.  Neptune meets the Moon in the morning adding to a day-dreamy feeling. We're walking around in a fog, or may be deluding ourselves.  Trust may be on shaky ground.  Leo, it might be hard to rely on the word of those very close to you, or a significant other may act delusional or just unrealistic today.  Capricorn and Cancer, be careful with business agreements.  Taurus, know what you're getting into if responsibility and reputation could be on the line.  To use this day to your benefit, tap into creativity, consider an alternate perspective, make no big decisions, and stick with routine if you must work or attend to business.  The Moon moves to Pisces and works with Pluto tonight. Explore options and ideas.  There's a mix of wanting to be practical and getting sucked into the couch or your dreams.  Conversations may get very personal.  Capricorn and Scorpio may notice this quite a bit. Wear light blue.

The Moon is in Pisces, warming up for Full Moon in Aries on Thursday.  The oppositions are notable today as the Virgo Sun takes on Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. Huge change is in the air!  These are mutable signs, fueling changes of both mind and heart.  You might feel like a 2nd or 3rd attempt at something just hasn't panned out, and it's time for a new perspective, a different tactic or even something more radical!  Blend your practical, realistic, and creative sides.  Establish some new boundaries with someone who always crosses the line.  There could be a tendency to let emotions take over and react or overreact, but if you can harness that Virgo Sun energy and step back a little bit, a grounding force from an earth sign will be helpful!  Pisces, Virgo and the other mutable signs-Gemini and Sagittarius are in particular flux this week!  The Moon is also opposite Mercury activating overdue conversations and forcing problems out in the open for resolution.  By Thursday's Full Moon and into the weekend, life could look quite different for you or those around you.  The shifts of this week, from summer to fall, bring on major changes that have been on hold or unclear until now.  Tonight is full of talk and emotional expression.  Alot of things will come up, ready or not! Wear green.

These are the last hours of summer as the Sun prepares to move to Libra at 11:09 pm EST.  This is the Autumnal Equinox on the cusp of a Full Moon in Aries tomorrow at 5:17 am.  Big shifts and dramatic conclusions are likely today and for the rest of the week.  The Moon is in changeable, emotional Pisces today with no planetary involvement, but we are still in the midst of a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in the same sign. It can be striking and enlightening, as well as disruptive and shocking.  Aries and Libra the signs of tomorrow's Full Moon highlight me versus we, including being a couple versus going your own way. A big question is whether to compromise or push your own agenda.  Self interest and selfishness will be prominent issues this week.  Aries is the sign of initiating, and so crossing new thresholds is part of this Full Moon time.  Having clearly established limits and boundaries is likely to be important in both work and personal dealings today.  There's lots of potential for drama.  Wear lavender.

The Moon is void of course from 1:52 to 4:47 am. Overnight the Moon meets both Uranus and Jupiter, two very influential planets this season.  Both are retrograde in Pisces, a sign of compassion and versatility.  Their recent conjunction, the 2nd of 3, is another chance to understand and face anything we tried to escape from as recently as early summer.  Those situations and realizations are activated during this Full Moon time. In some cases you may not have seen it coming and need to adapt quickly! Virgo, this impacts relationships and partnerships. Gemini and Sagittarius, this hits hot spots in your chart and can impact how you proceed with career and home life. Aquarius and Leo, you may find sudden opportunities to partner and be on the receiving end of gifts, legacies, and monetary gains.  Now for the Aries Full Moon forecast.  The Moon is Full at 5:17 am in the sign of the warrior and trail blazer.  Giant steps are in the forecast now!  As you take action, probably with lots of excitement an/or ambition, two heavy influences weigh in. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra throw in questions and play devil's advocate. Saturn is particularly concerned with justice.  Are you acting with fairness and good intentions? If you're acting only in your own best interests and steamrolling over someone else, you may hit a block in the road.  Pluto is the shadow side and makes us face our fears.  Sides of ourselves we try to keep hidden could be exposed through actions we take now.  Think things over and use good, fair Libran judgment.  New situations and activity are favored though!  Wear white.

The Moon is in Aries with no aspects to other heavenly bodies. Get the go ahead on something today.  Know your priorities and act on them! We'll continue to experience the news and developments of Full Moon time.  There's an urgency to move on things, but keep that Saturn in Libra justice and the pros and cons top of  mind as you make decisions. There's a tendency to act on impulse and also a need to be rational and clear.  Relationship status changes are likely too, as the Aries Moon gives us a sense of individualiyt and independence. For some it will feel best to go it alone whether it's just for the weekend or to try a new way of life.  Aries and Libra, also those rising and Moon signs, are prone to this feeling, and Sagittarius nd Gemini may be looking for change in love and social life, both.  Tonight both sporting events and parties fire us up!  It could be a wild night out! Be careful with fire, literally.  Wear red.

The Moon is void of course for several hours indicating time to recharge, regroup, and take care of routine matters.  From 9:12 am to 4:17 pm EST, avoid major decisions and shopping for big ticket items. We'll tend to forget promises and plans we make now and things taken on are likely to not reach completion.  Schedule important conversations, meetings or shopping for after 4:17 pm.  It is a good time for fun and games and recreational activities and sports.  The Moon moves to Taurus for the rest of the weekend. This is a sign of persistence and commitment.  Pluto is a player tonight, engaging with both Sun and Moon, again exposing secrets and activating undercurrents.  What's simmering below comes to the surface now.  The Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn mean progress comes with honesty, fairness and effort.  In partnerships, make sure these qualities are present.  Tonight is for family dinners or nice dinners out. Taurus Moon likes food and other sensory indulgences.  Wear yellow.

The Taurus Moon continues opposite planets in Scorpio. In relationships, there's likely to be alot to negotiate, and with Venus and Mars in Scorpio, stubborn opposing views.  It could be a hard day to find compromise, but n exchange of ideas may be necessary anyway.  Both signs are stubborn and hard to convince.  Taurus and Scorpio may notice this most in love and partnerships while Gemini may have inner struggle and Cancer and Capricorn debate among friends.  Earthy, outdoor activities are favored, including fall cleanups, apple picking or anything traditionally autumn. It's a good day for a country fair or festival.  The less you have to debate the better today since there's a tendency to be disagreeable. Change may be difficult to adjust to. Wear brown.

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