Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekly September 13th

The Moon is void of course from 7:53 am to 8:52 am EST and then moves to Sagittarius. If you get up on the wrong side of the bed you can quickly change that attitude with the Moon shifting to a fire sign.  A trine between the Moon and lucky Jupiter sets up the day. Mercury is no longer retrograde, motivation might be stronger, and we can deal with things more effectively and generally more quickly.  The Moon and Mercury do form a square today and decisions or plans made during the retrograde of the last few weeks come up for rethinking.  Many things will be up for discussion, sorting out, and changing course with in the next few days.  Sagittarius is a mover and shaker and will want to act on things without hesitation.  Virgo may hold back a little and be more cautious along with Taurus and Capricorn.  Leo, good luck is in your midst, but be cautious with money.  Gemini, home and family relationships may seem complex. Take your time with decisions or commitments during these 24 hours after the retrograde period.  Tonight the Moon and Saturn favor studies and organization and examining philosophies of life.  Wear purple.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, Pluto stations direct, and Mars follows Venus into Scorpio.  It's a better day for decisions and completions than we've had in a long time.  Make something right. Mars last hours in Libra are prime time for equal division of work and responsibility, settling a relationship matter once and for all, and acting in the best interests of both parties in either business or personal relationships.  There are no aspects to help or interfere with the agenda of Sagittarius Moon which includes learning through experience, gaining more privileges or freedom, and seeing life through a spiritual or philosophical lens. Look at the big picture. See where you can move and change to your benefit. Sagittarius Moon urges us toward what feels good and fires us up.  Tonight Mars moves to Scorpio where the planet of physical energy makes power plays.  Mars in Scorpio is relentless, sexual, and easily agitated.  The weeks ahead are not a good time to have dealings with huge opponents, vengeful characters, or anyone who harbors a grudge.  This is a favorable time to dive deep into a major project that requires lots of attention or to get into an intense, passionate relationship.  Scorpio, with Venus and Mars in your sign, you can attract most anything you want now. Wear red today.

It's a split day with Moon in Sagittarius until 4:30 pm and a short void of course Moon from 2:51 pm to 4:30.  Try to tie up some loose ends on this 1st quarter Moon, preferably not during the void of course hours in the afternoon.  The Sagittarius Moon would prefer no emotional entanglements or drama, but Pisces planets have a different idea today.  Making yourself unavailable to people who lean too hard or demand too much energy may be one way to deal with that.  It's a good time to go your own way and take care of your own business from school to bigger plans.  Travel will be very appealing today and it may be a good day to look into a future trip if you're a Sagittarius, Libra, or Taurus especially.  If you can give yourself time to enjoy being on nobody's schedule but your own even for a couple of hours today.  The Capricorn Moon tonight is serious, could be judgmental, and indicates time to get things in order.  It's not an easy night to deal with problems that seem overwhelming. Capricorn it's kind of an intense night for you as the Moon meets Pluto and Cancer you get the same effect in close partnerships and relationships.  Things that have been pushed aside or kept secret come up for resolution.  Wear brown.

The Capricorn Moon works with Mercury and Venus in the early hours and squares Saturn in Libra.  This is a day to work on things, try to make progress, and aim for fair dealings.  A business-like approach is called for.  Managing things and reworking anything is in the forecast.  Mercury is in Virgo for attention to fine details and clear communication.  Venus in Scorpio lends a bit of creativity to what is otherwise a practical day.  Saturn reminds us to leave what hasn't been working behind.  Tyr a new, more streamlined approach today. Avoid drama or emotional scenes since under this Capricorn Moon that's not likely to go over well. Wear gray.

The Capricorn Moon works in tandem with Virgo Sun for a productive, positive Friday.  It's a straightforward, clear cut, practical day. But whistling while you work is likely literally or otherwise.  Capricorn Moon time is good for organizing, doing administrative things, playing catch up, and getting a good physical work out too.  Routine will be appealing.  Deal with little things that were pushed aside, rearrange for better order, pay bills, or make a business agreement confidently.  There's no void of course Moon.  Leo and Sagittarius, it's a good day to look for money making opportunities. Pisces, you are one of the more social in the zodiac today and plans with friends will appeal to you.  Virgo, join in!  Wear blue.

It's an active day in the zodiac. The Moon moves to Aquarius, sign of groups and friendships. There are many planets weighing in, however a conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces its the most striking influence.  How to set boundaries, how much to be compassionate, and how to adjust to major changes are some of the questions we need to address, not only today but during this season.  This meeting of planets deserves a blog of it's own.  As far as the day in general, it's a good day to join forces, attend meetings or events with like minded people, or throw a party.  The aspects are mixed with an aim toward vision and progress.   Wear turquoise.

The Moon is in Aquarius with no planetary aspects.  It's a friendly, collaborative sign that blends art and science well.  Think logically without forfeiting creativity.  Yesterday's conjunction in Pisces continues to urge change, unexpected developments, a change of heart and a change of luck in some cases.  Creative inspiration and sudden realizations are in the forecast.  Think back to early and mid June for clues since we also had a meeting of these two planets, Uranus and Jupiter, at that time.  You may be going back to revise or again experience some of the feelings and events of that time.  Pisces means draw your boundaries where you need to, and enjoy the collective consciousness if that's part of the experience for you.  How we blend or clash with others can be part of this too.  Know your limits with people, but reach forward personally and achieve something you couldn't quite grasp a few months back. If it seems like a big deal right now, it probably is. Two conjunctions of these planets so close together is a result of retrograde action and may be a chance to change a pattern. Today's color is silver.

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