Sunday, August 22, 2010

Retro in Virgo and Pisces Full Moon

Virgo and Pisces, two of the three mutable signs, are the scenes of the action this week!  Mutable means changeable, therefore build in room to change your mind or your plans.  Engage in things on a trial basis, and if you have to make a permanent decision go forward with flexibility. For example if you accept or start a job now, the work may be different from what you anticipated.  If you start a relationship there may be misunderstandings right from the start or this person may turn out to be very different from what you expected. Putting a first date off until after September 12th might not be a bad idea!  The big idea during this Mercury retrograde is keep expectations to a minimum and get into a flow where you can alter your course for any reason.

As the other mutable signs,  I see Gemini, ruled by planet Mercury, and Sagittarius as signs most strongly affected during the retrograde and Pisces Full Moon. Situations regarding both home and career peak and shift.  For all four mutable signs (not exclusively, but in a concentrated way), this is a time of reworking, reviewing and altering. Knowing when and how much to forgive will be very important, the most significant part being forgiveness of self and a release of any inner judgement or demons that hold you back and make patterns hard to break.  Using Mercury retrograde as a retrospective and reflective time can be really productive! Allowing the retrograde to bring back negative patterns or habits is counterproductive.  Knowing that gives you the freedom to choose your course, rethink what you want, and prepare for a new launch around September 13th!

If your Moon sign is one of these, your experience may be very much inner process,  whereas if your Sun or rising sign is Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius or Virgo, the changes may be evident through your appearance, habits, relationships, and roles.

The Pisces Full Moon:
On Tuesday at 1:05 pm EST, the Full Moon is exact, almost directly across from Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Pisces is emotional and Virgo has perfectionist tendencies. The nervous system may be on overload for many of us!  With Neptune also close to the Moon, the tendency to avoid and use escapism is strong but is also counterproductive! Rather than ignore things, and rather than being very harsh on yourself or others, try something out and see how it works.  For example, see how it feels to get out of a usual habit, for example smoking pot.  Instead of "quitting", explore how it feels to not engage in that habit.  It's not a time for permanent decisions as much as it is a time for experimenting with alternatives.  If you always expect someone else to do a chore, try doing it yourself with no expectation of thanks or anything.  Just try it.   Instead of being annoyed with a habit or character flaw of someone close to you, let it go and just remember that it's not yours. Do something other than nag or complain. Even if that just means walking away.  This Full Moon may be dramatic or overly emotional but only if you engage in that and buy into it! I see the positive part of this Full Moon as willingness to change, let go, break a mindset and try on a new "outfit" or role.

It's a Full Moon of creators, actors, artists, fishermen and women, versatile thinkers, sea and lake dwellers, givers, lovers, romanticists, meditators, saviors, and helpful people.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo August 20th to September 12th:
This retrograde comes with the usual technical difficulties and altering of schedules, delays, and cancellations.  Socially and in business, per usual, people from the past return whether unexpectedly or not!  You may be tempted to revisit a job or relationship. It's best not to do that without careful consideration and clear intention that you have to be able to easily change your mind again.  It may be even more favorable to just wait out the next few weeks and avoid an ordeal later in September.

Mercury is information and details and Virgo likes things to be seem-less. Frustration over details, dates, and fine points is inevitable! Plan B is a necessity as are "rain dates" and rain checks. 

This might be a good time to go back to a project that needed more attention and see if it's still viable.

Instead of letting worries take over, write down things you should take action on and then decide if you WANT to. If someone else is driving those anxieties and they are not your own priorities, Mercury retrograde may give you a chance to let them go!  Try to work out of judgment of yourself or other people and into what's productive and worthwhile.  Use the retrograde to consider what you want to act on in mid September and through fall, from relationships to tasks to choices about how to live your life.

Quick sign by sign outlook!

Pisces-Peaks and conclusions, lots around relationship and communication and the potential for some big events! Remain flexible and open! Wave a white flag if you need a truce.  Avoid drama and/or escapism

Aries-Work and health. Take care. Don't overdo. Find outlets for anxiety and job stress. There may be sweat over the details.

Taurus-Friendships and social circles. The need to mediate or compromise with people. Reconnecting with friends. Reset your priorities and wishes.

Gemini-Being very open minded and flexible while establishing good boundaries where they're needed.  Realign things at home and juggle career responsibilities too.  Be forgiving with yourself and clear with others.

Cancer-Look for future opportunities. Make time to read, explore or go on vacation. Communication is very important and misunderstandings could be rampant. Try to be clear and keep that in check.  Launch a marketing campaign or schedule big events after September 12th!

Leo-Rework finances or your employment situation. Seek out money or other things owed to you. During the Pisces Full Moon protect your privacy, don't overspend and allow for romance!

Virgo-This period could seem a bit overwhelming! Take it easy on yourself and those closest to you. Try not to let frustrations block the good things!  Relationships may seem out of balance. Do things on a trial basis.

Libra-Take care of your health, rethink your daily routine. Try a new approach but with room to change your mind. Plans B and C are good and might be necessary. Keep work flexible and rest and recharge as often as you can!

Scorpio-Reconnect with people and revisit familiar places. The unexpected could be just what you need! Friends play a big role now and may lead you to your next adventure or venture!

Sagittarius-The Full Moon is home oriented. Changing residence, focusing on family or even your pets, or reworking your space to be more functional all make sense.  Slow down during the retrograde and review where this summer has led you.  Consider career options or your next big role! Flexibly!

Capricorn-On the move! Vacation or business, you're not likely to sit very still. Brothers and sisters and family news during Full Moon time is mixed with your own big plans.  Allow for stops along the way. Don't be too focused on one thing so you can't see the other possibilities!

Aquarius-Full Moon time brings work deadlines and other due dates. As much as you can get things in order; finances are a good example.  The retrograde pokes at matters of money and privacy. Check accounts and protect personal information.  You may feel very psychic and have lots of deja vu moments during this time.  Follow intuitions.

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