Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekly June 28

We're coming out of the Full Moon zone now, but there's change in the air that lasts for weeks!  The Moon moves to Aquarius at 8:52 am EST and the Sun and Mercury meet in Cancer. Much of this is about vision and planning. The Aquarius Moon helps with logic and is less emotional that the Cancer conjunction. That is helpful! Yet the Cancer action is expressive and intuitive and if you can keep drama to a minimum there's some balance to be found.  Act with both head and heart. Use the Aquarius Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Aries to shape your vision and go in a new direction.  The solar eclipse on July 10th will continue trends of the eclipse we just had, but perhaps in a smoother fashion. Get things in order.  Gemini with money and work, Libra with career, Virgo in friendships and in following your dreams! Wear turquoise blue.

The Moon is in Aquarius, opposite Venus in Leo. Oppositions activate energy and in this case it's relationship matters more than anything.  Opposites may attract strongly! Leo and Aquarius, that goes for you!  But differences can be strong too now, and if you are in disagreement it could be impossible to compromise!  Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs with opinions or ideals they don't like to relinquish. Taurus or Scorpio may have difficulty with bosses or the people they live with including significant others, room mates or family.  Creative tension is also high!  Take your time and great things can come out of the creative process now, but not instantly or without some yielding.  Today is opinionated and passionate.  Tonight is fun socially but not a good night to confront anything big or provoke. How much to be part of a group and how much to stand on your own is a question now too.  Wear pink.

The Moon and Neptune meet in Aquarius for artistic vision, but other than creatively the world may seem a bit out of focus today. Expect judgment to be clouded and daydreaming to be rampant!  As long as you don't have to make an important decision, we can all use a day like this to goof off, get creative, or enjoy romance and friends.  Avoid having to give someone an answer, a promise, or a commitment. Know that it may be hard to get the truth of a matter. Imagination is strong!  Leo, Aquarius and Libra especially get the romantic vibes of the day.  Tonight is a good night for a movie or music.  The Moon is void of course from 6:04 to 9:09 pm then in Pisces. Illusion and magic are in the air!  Scorpio creates the right atmosphere at home and with friends and family.  Cancer be wary of business dealings and any financial risk taking.  Wear light blue.

The Pisces Moon is great for a day by the water, on a boat, or poolside. It's a tough day to get real work done however!  Mercury in Cancer is working with Mars in Virgo and we'll want reassurance and a feeling of security. House work is favored and so is cooking and anything you might call domestic.  The Moon works with the Sun and Mercury and we'll feel pretty good about decisions we have to make.  Today is less wavering than some "fish" sign days.  It's a great day to go fishing or do any creative work.  Ideally, we kick back and enjoy.  Tonight the Pisces Moon is romantic and sentimental.  Get together with people you like alot including old friends.  Wear green.

The Moon is in Pisces across from Mars in Virgo. Organization is a big plus today! It will help us avoid other people's criticism or nagging.  Preparation is recommended over flying by the seat of your pants which may cause arguments or turmoil.  Pisces and Virgo you may not see eye to eye and other opposite types could experience this too!  Aries, your ruling planet Mars may put you out of sorts with someone or something as well.  The Pisces Moon is working with Mercury in Cancer, again encouraging romance and strong emotional ties and connections with the people we're closest to or becoming close to.  Scorpio, you are the third water sign and you enjoy this too.  Gemini, you may need to be in charge today especially if friends or family don't agree. You and Libra mediate!  Wear blue today.

Saturday and Sunday
The Aries Moon kicks in Saturday morning for a fast, fun weekend. Competition and events benefit from the fire sign energy! Spontaneity and movement characterize the weekend. It may be hard to slow down the pace or pin down plans.  The Moon meets Jupiter which is lucky and pleasurable. There's a good chance the weekend will take unexpected turns! Early in the weekend it's a plus if you've been organized leading up to parties or other festivities. Then be willing to roll with the punches from there as the Aries Moon and other planets accelerate and stir things up! Don't expect a quiet time! Sunday is like Saturday with a square between the Moon and Cancer Sun. Blend the traditions of the holiday weekend with the new! Try not to fight change. Aries Red is Saturday's color. Wear white on Sunday

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