Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekly August 9

The Moon is in Leo which is great for an extended weekend.Thew New Moon in Leo is official at 11:08 pm EST and with it comes vibes from last month's solar eclipse. Change is in the air again! Leo Moon has lots of resolve, and as a fixed sign helps with long term decisions. This New Moon is optimistic and fired up! Get motivated for new endeavors, relationships, and pastimes, and leave the past behind. As a fire sign, Leo helps if you need or want to burn a bridge, rid yourself of a problem, person or bad habit. Press restart tonight, tomorrow or in the week or so ahead. Jupiter is a player today, aligning with the Moon and oppositeVenus in Libra. Lots of relationship happenings are in the forecast with that opposition, particularly for Libra and Aries. Jupiter has a lucky influence for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini especially now. It's a good night for fun and fortune!  Wear white.

The Moon is in Leo until 7:01 pm. We'll experience the Moon void of course from 3:10 pm until the Moon shifts to Virgo.  Leo Moon time is great for creativity, fun, and vacation like plans.  It's not a great dya for solid decisions since the Moon opposes dreamy Neptune, potentially putting us in a fog especially after 3:10 pm.  The earlier hours include a square between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn which can be tough stuff in relationships and includes being stared in the face by reality. Putting the past behind is still in the forecast and it's a good idea to settle that before Mercury retrograde begins on the 20th. We start tracing those Mercury degrees within days now.  When the Moon moves to Virgo tonight, and for the next two days, getting business done and details worked out is important. Put things on the calendar now versus waiting a week.  Tonight is more relaxed and flexible.  Earth signs including Taurus like this!  Wear black.

The Moon is in Virgo, together with Mercury. Our perfectionist tendencies are activated and we may be picky with others as well as hard on ourselves.  Virgo is health conscious and we had a New Moon Monday night so it's a good chance to adopt a healthier habit or lifestyle.  Communication is important today and Gemini, you may need to work out a home related problem or plan. Virgo, you're in the middle of negotiations and have something important to say so don't squelch it!  Get things out in the open and deal with them in practical ways today.  Leo and Aquarius, deal with financial matters and seek new opportunities, deal with the bank and anything you co-own.   The whole week is meant for starting new things, and for Taurus, Pisces, and others that mean relationships as well. Get to know someone better.  Tonight is relaxed and easygoing and can include work or social plans.  After 8:04 the Moon is void of course for tonight and the next 24 hours!!! Best to get things done and over with today!  Navy blue is today's color.

The Moon is void of course all day long! The less that has to be done the better! At least stick with routine and easy tasks that don't require big thinking or decisions.  Our biggest decision today should be what tool to use or cleaning solution to buy.  Virgo likes things orderly, healthy and clean.  Get sorted, work out, solve simple problems.  Avoid making commitments and expect changes of plans.  A flexible go with the flow attitude is best.  Tonight the Moon moves to Libra where there's lot of action around relationships and partnerships for now and the rest of the year!  Read more about this in a separate blog post above (August 9).  Tonight is topsy turvy, potentially exciting or unsettling in love and relationships.  Libra and Aries host this action which also impacts Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini in love and friendship, among others.  Expect an interesting night out and new developments with friends if not with you directly.  Wear light blue.

The Moon meets both Venus and Mars in Libra. This is excellent for relationships, either way. Mars gives us a chance to confront any imbalance and Venus makes it sweet in the end!  Venus is urging harmonious relationships and interactions.  Mars is working for justice.  Work out something in your love life or partnership once and for all!  This is a very good decision making day with the right amount of logic and feeling. Legal matters are also up for discussion and resolution.  Go for equal, shared, decisive, and balanced as well as beautiful today whatever you need to deal with!  It's a good day for music and decorating and any project that needs collaboration, symmetry, and sense of design or fashion.  Tonight is a date night or night for best friends. Pair up! Gemini and Libra should make dates for the weekend and Sagittarius will love a big party or anything festive!  Leo, a road trip or visit to friends will feel right! Cancer, throw a house party or dinner at your place. Wear pink!

The Libra Moon is in harmony with the Sun in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius! It's a festive, romantic, fun day in the zodiac!  Weddings are nicely timed and so are other parties and events or even a casual date could turn out to be much more amazing than you expected!  Tonight the Moon moves to Scorpio at 8:26 pm. It's more introverted in general but also fuels passion and romance as long as jealousy and other negativity isn't part of the picture.  Wear red.

The Moon is in harmony with Pluto and if you need to be productive or deal with some realities, this is a pretty good day for it.  Get focused and organized. Show work ethic if you need to. In personal relationships, take an objective no nonsense point of view.   If life is feeling dramatic, today is a good time to bring it back to earth and take practical action.  You might also feel like alphabetizing your books or cds and doing other things that make you feel in control.  Wear black today.

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