Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekly September 27th

The Moon is in Taurus in harmony with Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces.  There should be more ups than downs today in terms of both personal matters and other opportunities. A persistent attitude and sense of accomplishment are two things to aim for.  The action in these three signs helps us take others into consideration and to act thoughtfully. Taurus Moon time favors a hands on and methodical approach.   The Moon squares Neptune in Aquarius, a challenge to ideals and ideas we don't want to give up.  Think of creative, "other" ways around any stumbling blocks.  Tonight is a good night for a heart to heart talk.  The Moon and Uranus in Pisces combine to inspire and excite us about new or renewed projects especially.   At 11:02 pm the Moon is void of course until 2:10 am. Wear blue.

The Moon is in Gemini in harmony with the Sun and Saturn, both in Libra.  Gemini/Libra days often find us in our heads, thinking and analyzing.  Minds may be overactive in the next couple of days.  However with the Sun and Moon working together, we can make confident, well thought out decisions.  Saturn urges us to be reasonable and listen.  With Gemini Moon one tendency is to talk too much.  Think about what you really want to communicate, and also be on the receiving end of ideas.  There's a duality about the day and both sides of the story might seem valid so it could be hard to know which side to take or which way to go.  Gemini, you are very likely to feel that or to impart that to other people!  Leo, your friends might have you wondering which end is up or whose story is for real.  Libra, you take that role as mediator seriously right now.  Be the voice of judgment or if you don't feel confident or up to it, listen to what others have to say and make silent judgments.  Be aware and patient and rational/ today.  Tonight is a decent night out but might be more suited to work and other things that require maturity.  Responsibilities call.  Wear yellow.

The Gemini Moon is square to Mercury in Virgo. Both signs are ruled by this planet, the messenger and communicator. Today is a day of news and developments.  Progress is in the air and most possible with concessions or multiple contributors involved.  Clear up confusion, have discussions and negotiate to come up with best possible plans or scenarios.  Organize your thoughts and use outlines, notes, or other tools to help you communicate clearly without forgetting details.  The finer points of matters are important not to skim over now!  Aries and Taurus may find this is a busy work day with lots to be attended to. Gemini, situations involving home or family might pull you in two different, equally strong directions and your attention could easily be divided.  Virgo, work on career and what next steps will lead to success.  It's kind of a serious business day, but Gemini Moon helps us to keep a sense of humor.  Tonight is good for homework,  study, breaking writer's block and having philosophical conversations.  Wear navy blue.

The last day of the month and the last quarter Moon arrives tonight. We start to evaluate the last couple of weeks and decide if we're headed in the right direction now.  The Moon starts in Gemini, is void of course from 6:36 am to 9:46 am then moves to Cancer.  It could be one big mood swing! There's a LOT going on in the zodiac today.  The Moon opposite Pluto is notable and often brings up things we thought we'd settled or tried to forget.  Pluto is the shadow and the hidden.  Finding out something that's been kept from you is one common example.  People will tend to be defensive or react emotionally under the Cancer Moon.  The Sun and Saturn meet in Libra.  Fairness, doing the "right" thing by everyone and taking responsibility are emphasized.  It's a good night to stay at home and connect with family.  Cook a big dinner and do things that give you a feeling of security.  Wear white.

It's a Cancer, Scorpio and to some extent Pisces kind of day, the water signs! Mars and Venus have both been in Scorpio where they act with intensity in relationships and in private matters, mysteries, and obsessions of all kinds.  The Moon in Cancer adds to the effect today. Obsessing over things we can't control and getting stuck on one person or idea is likely.  Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer and those of us with those Moon or rising signs may experience this most.  Capricorn friendship matters or disagreements come to the forefront.  Another effect is opposites really attracting and interesting chemistry between partners.  This can lead to love at first sight or even to great creative collaborations.  Whatever is going on we'll tend to feel and react very strongly.  Tonight another opposition between Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces brings a need for flexibility and compromise.  Wanting only our own way will be a problem either today or tonight.  Find good friends to talk to or other outlets for what promises to be an emotional day. Wear black.

The Moon is void of course from 11:21 to 2:21pm. Save receipts if you're shopping. Double check if you have plans to meet. Our judgement may not be very sharp then! This morning Mercury's action also makes things very changeable and at the extreme creates some upheaval! Morning could be chaotic! The early part of the day is mixed and full of news too! Surprises and oh wow moments! The Leo Moon this afternoon makes for festive times from 2:21 pm on. Wear gold!

The Leo Moon generally favors fun. Planets Venus and Mars Scorpio provoke the Moon though, and Scorpio traits like vengefulness will take over in some situations.  Having your allies and friends around you is a good idea if you feel challenged.  This is also a great creative aspect too however, and Leo and Scorpio make a powerful team if they join forces!  Venus and Mars will meet today activating passion and in some cases secret alliances and affairs.  One things' for certain, this weekend will not be the same old, status quo.  Watch things fire up! Hopefully you have fun and are not on the downside of any of the action. Be careful with opponents who could turn nasty.  Mercury moves to Libra today so wait out big decisions overnight.  Festive events are favored today too. Wear purple.

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