Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly August 2

The Moon moves to Taurus at 4:18 am EST and is working with both Mercury and Pluto today. It's a great time to get focused and organized.  Persistence is in the forecast, but a relaxed approach is possible. There shouldn't be much need to push. Things can come together with a bit of work and a willingness to let others know what you need and want.  All of this energy is in the practical earth signs, so hands on, constructive approaches are best!  Taurus Moon provides strong will for sticking with plans and decisions.  It's good for anyone quitting something or trying to move forward in a goal oriented way.  Tonight is friendly and favors friends and family over bigger events. It's also a decent  night to work late on something you want to accomplish.  Wear blue.

The Moon is waning in Taurus, so it's a good time to get rid of things you're sure you don't want, including bad habits, harmful influences or outworn relationships. Today is good for setting your mind to something.  Two squares in the zodiac lend stubborn persistence to the day. The Taurus Moon squares the Leo Sun. Two dynamic, strong energies are a force to be reckoned with!  It makes compromise tough but not impossible. Go for the most creative, solid long term solutions only!  Don't expect alot of flexibility, but do take advantage of  plenty of strong will. Jupiter in Aries is square to Pluto indicating a need to act and decide, put the past behind even if it's not easy, and try to work through power struggles.  Some important things are likely to come  out of these squares if you have the drive to struggle through them!  It's the 4th quarter Moon, so planning is important as we move toward a New Moon next week and Mercury retrograde on August 20th.  Tonight some of us will feel tested. Some work is required. Socially keep things down to earth and free of drama. Wear lavender.

The Moon is void of course from 8:45 am to 12:54 pm, and the heavens are a busy place today!  In the morning hours try to stick with simplicity and routine and save bigger moves for the afternoon or night.  Mars is engaged with both Pluto and Aries and selfish behavior will be an issue. Mars in Libra is striving for justice, so keep integrity and fairness in mind.  The Gemini Moon that kicks in as the day goes on encourages us to think things out but without overanalyzing!  Get physical workouts in to relieve mental stress! The brain may be working overtime! It's a good time for writing, marketing, advertising and networking.  Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Aries for fun, socializing, and excellent chemistry between like minded people!  Wear yellow.

The Gemini Moon squares Mercury in Virgo. These two signs are both ruled by Mercury so there's an excess of nervous energy in the air!  Do calming things today!  We can be frenetically busy or anxious at times like this.   It might be hard to communicate clearly or technical problems might get in the way.  Be careful what you put in writing and make sure you say what you really mean.  There's a need to solve problems and consider alternatives to the current state of things.  Brainstorm ideas and try not to be overwhelmed!  The Moon in Gemini and Sun in Leo like each other very much so it's a day and night for performances, meeting people, and having good times!  Work through the tough stuff then get to the fun! It's a great night out.  Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra are in their element.  Virgo, career matters and responsibilities might seem like a burden but try to get fire and air sign perspectives.  Cancer and Capricorn, communication is key!  Wear gold.

Gemini Moon until 5:50 pm, and today looks like a series of struggles or problems to be resolved.  The Moon squares both Venus and Uranus and adjustments need to be made. That might be an understatement. Venus is relationship and partnership and Uranus is a rebel and breaks the norm.  Best case scenario with these squares is big breakthroughs! No going back! If that's what you want, work for it today!  There's lots of anxious, anticipatory energy in the air.  Put things up for discussion and see if you can reach decisions.  Trouble shooting is probably the key phrase of the day. Yet some of this, with Uranus involved, will feel out of our control. It's our reactions that count. The Moon moves to Cancer at 5:50 with only a short half hour void of course before then.  The challenging squares continue tonight and add an opposition to Pluto and Venus moving to Libra and it's wildly unpredictable. Surround yourself with trusted friends and don't take unnecessary risks. Familiar and easygoing is good.  Wear black.

The Moon is in Cancer and will start a long void of course at 2:46 pm. Do anything important from purchases to decision making before then!  At 2:46 pm consider a little vacation until Sunday night or beyond!  Relax, cook family dinners, bake cakes (it's a Cancer thing!), and enjoy time at home or in familiar surroundings.  Venus just moved to Libra and is opposite Uranus creating big stirs in love an relationship. New is more in favor than old and in long term relationships things might need some refreshing or changing up. Sometimes there has to be a big upheaval before things settle down under these circumstances.  Libra and Aries experience this most directly and Gemini and Sagittarius, this hits your sectors of romantic love, frienships and hopes.  This weekend could be a wild ride!  Wear blue.

Venus and Saturn meet which can mean serious things as far as couples and other partnerships go. Knowing where to draw the line is important and there's no room for emotional drama or other imbalances. Things need to be fair and equal or nothing.  The Moon is in harmony with Saturn, Venus and Uranus after moving into Leo at 7:23 pm. If the day is in any way stressful or you must deal with unwanted obligations or people, the evening should feel a bit clearer. The Leo Moon encourages good times for the next couple of days! Wear purple.

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