Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly August 23

People will say the summer is ending now, but it's really only the third phase of the season as the Sun moves to Virgo today!  The Moon remains in Aquarius, nearly Full. It's helpful that the Moon is in an objective air sign, also forming trines with Mars and Venus in Libra. Friendship, collaborations, networking for business or work, and even love and romance are in favor today!  It's a good day to meet people, reconnect with old friends or let someone know you're interested in getting to know her or him better.  Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius appreciate good vibes on their love lives or social lives in general today.  Virgo, collaborating and sharing responsibilities works for you as a deadline approaches.  Pisces, the Moon almost full in your sign may have you contemplating and feeling like playing the Hermit today.  Tonight is social, creative, and imaginative.  Wear silver.

The Moon moves to Pisces at 10:11 am EST and is Full during the 1 pm hour this afternoon.  Pisces Full Moon time is both creative and emotional and with Mercury retrograde even more changeable than usual!  Be willing to let go, change plans, and be flexible with people.  This Full Moon is nearly opposite Mercury retrograde so it brings up the past.  Leave lots of room to change your mind, not even just once but maybe twice!  This is true not only for today but for the weeks coming up.  Avoid promises. Forgive if it's appropriate, but don't forget what's good for you out of loyalty or love for someone else.  We have to keep some good limits or boundaries at a time when alot of vulnerabilities come up!  Go with the flow as much as possible.  Stay surrounded by good people and avoid harmful influences or overindulgence which could hit very hard tonight.  Wear white.

The Moon is in Pisces directly opposite Mercury retrograde at 10:04 pm EST.  Full Moon misunderstandings, misinformation, and retroactive activity dominate the day and night.  Avoid gossip and needless drama.  This is an emotional high tide! Some of those emotions may not be negative, for example compassion or kindness.  We'll tend to feel to the extreme though.  Mercury retrograde is not the best time for an important discussion yet some of us will feel the need!  If you have to air things out do that without certain expectations and without needing to set solutions in stone! This is a mind changing period of time!  Things decided now may not make any sense in a month!  Keep options open and attitudes and solutions flexible.  Make the most of the day by going with the flow.  It's a good day for reconnecting with an old friend or forgiving and forgetting if that seems to make sense.  Pisces and Virgo have to watch out for relationship misunderstandings.  Libra you might experience mis-communication in the work place.    Scorpio and Taurus you're likely to be reconnecting with old friends. Wear green.

The Moon is in Pisces and the Virgo Sun works with Pluto in Capricorn today. It's a good day to stick with routine and do practical things in creative ways! Come up with alternate solutions to problems, take a more optimistic, productive attitude, and amidst all of this keep a trial basis in mind.  It's not the best time for permanent plans or promises.  Capricorn and Cancer, enjoy any chance to travel or explore a course of study.  Leo, look into an employment opportunity and possible financial plans or investments.  Again, keep things flexible and changeable while Mercury is retrograde until September 12th.  Tonight the Moon meets Uranus stirring up emotional situations and potentially creating some chaos or unexpected change.  There's a short void of course Moon from 9:59 to 10:49 pm and then the Aries Moon arrives and with it a feeling of impulsiveness!  The Moon and lucky Jupiter will  meet overnight, so the urge to go for opportunities is strong. However, sleep on it and play a bit on the safe side tonight.  Wear red.

The Moon Jupiter alignment in Aries pulls us toward new and refreshing, adventures and opportunities.  Just remember Mercury is retrograde and make sure there won't be any regrets. Leave room to move in a different direction if something just doesn't go as planned.  It's a great day to head back to school or off on a journey especially if it's somewhere you've enjoyed before!  Another side to the day is the Moon opposite Saturn and square to Pluto which won't be much fun if difficult dealings are part of the day.  Compromise may not be easy and situations are likely to get intense! Cope with responsibilities. Paying fines and owning up to errors, being challenged to "grow up" and being sure to divide everything equally are all likely today depending on your personal circumstances.  It's a do the right thing kind of day.  Tonight could be confrontational. Steer clear of aggressive people. Think before you react. Wear yellow.

The Aries Moon is opposite Venus and Mars. Fairness is absolutely the word of the day!  Selfishness will create issues. If you're all about you someone is likely to call you out.  Couples and ex's will have the most trouble with this, but even best friends or business partners might go head to head.  How much to pair up versus go solo is a big question. Libra may go for pairing while Aries may see advantages in independence.  These two signs host the action either way.  Sagittarius and Gemini are more involved in the friendship or romantic aspect of this and have some negotiating to do with social calendar, dates and friends.  Today is meant to be active and include a good game from whiffle ball to the big league, whether you're fan or a player.  Wear orange.

The Moon moves to Taurus at 10:35 am after about 6 hours void of course. The morning should be kept simple. There will be a tendency to have to recover from last night, one way or another. The Taurus Moon is a grounding influence. The Moon works with the Virgo Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. It's a good day for outdoor work, building, repairing, and other recreation in the wilderness (or at least in a city park!) Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, and Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo are likely to be revisting the past in some way.  Green is today's color.

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