Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekly July 5th

On the US holiday, the Moon remains in Aries in harmony with Venus. This bodes well for relationships, especially new ones, and for Aries and Leo especially. If anything important is up for discussion however, a square between the Moon and Mercury in Cancer makes agreement challenging. The traditional versus the new compete for attention or adoption.  Dealing with family problems or issues is also in the forecast. It may be helpful or ward off arguements if we can attend to some details and appease a family trasition, for example.  The Moon is void of course from 5:24 to 8:29 pm EST, and then shifts to Taurus.  The night is meant to be relaxing and problem free. It's best  not to have to work or take on anything too serious as the Moon works with Neptune favoring romance and friendship most!  If the weekend's been a whirlwind or too much of a party the Taurus Moon brings us back to earth and favors routine later tonight. Wear yellow.

The Moon is in Taurus which is great if you have to get back to routine. It's also nice for outdoor work and other vacation like activities too. Mixing practical tasks with fun is perfect today.  The Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn reminding us of realities and work that needs to be done.  Try not to procrastinate today.  Any kind of building, construction and hands on work is favored.  The Moon is waning so it's also a good time to get rid of what you don't need or break a bad habit and stick to it with Taurus resolve!  Taurus rules the throat, neck and voice so work the vocal chords, sing and improvise for fun. And take care of any throat irritation with soothing teas and other remedies. Wear a neck adornment for attraction or good luck. Tonight is down to earth. Comfort zone is the place to be. Wear green.

The Moon is in Taurus with mostly harmonious aspects to the Sun and planets.  Today should be easygoing.  Work persistently for something you want since Taurus has power, stamina and resolve for long term results.  The Moon and Sun in Taurus/Cancer bring out a nurturing, protective side with the people we care about.  Capricorn and Pisces, time with children may be important. Scorpio, your partner or someone close may need some t.l.c from you today.  The Moon and Mars in Virgo activate physical energy, and today is a good time to adopt a workout plan or leave an unhealthy habit behind.  Planning is also part of today. Get organized with schedules, pull out a calendar and fill in important dates, and make plans for the extended period ahead.  Mercury retrograde starts August 20th and you want to schedule with that in mind!  Cancer, Mercury in your sign makes this particularly true for you this month.  Tonight the Moon and Venus square off in fixed signs Taurus and Leo. It's bull headed, but also dynamic combination if you can work with two strong, stubborn energies.  Be willing to work through things with creative partners or in relationships where you don't see the world the same way. The results are likely to be better than what either of you could achieve individually.  Socially, it's a good night to be with close friends rather than at big gatherings.  Romantic entanglements may feel complicated by two squares involving the Moon, Venus and Neptune. This happens in the fixed signs so Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio may feel it most. Wear pink.

The Taurus Moon and Saturn work together overnight for structure, building, and even deconstructing. Take a methodical approach since we'll be rebuilding after the weekend's solar eclipse and New Moon. In other words keep all the parts, literally or otherwise, since you may need them to work in a new form next week.  The Moon changes signs at 3:51 am, and Gemini Moon time leads us toward the next eclipse on Saturday.  Think of Gemini as being light and like the wind. Air out confusion, clear out things you don't need, and be ready to blow out of situations that no longer work in your life.  Change is in the atmosphere today, and this is just a precursor to Sunday's eclipse.  Hints of that come today for signs like Aries and Gemini who may initiate things now, and Cancer and Capricorn who are in the thick of the eclipse activity again this summer.  Tonight Venus and Neptune oppose in Leo and Aquarius, and those two signs are magnetic!  Leo and Aquarius, create your ideal scenario and ask for exactly what you want!  Aries and Libra enjoy this socially!  Wear light blue.

The Moon is in Gemini and Mercury moves to Leo today. On the days when Mercury changes signs it can be best to stay put and see how things shake out. Information and decisions tend to shift, affecting our reactions.  We're in a rethinking place anyway, with the Moon waning a bit more before Sunday's solar eclipse and Cancer New Moon.  Take your time with decisions for the next couple of days. It's all systems go on Monday!  The Gemini Moon brings out the storytellers, schmoozers and sales people.  Gemini talks a good talk, Cancer may be convincing too, and Leo, Mercury takes over your sign at 12:39 pm.  Mercury in Leo favors actors and other performers including those who work in the media for the next few weeks.  Leo is the sign of children and teachers and summer camps!  Plan for productive rehearsals, performances and other events.  Tonight interesting people play a part and events may seem surprising.  Wear yellow today.

The Moon moves to Cancer at 7:38 am. There's  solar eclipse tomorrow and this weekend will be a big turning point for some. Personal changes, relationship shifts, and new courses of direction are in the forecast and most of this will be unplanned!  Eclipses rock our worlds and accelerate events.  There's lots of planetary action so today may seem busy or possibly confusing.  Mercury just  moved to Leo and Venus slides out of the shiny sign of the Sun and into Virgo.  Venus is more practical and less flirtatious in Virgo,  solidifying  and grounding love relationships, while also making us more critical of partners.  It might seem like the honeymoon is over and time to deal with the day in and day out aspects of being a couple.  Pisces may actually like this feeling of security and knowing what the expectations are.  Taurus may feel like flirting, and Scorpio may suddenly be attracted to friend or friend of a good friend.  Relationships are one of many things undergoing changes this summer!  Note that the Cancer Moon today is sensitive to moods and surroundings and surround yourself with the best situations and people you can find!  Wear silver today.

The solar eclipse pairs with the New Moon, as always, at 3:40 pm EST. The Sun is in harmony with Mars and this is an energized, active, and unpredictable day! Solar eclipses tend to relate to fathers, boys and men in our lives and also to Leos.  Changes are inevitable and include announcements, long distance  moves or moves back home, and complete changes in our ways of thinking and operating.  Most of this does  not relate to planned or expected moves.  Some of this will not be by choice.  Circumstances and what some will call chance or fate are suddenly created.  Even if things seem out of your control, your reactions and decisions are your own.  Mars says move actively and with intention.  The weeks ahead will be a chain reaction from this eclipse and the lunar eclipse in Capricorn two weeks ago.  Cancer and Capricorn these changes are very personal to you.  Wear white.

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