Monday, August 9, 2010

Partnering and Unpartnering

Saturn and Venus in the sign Libra are giving us every opportunity and all the signals necessary to make clear decisions regarding partnerships.  Partnering or dissolving partnerships in love/romance, business and creative pursuits makes sense as Saturn gives clarity while Venus shines the spotlight on relationships.  Saturn doesn't play games or mince words, so while Libra can be a romantic sign, the Justice aspect of Libra is activated now for a long period of time.  

Two very intuitive people I rely on for insights made related points recently. One referred to some tarot cards of the Swords suit (like spades in a playing card deck). She said they are about deciding-like Saturn in Libra, the swords are mental energy suited to logic.  Decide what your partnership story is now.  Picture the future or present of a designated partnership, love or business, and tell yourself the story of it.  Try to do that without thinking, and just use your intuition or imagination.  How does that story of a waning or developing relationship play out? I think that simple exercise can give you some important information and clarity.  And that is Saturn in Libra!  Unattached to the outcome, fueling action with intention and balance in mind.  

The other idea had to do with putting an "exclamation point" on situations.  If you're dragging baggage, being less than decisive, or caught up only in emotions, Saturn in Libra shifts focus to the pros and cons, pluses and minuses,  and the question of mutual give and take, and urges us to give the final word.  If you're literally not quite finishing your sentences or if you're constantly being cut off, if someone is discounting your needs and feelings and not letting you express what's honest and true, decide to add that exclamation point! ! That can be to end that final chapter in a partnership that doesn't serve your highest good any more or it can emphasize and illustrate an "a-ha" moment that lets someone know you're ready to take partnership to the next level. As in Game On! 

Saturn and Venus in Libra are strong punctuation, conscious collaboration, clear intention, move forward together or move on.  Saturn accepts no excuses and in Libra can correct imbalance and end a stalemate.  Venus in Libra wants us to attract those we can be in harmony with.  Balance your partnerships like the Libra scales this month.  Co-create something.


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